Dilli Darlings 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Manya’s Anniversary party finally begins

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The party on jalesh continues, Pooja wakes up early but to her amazement everyone else is sleeping and there is no one even in the resturant so she decides to walk around the ship, she heads to the upper deck and is intrigued by the weather, she decides to run and build up her stamina, she made videos from every corner however she got worried because her skin got tanned.
Seema searches for the captain as she has to finalize the location for her function, she speaks with him and after searching they finally agree on the theater, they get a late night slot of 12;30.
Shaloo Jindal is walking and gets a cup of tea, she takes it back to her room secretly, she sits with her husband and they both have the cup of tea while also enjoying their company.
Manya is with everyone else. Guneet is also heading for the rehearsal she is really excited, Roopa also meets with the group, she introduces Deepak, who greets them but is shocked as he came for a rehearsal while being excited however to his amazement everyone is in full makeup. He says that he got very much surprised that everyone was really keeping up with what he said even though they all belong to a very different class of people.
Seema gets to dance with Deepak, she feels that everyone else is jealous of the fact that she got him as her partner. Shaloo comes alone, she decides to head back but is stopped but Deepak who offers to dance with her making Seema very uncomfortable.
Guneet notices the fact that Seema got very jealous of the fact that Shaloo go to dance with Deepak, she taunts her for lying as Shaloo said that she never goes anywhere without her husband. They get into a quarrel, Deepak dances with them both and when Shaloo reaches her room she tries to make her husband dance with her in the party however he declines.
Shaloo then goes to meet Pari, she asks why she did not come to the dance class, and Pari explains that she was not feeling well so she did not come, Shaloo asks them to come and dance as she will teach them which she does, they also really like it.
Rishmi is with her friend and talking that their children have ruined their money and should not ruin the money in casino. Her daughter also realizes that her mother would not let her go so she give sin to her request.
Manya is preparing for her party, she is ready for her long awaited party, Guneet is with her makeup artist who is dressing her, everyone is really jealous of her resources, and they complain that they have to do makeup themselves. Rishmi is also very well dressed.
Everyone reaches the party. Pragati also comes which angers everyone else, they feel that they did not come because of the fear of skin burn, Manya is very happy that Pragati did not come to the rehearsal and yet learned it from shaloo which she likes, Manay was surprised as shaloo did not come even when she promised, Shaloo explains that she did not go to apart as her husband was not prepared to dance.
Guneet felt that Seema was very happy to finally get Deepak to herself, the dance finally begins which leaves everyone stunned, the exemplary dance finally ends when Preetaq goes to his knees presenting Manya with a gift, she is surprised with his romantic mood so he gifts her the rung which he first gave her. Everyone is left emotional by the romantic nature of the moment, everyone is enjoying, Guneet is not happy with the over drama that Manya does. They also do not like that level of closeness which both Manya and Preetaq have.

Update Credit to: Sona

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