Hamari Bahu Silk 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rimjhim meets Naksh as Silk

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The crew member snatch their setup and chairs, and even drag a chair from beneath Natasha. Natasha fells over the floor. Aakash fights with the men. Kapadia calms Aakash down so that they can talk to each other. The staff was not ready to listen, and instead walks out on a strike. Pakhi murmurs she had just started to enjoy the shoot and getting paid. Natasha shouts at Pakhi to shut up, she will be informed when the shooting starts. Aakash tries to relax Natasha, they must speak to Kapadia, get their payment cleared and start the shoot.

Pakhi recalls she had heard the workers talking to each other that they didn’t get their payments for months, but they need money even to strike. Pakhi had come inside and gives them the money Natasha had given her. She says she is also a worker like them; and the money comes from their hard work; they should strike for their rights. Pakhi silently thinks till the strike is over, she will take the proof from Natasha.

Back at home, Pakhi enters the room and finds Janki searching the wardrobe and in a state of panic she shouts there was a robbery. Pakhi calms Janki down and says she returned the money. It was someone else’s lottery, so she gave it to the rightful. She hands Rs. 5000 to Janki to spend. Janki inquires about the rest. Pakhi says she needs Rs. 5000 for some important task.

There in the room, Naksh recounts the money and wonders how he should buy that DSLR. He gets a call from Silk. He says he had been waiting for her call, he is sorry and had no idea she will dislike his idea of meeting. He will never ask for that. Silk says her phone might melt with so much of apology. She can never be angry with him; she was only busy. Naksh was excited and tells Silk that he got 30,000 followers on social media. Silk tells Naksh that she sent a gift for him; it must have reached. Naksh was excited and opens the door. Pakhi stood outside with a parcel for him. Naksh takes the parcel, and finds money inside. Silk says she read comments on his page, and it’s a small contribution from her side so that he may purchase a new DSLR. Naksh asks how she knew he needs exactly this amount. Silk says friends know everything. Naksh was excited; but he places a condition that he keeps the money as debt. He says he will someday wish to meet her, she is his friend and he values her. Silk replies, alright 10.55 tomorrow. She will decide the place. Naksh was elated.

The next morning, Naksh gets ready in his room. Pakhi stood in front of her own mirror, her hair loose and glasses off. Naksh reaches the restaurant and wish a Hello from behind. The girl waiting in the restaurant was Rimjhim, and introduces herself as 10.55. Naksh was taken aback, then takes a seat. Rimjhim says it must be feeling awkward, but she agreed when he insisted. Rimjhim says she was always afraid what if Naksh watches her and doesn’t accept her; their friendship may as well break. She was always awkward in a face to face talk. She says that’s her talent, speaking in a changed voice. She speaks for Naksh in Silk’s voice. Pakhi spoke on a microphone from her cell phone.

After the call, Pakhi feels upset. She recalls she questioned Mosmi how she can do so. Naksh wants to meet his friend; the one he speaks to on phone. Mosmi was crying while Rimjhim was in bed. Mosmi shows Pakhi a medical file and says Rimjhim suffers from Cancer and is alive for a few days only. The doctors are helpless. Rimjhim loves Naksh for long, and her last desire is the marry Naksh. Pakhi’s heart melted for Rimjhim. Here, in the moment Mosmi thanks Pakhi for the favor. It was for better that she had heart Pakhi’s changed voice. Mosmi wipes her tear shrewdly, having played her card well.

PRECAP: Pakhi decides she will never let Naksh know the truth. She can’t do unjust to Naksh, or Rimjhim.

Update Credit to: Sona

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