Laal Ishq 26th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun, Radhika, Vishnu, and Flute

Laal Ishq 26th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika and Arjun get engaged. After engagement, Radhika goes to washroom. Her engagement ring burns and she puts her hand in water, water boils. She throws ring and it catches fire. She panics and shouts. Arjun and Shilpa rush to her and ask what happened. She shows her burnt finger and says ring caught fire. Arjun walks into washroom and gets ring and jokes it is burning. Shilpa asks why did she throw ring, mom and dad will scold her saying it is abshagun. Mother calls Radhika and Shilpa. Shilpa asks Radhika to hide her hand from parents and walks out. She hears vase shaking and when she turns it stops. She walks on stairs, slips and falls down. She sees flute and blood coming out of it and collapses. When she wakes up, she finds Radhika next to her who says their engagement party was canceled and wedding postponed for 3 months. Shilpa says even she felt weird things and fell stepping on flute and saw blood in it, their past is haunting them. Radhika shouts whatever happened 4 years ago is past and will not haunt them. Arjun walks in with bouquet and takes Radhika out forcefully to show her a surprise. He takes her near swimming pool and asks her to close her eyes. She says she is not feeling well. He insists. She closes eyes. He plays flute. She hears same music which her ex-boyfriend used to and shouts to stop, snatches flute and breaks it. He asks what did she do, she needs to be calmed down and throws her in pool. She hears flute sound in swimming pool and comes up. She sees her boyfriend’s dead body opening ghost eyes and shouting again gets into water again. She sees her boyfriend again playing flute inside and rushes out of swimming pool. Arjun comes out and laughs. She slaps him and leaves.

Radika returns home and at night hears flute again. She calls Arjun in fear and hears flute in ring tone. She sees her ex-boyfriend’s boy near pool again. Arjun calls back and apologizes for throwing her in pool as she is aquaphobic. He says she did not inform him about her at all. She hears her ex-boyfriend calling her and drops phone shouting. Arjun asks what happened. Door opens. Ghost’s footsteps fall towards her. She tries to run away, but door closes. She sleeps on bed drawing bedsheet over her. Ghost touches her. She wakes up next morning worried and sees Shilpa and Arjun sitting. Arjun says he has surprise again for her and shows tattoo. She sees flute tattoo and shouts who is he, he is trying to harm her. She burns his tattoo with iron. He shouts in pain. Her parents walk in. Radhika says she sees weird things and informs whole story. Arjun says they are all doing drama to break their engagement. Shilpa brings her friend who says there is a ghost in this house and she can sense it. Arjun laughs they are all doing drama and calls ghost to come in front of him if he really is. Lights flicker, vases break, ghost spirit comes and enters Arjun’s body and tortures him. Radhika pleads to spare Arjun.

Radhika says she knows what to do, runs to terrace and steps on railing to fall down and suicide. She hears someone crying and turns and sees herself crying and telling her boyfriend Vishnu that her parents will not accept their love as he is driver’s son, so it is better they suicide. Vishnu agrees. She asks to play her favorite flute tune once. He plays flute and then holding her hand steps on railing. She gets afraid seeing distance and stops. Vishnu falls down and suicides. Out of flashback, Radika apologizes Vishnu and falls down. Arjun and family run to save her, but in vain. Vishnu’s ghost lifts Radhika up back and comes in front of her and says he never wanted her to die. Arjun requests Vishnu to forgive Radhika as it is not her mistake. Vishnu says Radhika told Arjun is her first love, then what was he, she forgot his love totally. Radhika says she never forgave him and he is her first love forever. Arjun says he came to hear this, he wants to be in her heart if he is alive or not. She hugs him. Mai rahoon yaa na rahoon….song..plays in the background. Vishnu smiles and disappears. Arjun stops Radhika. Radhika hugs him and cries. Radhika and Arjun get married. Arjun says he is jealous of Vishu and hopes he would have been Radhika’s first love. Radhika says she will remember Vishnu forever. They both hug again..

Precap: Next week’s new story is promoted.

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  1. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome, Amazing and heart touching love-story! I love the scene when Vishnu holds Radhika from falling down and stops her from committing suicide! Beautiful story! Well done makers its really very unique and different horror show!

  2. Kindly update this week’s episodes

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