Qayamat Ki Raat 26th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahindra goes back

Qayamat Ki Raat 26th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raj says we will have a lot of days and nights like these when we feel alone but we will be there for each other. He says we should give each other time until we are both comfortable to be physical. He says I will change inside you can change outside but hurry up. She says I wanted to marry a guy who would not rule me. She says I always wanted to marry a guy who would love me. Raj comes outside. Gauir says its late we should sleep. The lizard comes near Gauri. Kalasur says don’t harm my Gauri. The lizard attacks them. Gauri and Raj try to hide but it runs after them. Raj and Gauri come in bathroom but the lizard comes there as well. Gauri says I will kill it. Raj says it will bite you. Raj picks it with cloth and throws it outside. Gauri slips. Raj holds her. Kalasur is angry. Gauri says change or you will get cold. He says I am very strong. He coughs, Gauri laughs. They both change. He says let me get clothes for you. she says I will go and take them.

Gauri comes to her room. She sees Karuna and says not sleeping because your plan has failed? Ananiya sees them together. Karuna says I am happy for you. You thought I have lost. I haven’t lost. Gauri says I will go to Sumergarh and find out what is my story. You can’t do anything and so can’t your kalasur. Ananiya wonders what secret is she talking about.

Gauri comes to room and sees that Raj has slept. She covers him with quilt and sleeps on the couch.
Kalasur comes to Karuna and says you are so useless. I asked you to keep an eye on Garui and Raj. Ananiya sees them and records them. Kalasur says you told me you will get me Gauri. She says how do I bring her? You both have messed with my head. I am tired. I am tired of your drama. Go back to your cave. I wont listen to you. kalasur throttles her and says you are nothing in front of me. I will get Gauri without you as well. Karuna says leave me I am sorry. Kalasur shoves her. She says I am sorry. He says I gave you this life Karuna. Tell me what is Gauri upto? Karuna says Gauri is goin to sumergar. She says she will try to find that secret. Ananiya drops a vase. Karuna comes out and says who is there. She sees but Ananiya is hidden.

Raj wakes up and sees gauri sleeping on bed. He caresses her face and takes her to bed.

Scene 2
Roma does pooja. Menakshi says your daughter in law isn’t up. She can’t handle this house. Roma says my daughter is very responsible. She will handle everything.
Gauri wakes up. He says finally you are up. She says I was so tired. That dress was so heavy. She says I have to go downstairs. He holds her hand and says don’t go. Gauri says how did I come on bed? He says you don’t know what happened last night? You did it all. I saw that you were sleep walking. You got up and came to bed. You shoved me from the bed. She says you are so annoying.
Gauri and Raj come downstairs. Roma says everything in this house will be nice now. Roma gives Gauri keys of the house. She says ow will I handle it all? I and Raj wanted to go to Sumergarh’s temple. Roma says she has such nice thoughts. Ananiya wonders how to tell Gauri what Kalasur and KAruna were talking about.

Mahindra says Karuna let’s pack up. We are going back home. Karuna says in heart I can’t go from here. Ananiya says I want to stay here. Gauri says Karuna and Ananiya both should stay here. Karuna wonders what is Gauri upto.
Gauri says to Karuna now you can’t harm my family. Karuna says you will see. Gauri says I am going to Sumergarh with my husband and expose everyone that secret. Karuna says you couldn’t tell anyone about me. gauri says have some parsad. Oh sorry you are a dead body. Karuna says I will burn all your happiness, Gauri says but you couldn’t stop my wedding. Kauna says I can even end this wedding. Gauri says truth always wins. Better start your countdown. You are both going to end with my hands.

Scene 2
Dharam’s sister gives him food. He says I don’t want it. His mom says why are you behaving like this. Anjali gets a call. Dharam asks who are you talking to? She says my friend. Dharam says show me your phone. Anjali says ma he is doubting on me. His mom says what is wrong with you. Ma says go and rest. Anjali says I wanna meet my friend.
Roma says ananiya get the bags from upstairs. Karuna picks both bags. Dadi is dazed. She says how did you pick such heavy bags. SHe says I was just trying.
Prithvi gives Mahindra and his family shagun. Karuna says its raining outside. Let me get the ropes. She says papa come hold this box with me. She cuts his thread.
Precap-Mahindra’s car meets an accident. Gauri cries. Raj says tell me how can I ease your pain? She says find the person who did this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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