Mehrya My version Part 95 by Haseenah

Part 95 27/08/2018

Shaurya was busy at work as he with his team of people selecting the candidates. After the first level selection they had further discussion to select suitable candidates for the show. As he was busy selecting and debating with his team his mobile buzz in his pocket he took it and smiled to see it was from his beloved wife. He excused himself and took the mobile aside as he lean on the glass wall resting his right leg on the left and swipe to answer with his sensual voice. Yes my love she called to inform him that she arrived the yoga center safely and he smiled widely hearing her sweet voice. Enjoy your yoga session and once taking the cab do let me know, Mehak said okay and hang up. Shaurya looked at his I Phone X screen the latest wall paper of Mehak at the Waffle café, she was licking the chocolate sauce with her index finger excitedly with her eyes closed. He loved all her expression she was the cutest and prettiest thing he has ever seen on earth. He smiled as he close his eyes for a second but it was interrupted by Mr Bhatt as he wants to check further with sponsors and advertisement matters.

At Yoga class Mehak were introduced with the class mates. She was placed in the beginner’s class. The first lesson was the Suryanamaskaram and Martial pose. Mehak struggled to understand as it’s new to her. After 45 minutes the class was over Mehak drank some to quench her thirst. Some of the yoga class students greeted and introduced themselves to her and get to know her. After she was done she decided to drop by to the nearest grocery shop to get some groceries needed in house. As she was busy picking the groceries, she bumped to Mrs Bhatt who also happen to be at the same grocery shop. Mrs Bhatt asked how Mehak is doing. Mehak replied that she is good as since Shaurya is away for work and she feeling bored she has enrolled into Yoga class and she has finished her class and now she is here to shop for some groceries. After some time chit chatting Mrs Bhatt asked Mehak to drop by at her home and spend some time there with her, Mehak said she will come another day and spend the day with her but today she needs to go home as some work is incomplete there. Mrs Bhatt told her she must come and took her mobile number to stay in touch and both left from there.

Mehak reached home and she messaged Shaurya that she is back home and he sent her smiley emoji. She put her mobile away and went to shower and puts some music ON while she tie her hair into a messy bun and checked for some interesting stuff to cook. As she was busy browsing for ideas in her IPAD, Shaurya did face time and asked what is she doing a home missing him or not, Mehak sticks her tongue out Janab do you think I am small girl I am grown up and can manage myself properly today after class I went to buy groceries and also at Yoga class I made new friends, Shaurya purposely teased her not bad Mrs Khanna you are progressing well. So is there any boys in the Yoga class, I am sure with the gym outfit you will look hot and is there anyone ogling at you in the class he asked. Mehak giggled silently and said ha if it’s a class there are boys and girls. Maybe someone would have seen me or checking me out. What you care, okay listen I am very busy today I am searching for new recipes and need to try them don’t disturb me okay you eat properly and concentrate on your work , she blow him a flying kiss and hangs up. Shaurya smiled thinking of her naughty reply and got himself busy with work.

At home Mehak found some interesting snacks like bread pockets she immediately get into work and started to work on it. She made the filling for the bread pockets with some vegetables and once her dough for the bread done she started to filled the dough with the vegetable fillings and press the edges with a fork and glaze them with some melted butter and she keep it into the oven for baking. She quickly took some photos in between as she prepares them. She waited patiently for the oven to complete baking the snack. Once the oven stopped, she quickly take it carefully and let it cool down. She tried one and it was good, she wrote some notes in her book and arrange a few in the plate and decided to bring it to her neighbor Mrs Srinivas and Neev. She went there and press the doorbell and Mrs Srinivas opens the door for her and greeted her to come in. Mehak sat at the hall and hearing her voice Neev quick rush out from his room as screaming Mehak didi you are here, he hugged her. As they sat on the sofa Mehak offered them the snack she just made and they asked what is it and Neev licked his lips with tongue and saying didi looks like its very delicious can I try first, Mehak made him to sit and offered to Mrs Srinivas and Neev to try them. The mother and son tried the snack, Neev and his mom was delighted to taste something new. Mrs Srinivas asked Mehak what is this we never tried something like this. It’s delicious and so yummy. Neev took one more and Mehak explain its like bread pockets where we can get in fast foods and she is trying to create something similar. Mrs Srinivas asked about her Yoga class experience and Mehak told about her day out today. Mrs Srinivas told her that the day after is Onam their festival and she invited her to join them for the celebration and Mehak said she will join her as she enjoys chai with her.

Mehak returned to her apartment, and she type out all her recipes and steps correctly with inserting the photos she took. She received some emails from White Chilies regarding staff arrangements which Priya suggested and she replied her. She checked the time and she realized Shaurya will be home anytime. In short while her doorbell rings and she excitedly when to see the door hoping to see the person she was expecting. She was having the bright smile in her lips and she opens the door to see but there was no one there, she looked right and left and finds it weird as there is no one, she closed the door disappointedly and about to walk then the doorbell rings again. She excitedly opens and see a tall figure holding a flower bouquet in the hand the bouquet was in the position cover the face, Mehak asked excuse me, who are you? The figure slowly move the bouquet to the right it was Shaurya. he forwarded the bouquet to her saying someone didn’t miss me but I already missing her so much so I got a bouquet, before Mehak can take it , he asked her to move and he move into the house and pretend to search for someone he went to the room later to bathroom Mehak trailed him at the back . She keep calling him Shaurya who are you searching, now give me the bouquet now. He didn’t listen instead keep calling my hottie, my cutie where are you? Then he ended up the sofa at the living area. He sat down and Mehak sat next to him and looked at him with her pouty lips, Shaurya I waited for you so long now you come home and ignoring me, you are so bad Shaurya. She gets up to leave he pulls her by her wrist and she sat down next to him. He give the bouquet to her and ask her to smile, he teased her when I called earlier you told me you are not missing me so I bought for my girlfriend she is very cute bubbly my hottie maal pattakka, this one here is very boring and unromantic type of Sanskari biwi. She quickly side hugged him and planted a kiss on his cheek with her lips being there for a moment. He slowly scooped her to his lap and hugged her tightly she was still kissing him in the same manner.

She pull out her lips and rested her forehead on his and their nose collides. Now are you happy patidev? Shaurya kissed on her cheek and said I couldn’t ask for more. Mehak kissed on his forehead and said 1 minute I got something for you, she gets up from his lap and went to kitchen to get the snack she made earlier, she bring it to him and sat with him. He asked curiously what is this, she asked him to try it and let her know, and he took one and put it inside his mouth and slowly chew them. He moans its yummy shapes like bread pockets but the filling is so tasty, Mehak explained about the method and she stuff one more into his mouth he feed her as well. Mehak asked him to shower and come so they prepare dinner together. He went to freshen up and Mehak took out a vase and arrange the flower bouquet nicely into the vase. Shaurya came out with a t-shirt and short pants.

She asked him so what are we going to cook for dinner today, he checks his mobile for some pasta recipe and he started to check the kitchen shelves for Linguine type pasta. He was checking for the other vegetable ingredients inside the fridge. Mehak asked him tell me what you want I will help you, he replied her wait I am getting them out and took the basil leaves, salad parmesan cheese and some lemon. He started to rinse and blend the basil leaves with nuts adding some olive oil in the food processor. Mehak like a child kept asking Shaurya tell me what are you doing, he replied her as he was busy working today we are going to eat Pesto Linguine Pasta with some salads topped with grated cheese. Accompany with Red Wine, Mehak goes what sharaab??? Shaurya who was standing in front of her with all the ingredients place it on the counter top and caged her in between the counter as she was in the middle his both strong arms. Pagli drinking wine and champagne is not sharaab both their alcohol contents are low and sometimes we attend some parties they will offer wines so I want you to try some wines if you don’t like it then I won’t force you he said, but Shaurya is it a sin to drink wine and champagne they all still sharaab right, she told in her babyish tone. Shaurya about to burst into laughter seeing her innocence but he manage to suppress the laughter and looked at her he rested his both arms on her shoulders and asking her to look at him. She reluctantly meet his eyes, he looked deep in her eyes don’t worry there is no sin drinking few sips of wines occasionally in an event. If you are not okay than its fine, I just want you to familiarize with some drinks and beverages as well. Maybe we can try non-alcohol cocktails like Pina Colada, Margarita, Sangria, Shirley Temple and few types Mehak blinked her eyes few times as all these names are very new to her. He kissed on her nose tip and assured her it will be alright.

He started in preparing the dinner and Mehak was understanding the process why use Olive oil instead normal oils and how to mince the garlics. He boiled some linguine in the meantime in another pan he started to work on the pesto sauce. He asked Mehak to cut some vege and add some olive oil with lemon juice and pepper as a salad dressings. She followed them accordingly. She bring the bowl where she was mixing the salad dressing asking him to check the consistency, he dipped his finger inside and lick it saying it perfect. Once salad is done, Mehak went to arrange them on the dining table. Shaurya mixed the boiled pasta he feed Mehak one piece asked her this is should be the consistency of how the pasta should be cooked its called Al-dente she asked him to spell the word and he sighed and spell the word for her. It means the pasta is cooked but is still remains firm not soggy or overcooked. She nodded her head as he mixed the cooked pasta into the sauce and started to stir them. Last he added the grated cheese and scoop into the plate and bring the plates to the dining table. He pull the chair and made Mehak to sit down and went to kitchen to take out the Red wine and the wine glass. Mehak looked at him in bemuse. As he unscrew the bottle and pour into the glass. He sat on his seat and ask her to take a sip slowly she reluctantly took the glass and press it to her lip then she sip it gently and made a funny face. Shaurya it smells weird and taste also weird. He laughed at her and asked her to try the food, she took the fork and Shaurya showed her how to use the fork to twirl some pasta and push it to the spoon and eat it. He asked her how it is, she slowly chew and eat and said nice, although the color so green I was skeptical at first but it taste good. Can we add like some masala to add up the taste, hearing it Shaurya almost choked, he quickly swallowed and drink some water. He teased her meri maa this is Italian food so don’t add your desi spices into this. That spices you save it for the desi cooking’s. She pouted at him and tried the salads he gently push her cheek saying pagli eat your food and dinner went well with their cute talks and teasing.

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