Laal Ishq 1st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Avinash Falls in Chudail’s Love

Laal Ishq 1st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A vaidya/doctor gives elixir of immortality to queen and says she will be young and go against nature and will have to drink her husband’s blood every month maintain her youth. H asks to thin again well before as it will bring big problems in her life. Woman drinks elixir. In present day, a man lifts pallu of her new bride and is shocked to see a very very old woman. On the other side, Dr. Avinash drives car and his fiance Priya calls him and asks to return home soon as it is special night for their family. He applies sudden brakes seeing old woman and rams on a young woman. He takes unconscious woman Nitya to hospital and treats her. He walks out of hospital room and sees old woman there. He runs behind her and does not find her. At his home, Priya speaks to his Avi’s aunt and asks what had happened to his brother, how did he die. Aunt cries that her brother Utkarsh and she were fond of each other and they never did any important work without each other. Her brother went to US and married a woman without even informing her. On wedding night, people found his body and never found that girl. Avi enters and wishes aunt happy birthday. Aunt walks in crying. Priya gets angry that he is coming after 2 days. He jokes that he is having another woman in his life and if she can help him console her. She calms down. He says he loves her alot. Their chatting continues when nurse calls Avinash and informs him that the woman he got admitted is conscious now, if he is coming. He says yes and leaves leaving Priya disappointed.

Avi reaches hospital and sees Nitya helping other patient. He walks to her and she slips. He holds her. She throws black magical rays into his eyes and he gets mesmerized with her beauty. He makes her sleep on bed and asks why did she wake up. She says his touch healed all her wound and he is a solace to her. She continues her hypnotizing chat and he falls in her love. He tells her that he is not married and does not have any woman in life. He then returns home. Priya confronts him and says he came from hospital after 2 days and then went back for that woman, is he cheating on her for that woman. Avinash gets angry on her and says they should give time for their relationship and delay their marriage. Aunt returns from temple and says shows their wedding cards. Avi’s romance with Nitya continues in hospital. Nitya wear red nail polish and lipstick, etc. At night, nurse passes by and gets afraid someone. Nitya comes from behind.

Avi takes Nitya home. Aunt and Priya are shocked. Priya confronts him. Nitya says Avinash did not tell he already has a woman in his life. Priya says Avi is committed to her and they are engaged, even then he is betraying her. Avi insists Nitya will stay here and shows her room. At night, aunt gets afraid seeing someone behind her. Nitya comes in front and says she did not know Avinash is already engaged, he gave her happiness, it is now her duty to give him happiness. Aunt’s brother Utkarsh’s soul is seen behind. Next morning, Nitya is seen sitting in lawn and asks Avi if he will love her even when she is old and 80 years old and there will be wrinkles on face and bent back. Avinash says yes. Aunt silently hears everything. Avinash calls aunt and leaves for hospital. Aunt warns Nitya that her beauty will not last long and Avinash will leave her. Nitya then goes to her room, calls Avinash and says she wants to go out tonight. Avinash says even he was thinking of same. She then gets ready in red lipstick, bangles, nail polish, etc.. and says mirror shows real self and sees old woman in mirror. Priya walks in and scolds who is she and why she is trapping Avi. Nitya shows her real face and says Avi has fallen for her beauty and lust and she will get him at any cost. Nitya tries to run away, but door gets locked. Black shadow runs over her.

Avi takes Nitya to his new hospital room named after his chacha/uncle Utkarsh and proposes Nitya for marriage. Nitya is shocked seeing Utkarsh’s photo. At home, Bua sees garland falling form Utkarsh’s photo and his rakhis and cards, etc. She then sees Utkarsh’s soul who explains her whole story, how he died. After marriage, Utkarsh is shocked to see his wife turning into old woman who demands his life and youth and drinks his blood. She rushes to hospital, brings him home and tells Nitya is a chudail/witch and drinks blood on purnima/full moon day. She says she will kill him. Avi laughs that she is cooking up a story. Nitya says aunt is right, she is a chudail, the men he married till know fell for her body but, Avinash loved her truly, it is time for her to go. AVi says he will sacrifice his life for her and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Nitya says love is so sacrificing and disappears with teary eyes.

Precap: Next week’s new story’s promo is shown.

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