‘ Will you be mine? ‘ by M_L… Part-11

HEY BUDDIES….. This is Moon back with the next part of the awaited story… how are you all? Must be good!… Thank you all for so much love and support my dears.. I really mean it!.. Each your words are like laddoos for me, well, I love laddoos!!… Ok, Ok, Ok, I’m gonna write the story.. please please kindly ignore the grammatical mistakes and errors you  guys come across… Ok then, enjoy the part friends…

—– Continuous——–*

Shivaay lifted Anika in his arms and left the party in mid… Shivika reached the restaurant where Mallika was cleaning all the tables… she was hell shocked to see Anika unconscious.. She ran to Shivaay throwing the April aside…

“ Shivaay? A.. Anika!! What happened to her? “ but Shivaay didn’t stop and ran to their room.. Soon Rony reached Mallika panting..

“ is Shivaay upstairs? “ Rony asked taking a bottle of water from the nearest table…

“ yeah… but what happened to Anika? Shivaay… he didn’t tell me anything…. “ Mallika turned to go up but Rony pulled her by her wrist..

“ Not now Mallika.. let them be alone… “

“ Rony, My friend is unconscious and are you expecting me to stay calm? “

“ Look, she’s unconscious coz she was scared… “ Rony explained everything to Mallika including how Ragni locked her inside dark room.. Mallika was boiling badly listening to his words..

“ I’m not gonna leave that Nagni… how shameless girl.. first she took you from me and now She’s trying to separate Shivaay and….. “ her throat was blocked sensing what she said… she gazed Rony whose eyes were already fixed on her.. Mallika turned opposite but Rony held her hand emotionally..

“ you’re still angry on me? “ Rony said in cracked voice…

“ Yes.. “ came the reply…

“ but why? “

“ bcoz you cheated on me… “ Mallika tried to get freed but Rony’s clutch on her was too tight…

“ I was forced to… you know, how my sister is!.. she’s paralyzed.. and I’m her only hope.. If I hadn’t gone with Ragni for her shopping then she wouldn’t have given the Salary… I know you needed me that night.. you called me for hundreds but.. my phone was with Ragni…. but trust me Mallika, I didn’t know that you had an accident… when I came back only I heard that you.. you were hit by car… I rushed to hospital but you denied to see me…. I still don’t understand, what made you think that I’ve an affair with that Nagni.. Mallika don’t hate me.. just..just, beat me, slap me, or just…just hit me with your hammer but please don’t avoid me.. I.. I only love you… I can never think of someone else… Mallika I……. “ before he could complete, Mallika pulled him by his collar which made him shock.. she looked him with tearful eyes but managed to show her anger through it…

“ Enough… Ok? Enough… why are you justifying? Wh..why are you explaining everything? You think that I don’t trust you? “ finally that tears fell down her eyes… “ you don’t have to explain anything Rony.. I trust you more than anything… and I know what that Ragni is!… she’s do anything for her satisfaction… I know you can’t cheat me!.. “

“ th..then why were you angry and.. and you only told that I.. “

“ Yeah, I was just pulling your leg.. Rony, I know how Roshini is… you are melting down your whole life just to see Roshini walking.. She’s your everything! And If I were in your place, then even I would have chosen to go with Nagni…. But what made me angry is that..that you were always with Ragni.. even Ragni was hanging on to your shoulder there in hospital… I..I was boiling with her each actions.. that’s why, I avoided you… Rony, I know how much you love me.. and I love you more than how much you love me… so please stop your justification… I’m not angry on you!…. “ Rony had tears of joy in his eyes.. he looked down with happiness.. he sniffed which was audible for Mallika… she cupped his face while he kissed inside her soft palm…

“ Ok stop crying now… I am with you Rony.. Always… Roshini will be fine!… “ Mallika hugged him while Rony dipped his face into the crook of her neck crying…

“ Don’t.. don’t leave me Mallikaa… I.. I don’t have anyone… please… “ Rony’s voice clearly showed his sadness and sorrows.. Mallika soon calmed him down with a crying face.. she caressed his hair lovingly…

—- Meanwhile——-*

Shivaay carefully laid Anika over the bed.. he made the pillow correct and sat next to her.. he took the glass of water from the table and threw few drops over her face… her eyes made few lines with a minimized face and slowly opened her eyes…. She saw Shivaay sitting next to her with a hell caring face..

“ hey.. Anika.. you..you ok? “ Shivaay placed the glass aside asking… Anika slowly sat up with a heavy brain..

“ easy..easy…. “ Shivaay held her shoulder helping her to be comfortable… Anika recollected all the incidents… she didn’t know what she must tell him…

“ Anika, thum teek ho na? “ she nodded.. “ Ok..Uh, What happened? You..you were so scared… is everything all right? “ each of his question were getting harder for Anika..

“ uh.. Shivaay.. everything’s fine.. I was just too..um..alone! so, yeah… “ Anika maintained a distance lying to him…

“ how long will you lie to me Anika? I know something’s haunting you!… I want to know everything.. I repeat, EVERYTHING…. Who are you? Where are you from? And.. how did you reach here? What are you afraid of? What’s bothering you Anika? Tell me… “ Shivaay moved closer to her..

“ Shivaay… it’s nothing.. th..there’s nothing… “ Anika avoided eye-contact with him..

“ Anika.. my brother Rudy, calls me the great wall… whatever be the problem, just say and forget it… Anika, now you’ve become a part of my life… you’ve saved me and enlightened my thoughts.. now it’s my turn.. to show the gratitude.. Anika, consider me as a friend and speak out everything.. I know you’ve lot many problems.. I’ve seen you crying behind the pillars.. you don’t sleep well.. I’ve seen you outside crying!.. what is it Anika? Tell me… “ A lone tear fell down her cheeks.. Shivaay could see her eyes becoming red… her hands were showing her veins out… she closed her eyes and her fist tightly… she sighed down and loosened her fist..

“ I.. I live in Pune.. in ‘Child shade’ Orphanage… Though we weren’t a born family but we shared a bond far than a birthed one… Everyone called me Anu.. I..I never missed my mother… coz everyone there was so loving…. The warden would say that my mother looked exactly like me when she came to Orphanage when I was 4…. I had a friend, Gauri… she was the daughter of Govind, owner of Orphanage… She was my best friend… and Kiran.. he was my good buddy..Govind Uncle never told us his problems and all… I see him tensed but he hides everything… Everything went perfect till I was 20…”

She stopped and looked down with grief…

“ One day few people came and…and they beat us badly… I never knew why, Govind Uncle was begging for our lives…  they were so cruel with everyone but what made me hyper was they beating Ravi, my handicapped brother.. I rose my hands against them and argued with everyone I met… Govind Uncle tried to stop me but I wasn’t ready to hear him… It was that moment I understood that uncle had taken money from those people in lieu of the Orphanage.. they the time they gave to return the money have passed out… I realized doings, but I never thought that they… they would ask me to..to go with them… they pulled me out and took me to their Mansion… Everyone only could shout and roar but couldn’t stop… I had to live with those people for the rest 2 years… like a worker or sometimes worst than that.. They beat me with stirrup strap for..for no reason.. they used to rub fish against my face for their drink.. They lock me in a dark room where hardly one person can sit… it was from then I was afraid of Darkess…I couldn’t do anything.. for the sake of my beloveds.. for my family… If I disobey, then they will let my family on street… No one came forward to help us.. Not even the police… But I never let any lines draw on my self-respect.. I.. I never got anything to eat.. they all gobble all by themselves… if my fate shows mercy, at least a cup of gruel will be there for me… “

Tears grew bigger in her eyes…

“ Govind uncle tried to repay his debt but he failed and with this pressure, he died leaving everyone all alone…it was gauri who later took care of family.. “ she stopped and took a deep breath.. “ Daksh!…he..he always tortures me.. I don’t know why he always pulled me to mess and neither I tried to know.. One day, when everyone were immersed in their drink, Daksh tried to harm me and.. and I beat him with what I found first.. but I didn’t knew that it would fire him up.. I ran from there for my lives escaping from his bad hands… I got into an unknown forest and soon, I recollected the place and reached near Orphanage… but.. but before I could do anything, Orphanage was in flame… THEY burnt my home… I..I didn’t know what I must do!.. I.. got in ensuring about the fire… but no one was there…. My body was frying with the hotness but I couldn’t go from there… it was then I heard Gauri’s voice.. I turned to her with care but she.. she pushed me back… her eyes showed clear anger for me… she pulled me to the exit and ordered to leave… I..I didn’t understand what she was saying.. she believed that I was responsible for everything…. She gave me a bag and pushed me out the exit… she made promise from me not to return until she solves everything… but I can’t blame her, she lost her father and her everything just bcoz of my carelessness… We heard THEM nearing so we moved out while Gauri and I separated after few meters… I couldn’t leave that place.. I lived there and my…my family! I don’t know  about them.. neither I could ask Gauri in that messy situation.. I saw those men hurting Gauri but.. I couldn’t go forth.. she, with her hand, signaled me to ‘ GO’… Everything was happening so sudden and.. and I ….I didn’t know.. I..hhh…. “ she cried with closed eyes…

“ I don’t know where they are! How they are! Even don’t know whether they are alive or not!… “ she sniffed… “ I hate dark.. I’m..I’m afraid of darkness.. and today I’m here… After my arrival, I thought of returning back to meet everyone and it was then I met you in that train… when I saw Vikram and everyone there drunken, I…I felt my past and I ran… “ she sighed and soon smiled.. “ So Yeah this is it!… and when you’ll go back, I’ll be all alone, AGAIN… “ she completed and looked Shivaay whose eyes were frozen over her… he neither talked nor hummed… he held her hand slowly and smiled at her personality…

“ you need not to say anything… “ Anika smiled and laid down sensing that Shivaay needed time to give a reply… Shivaay switched off the lamp giving Anika a last eye… he went to the kitchen and stood there weighting his arms over the slab… he looked the roof and again to the slab… he was stressed and moreover concerned about Anika…

‘ she’s so brave… who can smile after all what Annamma has suffered!… she’s helping me to get back home with big pressures inside!.. She’s..she’s pulling me towards her… I don’t know is this any kind of sympathy or concern or a wish to protect an Orphan… but Annamma is really different from the world I live… but… When I return, how’s she gonna live? I cannot let her go alone.. I know she’s NOT MINE.. but she has me… and I’ll never let her face anything bad….


Hey folks… How are you my friends? Long week has passed and I’m back the part… I never thought that I would disclose Anika’s past to you all in this manner but I thought to do it soon as the upcoming parts will show some serious scenes between Shivika…

I’m so happy that you all this version of Shivika too…

Now I’m concentrating on a new OS… of course Shivika’s… No worries, soon a Rikara OS will be there.. Seems like I love OS’s more…

Guys, Wednesday is my exam.. and onwards.. DO pray fellas.. if I score this time only I could get more Scholarships and grades..

Next part will be posted on next Sunday…

Till then this is Moonlight­_luver bidding a safe farewell…

Take care and stay blessed!


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