Qayamat Ki Raat 1st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri’s life is in danger

Qayamat Ki Raat 1st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is at the temple. Raj Dharam and Gauri do the pooja together. Rakha is running in the jungle. The hand runs after him. Raj says this is the time. we will get this wedding broken. Dharam says what if baray papa knows this is our plan. He says nothing would happen.
Rakha runs. Raj says to Aman. Tell gauri that you wont let her do the job.
Aman says but i don’t have a problem with her job. Raj says tell her you will ram ram garh. Gauri hears someone screaming. She goes after the voice. Rakha says see the temple. You made it power of your black powers there is an idol there. See in 24 hours this temple will be pure. I wont let you do your sharap. Gauri sees him. He says who is he talking to. Gauri says uncle who are you? Raj says that’s dharam’s dad. Gauri says he was talking to someone.

Aman says to Karuna we have to fight. SHe says i thought you would be uneducated. He says i thought the same. i want someone who is modern and she thinks like me. She smiles.
Dharam says to Prithvi come with me. I will show you they are fighting they are completely different from each other. Karuna says actually i wanted someone like you.
Prithvi says you two were fighting? Karuna says no we were just talking. prithvi says tell with your heart do you wanna marry each other? THey both say yes. Prithvi smiles. Dharam is dazed. he says in heart everything changed here.
Raj and Gauri come with rakha. Dharam says baba.. Raj says Gauri found him in the jungle.
Prithvi says Karuna and aman have said yes for the wedding. Everyone is dazed. Dadi in worried. Prithvi’s wife says get the date fixed tomorrow.

Pandit’s son sees the hand. He goes after it.
Karuna says what will we do now? Gauri says tell everyone truth. Raj says you two should tell truth. GAuri says no we will get trapped. Dharam says calm down. Maybe God wanted this. Dharam says they are just getting engaged. If they don’t feel like being with each other we will break this relationship. Gauri says you are smart dharam.

The head says he will keep looking but never find me. The hand throttles pandit’s son. Head says throttle him. Pandit’s son says I want to help you. Hand says how? He says I know where your part are. Head says why? the guy says because you I want power. the hand joins his hand.

Scene 2
aditya calls Gauri. He says baby how are you? She says stop annoying me. I am done with you. I only fool boys and the dump them. Now don’t call me back. Raj overhears.
Gauri looks at Rakha and says he can’t be mad. He was talking normal. Raj says where are you going? SHe says rakha uncle is normal. Raj says stay away from him. Dharam is already worried.

The house is being decorated. Dadi is worried. Gauri recalls when Rakha was talking about her father. Gauri says dharam I want to talk about your father. He says what? Raj comes. She says why don’t you bring him here? Raj says he isn’t well. Gauri says if he stays in one room he will be more sick. You should bring him here. Dharam says you are right. I will bring him here.

The function starts. Dadi says Mahindra do something. Stop this wedding. Mahindra says what can I say now? Dadi says you remember what kalasur said. Don’t risk your daughter’s life like this.
Dharam brings rakha. He says in heart i have to pretend that i am not well. Dharam says to Prithvi gauri said I should bring papa here to make him feel better. Prithvi says you did right.
Pandit’s son comes in. He has the hand. He hides it.
Gauri sees Rakha and says i should talk. Raj stops him and says I wont let you do this. Rakha uncle is not well. She says rakha uncle is fine. I want to know why is he acting. The head says I wont let her expose rakha. I will kill her.

The function starts. Raj and Gauri dance on different songs. everyone joins them. Gauri goes after Rakha. Pandit’s son goes after her. She stands in balcony. Hand shoves her. She hangs and screams for help. Raj comes and pulls her. She says someone shoved me. HE says who would do that? Enough with your drama. She says I am saying truth. I will prove it. Gauri goes downstairs.
Gauri looks for rakha. She puts fire near dharam. Dharam’s duppata catches fire. Rakha says dharam.. Vishnu turns light off. He takes rakha out.
He says uncle its me. Pandit’s son. i know you are not man. You pretend it. He says I am not mad. I don’t wanna tell everyone truth. In 12 hours that temple will be pure forveer.

Raj says this was not an accident someone did this delibrately. Vishnu says what will happen in 12 hours? He says that tantrik will die when the idol is place there. I place his head in temple and his body.. Rakha sees his hand. He is dazed. Vishnu says now tell me where is body?
Everyone sees is footage that gauri did this. Raj says why did you do this to dharam? Answer me. Dhraram stands in front of Gauri.

Precap-Gauri comes to temple. Head says she is Swahasni’s daughter. Go and kill her. hand shoves her and she falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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