Laal Ishq 11th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhruv, Sonya, Unhappy Pregnant Soul

Laal Ishq 11th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A pregnant woman walks towards door to look at solar eclipse. Her mother warns not to go out during solar eclipse, else her mother-in-law will scold them both. Woman does not listen to her and walks out wearing goggles. She sees solar eclipse. She then sees someone behind tree and asks who is it. A weird looking woman comes comes. Once it gets dark, pregnant woman shouts. Mother comes out and sees pregnant woman injured. After sometime, Pregnant Sonya and her husband Dhruv travel in a taxi towards Amroha town. Dhruv asks if she is fine and their baby. Sonya says. Dhruv says good he is returning to Amroha and got h is transfer here from Mumbai. Sonya says they will be around his mother. Driver stops car and asks to take Amroha’s kuldevi’s blessings. Dhruv says they are getting late and asks to drive. Weird woman seen behind tree is seen there. Blood falls on car window. Sonya gets afraid. Driver says a bird must have dropped its prey on window, they need not worry. They both reach home and touch Dhruv’s mother’s feet. Mother yells at Sonya that she took away her son from her. Dhruv says he got transfer to Mumbai, so it is not Sonya’s mistake. Mother says now Sonya will realize mother’s pain when she becomes a mother, but why they are staying in another house, wole village is badmouthing about them. Dhruv says their house is small and mother would not have allowed AC, fridge, etc.. Mother says Sonya needs it and not him. Sonya walks towards her new house. Door opens itself. A girl’s soul is seen roaming around house. Sonya walks in. Weird woman’s face is also shown. Mother rushes in with Dhruv and scolds Sonya should not have entered new house without pooja, evil air attacks pregnant woman most. Dhruv asks her not to worry.

Dhruv settles down Sonya in their new house and leaves for office giving her woolen thread to prepare sweater for baby. Sonya sits on bed with woolen when she sees 2 girls in window. Girls disappear. Sonya walks out searching girls and see them standing near well. She walks to them and asks who are they. Girl touches Sonya’s tummy. Weird woman is also shown as pregnant. Sonya says this is her baby and once baby is born, they can come to play with them. A man passes by and looks at them. They both hide. Sonya asks why they are hiding, come out. They ask to stay away from man. Sonya turns and sees man disappearing. Sonya turns and sees girls also disappearing. Sonya returns home and reminisces girls peeping from window. Dhruv comes from behind and frightens her. Sonya gets afraid. Dhruv gives her sleeveless godwn and asks to wear it. Sonya says his mother will not like it. He insists to wear it for him. Weird woman comes near window and says it would be a boy for sure this time. Sonya comes out wearing gown. Dhruv romantically hugs him.

Next morning, Dhruv goes to his mother’s house and invites he for lunch at his house. Mother says she will not and gives him laddoos to feed it to Sonya. Vegetable vendor comes selling vegetables and is the same man Sonya saw near well. Man walks to Dhruv and asks if he rented that house and if the woman standing near well yesterday is wife. Dhruv says yes, why is he asking. Man asks not to send his wife near well and to shift from that house immediately to his mother’s house. Dhruv scolds not to talk rubbish. Mother returns and asks what is man telling. Dhruv says he is talking rubbish and sends man away. Man reminisces seeing girl’s souls near well.

At night, Sonya closes windows, but all windows open up. Girl’s souls from well get out and enter Sonya’s body and takes her away. Sonya walks towards well. Weird woman comes and asks why did she come near this well and asks how many month’s pregnant she is. Sonya says 6 months. Woman says even she is 6 months’ pregnant and says this time, it is boy for sure. She asks she is going to which doctor. Sonya says her MIL is taking her to some doc. Woman shouts not to go there, he is very bad and disappears baby. She shows baby’s signs on wall and says this is baby boy and this is girl. She then asks not to worry, she will take care of her and signs lullaby. Sonya falls asleep. Sonya is seen possessed by evil spirit and acts insane. Dhruv before going to office tells Sonya that he prepared breakfast for her and is shocked to see Sonya’s stomach much bigger. Sonya shouts if he has gone blind, it was bigger from before. Dhruv leaves for office asking his mother to taker care of Sonya. Weird woman with her girls are seen in Sonya’s room who asks Sonya not to worry, she will protect her. Sonya’s MIL comes and knocks door. Sonya angry shouts why she is troubling her. MIL says Dhruv told she is unwell, so she came here to check her. Sonya shouts to let her sleep and shuts door. Mother calls Dhruv and informs him everything. Dhruv rushes towards house and sees Sonyaa breaking things and asks what is she doing. Sonyaa gets out of control and pushes him. He ties her somehow, closes doors and windows and brings doctor . Sonya opens door and shouts what they need. Doctor says woman may get labor pains any time and not 6 months’ pregnant. Sonya angrily looks at doctor. Doctor gets heart attack and dies. Sonya closes door back. Woman’s soul hypnotizes Sonya and says she will deliver today itself.

Vegetable vendor rushes to Dhruv’s mother and pleads to save Sonya and informs that his wife and children’s soul is in well, his mother did not like baby girls and wanted boy, so she gave poison to his wife Shanti when she was pregnant and children and killed them, he buried their dead bodies in well and many times tried to perform their last rights, but his wife did not allow and everytime she sees a pregnant woman, she tries to take control of that woman. Dhruv comes informs Sonya is acting weird. Vegetable vendor pleads to save Sonya. Dhruv says maaa told once if they perform last rights of dead bodies, unhappy souls will depart. Maa says yes. Dhruv says he will perform vegetable vendor’s wife an dchildren’s last rights to save Sonya and child. He and mother rush to well, he gets down and sees skeletons. Shanti realizes that and walks towards well with her children. Her husband sees her and pleads to spare Sonya, he was wrong, both girls and boys are same. Shanti says her family is incomplete without a boy and kills husband. She then walks towards well again and tries to stop Dhruv and his mother. Dhruv pleads to spare his wife and child, he does not mind if it is boy or girl, but Shanti troubles them. He at last burns skeletons. Shanti and her children’;s souls also burnt and disappear. After some days, Dhruv with Sona, their child, and mother travel in car. Mother hopes Shanti does not trouble other pregnant women. Dhruv says they will not, we should end this menace of gender inequality.

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