Connecting the past to present – episode 4

Anika ” What have you done kritika..”

Kritika ” Oh.. stop it .. I am here just beacuse shivaay forced me.. he threatened my family..

Dadi ” Kritika puttar.. we are you family..”

Kritika ” Acha.. if we are a family where were you all tgese years..”

Pinky ” Bachaa.. listen to me..”

Pinky goes near to her

Kritika ” You better stay away..”

Tej ” I know kritika.. its such an awkward feeling.. Anika, Priyanka take her to the room..”

Anika and priyanka while taking kritika to her room..

Priyanka happly ” You know what… kittu di.. Always bhaus had a majority in this house.. Now that i am happy you are here..

Kritika angrly ” Its kritika for you..”

Priyanka gets sad and looks at anika.. Anika winks her eyes..

Anika ” Bythe way.. kritika i heard that you were in london.. Tell me na.. how was it..

kritika irriatedly..” can you tell me where is the room??..”

Priyanka ” Sure.. the one in right ”

Kritika enters to her room at close the door on a bang..

LIVING room..

Shakti angrly ” Toh.. finally all have taken that piece of shit into this home..”

Jhanvi ” Shakti … you can’t talk about her like that ..”

Pinky ” Shakti ji.. she is our daughter.. can’t you just love her like you love shivaay..”

Shakti ” All of you should hear this.. i am not going to love her ever in my life.. and i promise you that she will be vanished from this earth as soon as possible..”

Tej ” Don’t you dare.. touch the daughter of this family..”

Shakti mocking..” Oh bhaisaab… You are saying that.. let me remember you your and your son’s realtion.. I think you should first solve yours..

Tej ” Its true that.. me and om have different ideas about life.. but still i won’t even think to hurt him even a bit.. But you are si shameless that you want to kill your own daughter..

Shivika ‘s Room..

Shivaay sad.. ” What is all happenening.. i fon’t understand i did.. good by bringing kritika here.. so soon..

Anika hold his cheeks “You did right.. But we can’t force her to be nice with us.. she has gone through a lot.. and Its not easy for a girl to suddenly mingle with a new family..

Shivaay ” I wish that she behaves well with maa..”

Anika ” Don’t stress shivaay …. everything will be fine..”

Pinky & Jhanvi enters to Shivika’s room..

Jhanvi ” I think we have to knock before entering the room..”

Shivika sess them and release the hug..

Anika ” Jhanvi aunt.. its nothing like that.. we were just..”

Pinky ” You were just.. what anika..”

Suddenly anika remembers something..

Anika ” I forgot to give Dadi. her medicines.. Excuse me..i wil.. just .

She runs from there..

Jhanvi , Pinky and Shivaay was walking near the cooridoor… Just then priyanka bumbs.. into them..

Jhanvi “Where are you going in hurry??”

Priyanka ” Mom.. kittu di.. asked for my laptop a few minutes ago and i am goinv to get it back..”

pinky ” Thankgod.. she is behaving nice with you..”

Priyanka ” She not nice at all chotimaa.. she didn’t ask me.. actually she odered me for the laptop”

Jhanvi ” Prinku.. mind you language..”

They all walks at sees that in the balcony and sees kritika talking to someone through laptop and she was quite happy..

Pinky emotionly ” I wish that day soon comes when she talks with us like this..”

Shivaay holds pinky..

Shivaay ” That.. day will soon come..”


Tej were watching business news.. with discussing something with Shivaay..

And a news flashes.. The flight no.LO356AT crashed and a few people were saved.. It contined many businessmans..

Tej and shivaay starts to discuss about the news.. then after..

In the dinning table all were seated.. Kritika was also there .. she didn’t had any intrest but she was forced to dine with them.. she was busy in her phone trying to call someone..”

Tej and shivaay again starts to discuss..

Dadi ” I told you guys many times no. business in the dining table”

Shivaay ” Dadi.. its not about business.. actually yesterday evening a flight crashed and its a huge..”

Anika ” Oh.. thats so sad..”

Tej ” Actually it was coming from london to india.. but..”

Om ” I can’t even think.. what would jave been the passenger’s family’s state now..”

Rudy looks at Kritika shockingly.. Kritika’s eyes were red and teary..

Rudra concerend “Di.. what happened is everything fine..”

Kritika runs towards the living room and she switches on the news channel..

Tears were flowinng from her eyes.. She in hurry takes her phone and calls someone.. but the phone was unreacheable..

Kritika sobbing ” Comeon.. Pick it up.. phone uda..”

Anika ” What happened.. kritika why are you so worried.. is there someone you know in the flight..”

Kritika was not at all lostening to anyone.. She was just trying her phone..

Shivaay “Kritika explain at what happened”

Kritika angrly ” Can’t you guys.. leave me alone”..

Tej ” Kritika beta.. atleast tell us what happened..”

Kritika ” Shivaay … can i get your car’s key”

Shivaay ” Ofcourse.. here you go”

She runs to the door and opens the door and sees Arjun there..

Kritika runs to Arjun..

Kritika angry ” Where is he.. is he fine and why is he not answering my phone..”

It starts to rain..

Arjun ” Di can we sit inside and talk..”

Arjun takes her inside..

Kritika ” Arjun.. you better tell me.. what happened to him.. Arjun telk me..i can handle it..”

Arjun ” There is nothing to worry .. he is dafe and sound..”

Kritika ” I don’t believe you.. i want to see him my own.. take me to him”

Arjun ” Sorry di.. i can’t take you to him.. because he is far away from us..”

Kritika ” What do you mean??””

Arjun laughs ” Chill di.. your so called boyfriend is fine.. even i was tensed when i heard the news.. but the lazy boy was late to catch his flight as usual..”

Kritika ” Thankgod he is fine..”

They both hugs..

Pinky tearly ” Yeh koun hai. shivaay”

Shivaay ” Yeh arjun hai.. he stays with kritika..”

Jhanvi ” But what is there relations”

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