Laal Ishq 12th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nitya, Vivek and Tantrik

Laal Ishq 12th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivek enters his room on his wedding night. His wife Nitya waits for him on bed. They chat. She gifts him foreign chocolates and says she got it from London via her friend’s father as she knows he likes chocolates. Vivek tastes chocolate and says it is awsome, how does she know about his likes, he loves her and maybe they met now, but they are soulmates for 7 lives. He shares choc with him. A tantrik in his cave gets angry that haveli got a new bahu, he will not let them in peace. Vivek gifts Nitya god’s pendant to her and says it will protect her. Nitya says this is her favorite god. Mirror breaks, and they hear weird sounds. Nitya says it is just a mirror, he need not worry. Next morning, Vivek’s mother/maaji performs pooja with Nitya and asks not to let broken thing at home and asks if she consummated with Vivek last night. Nitya says no as per maaji’s order. Maaji says not to until shuddhi/purification pooja is done. Tantrik watches everything via black magic in his cave. Maaji calls panditji for pooja and shows her husband’s garlanded photo and his elder brother Bade Bhaiji Abhishek who is tantrik now. Pandit performs pooja and tells Maaji that she got the perfect bahu this haveli needed. After pooja, pandit breaks coconut and black water comes out of it. Maaji gets tensed. Panditji asks not to worry, with bahu’s prayers, next coconut will be fine. Nitya prays god and breaks coconut. Black water comes out again. Pandita asks not to worry and break one more coconut. Nitya breaks coconut, and it is normal. Maaji gets happy. Pandit asks Nitya to prepare prasad and keep it outside bade Bhaiji’s hut and never look behind whatever happens. Vivek resists, but Maaji insists that Bade Bhaiji is elder son of this house and deserves respect. Vivek agrees helplessly. Maaji asks servant to immerse coconuts into river. Servant sees blood in coconuts and gets afraid.

Vivek drives his car towards Bade Bhaiji’s hut and tells Nitya that her father fell in poojari’s daughter’s love, but when poojari did not agree, his father killed both poojari and his daughter and got cursed and died; Bade Bhaiji lost his mental balance and started black magic, so Maaji threw him out of house. They reach outside tantrik’s hut. Vivek says he will accompany Nityaa, but Nitya reminds Panditji’s words to go alone and walks in. Tantrik watches her via black magic. She keeps prasad near hut and walks back reminisces Panditji’s warning not to turn back whatever it happens, but turns hearing a sound, runs back in fear and falls. She then sees tantrik who laughs on her and asks if she will not take his blessing and tries to touch her. She shouts and runs away to Vivek. Vivek asks what happened. She says she got afraid. They return home. Tantrik laughs and says he will use chote/Vivek’s wife’s pure soul and will become more powerful on poornima/full moon night. Next morning, Vivek tells he is going to their land on his bike as he is building a hotel there. Tantrik thinks Chote will be gone no and does black magic. Vivek falls from bike and collapses. Villagers rush to him and discuss to call doctor. Tantrik is seen in bike’s mirror and his eyes glows. Vivek’s eyes also glow, he wakes up and leaves on bike while villagers ask him if he is fine, they called doctor. Vivek’s soul is seen capture in a mirror and tantrik’s soul occupying Vivek’s body.

Vivek returns home and roughly holds Nitya. Nitya is shocked with is behavior and asks if he came so early. He says when she is around, he did not feel like going. He tries to get romantic forcefully. She says she has a lot of work and needs to empty her suitcase. She takes out shivji’s idol. Rays falls from it on Vivek and he feels uneasy and asks her to go and keep it outside. She goes and keeps it and returns. He gets romantic again. Maaji calls him worried. They rush out and see temple curtains burning. Nitya consoles her and prepares Vivek’s favorite food. Maaji goes to wash her hands. Vivek sits on dining chair and seeing vegetarian food shouts if this is food. He walks out and sees a cock, it disappears. Nitya comes out searching him and hears someone crushing bones. She calls Vivek. He turns and she collapses seeing blood on his mouth. Nitya wakes up on bed and Maaji says Vivek was just joking, he was in house itself and ate all her prepared food. She asks Vivek to sleep in living room today as punishment and sleeps with Nitya. Vivek fumes, then thinks tomorrow is poornima, he will consummate with Nitya and will become powerful.

In tantrik’s cave, Vivek’s soul pleads tantrik to leave him. Tantrik says not now. Next day, Maaji’s daughter and grandson enter and surprise her. Daughter says she has to do rituals for Bhabhi on poornima, so she came. Vivek returns to his room and gets angry seeing his nephew. Nephew happily hugs him and says today he will sleep between them. Nitya goes out when sister calls him. Vivek frightens nephew to go and sleep with his mother. Boy says no. Vivek lifts him in air via black magic. Boy shouts. Sister and Nitya run back. Vivek drops child on floor. Nitya says she heard boy falling. Vivek says no. Boy wakes up and vivek forces him to tell that he will sleep with mammaa. Mother takes him away. Nitya reminisces all the recent incidents and gets suspicious. Vivk lifts her and takes her to bed and forces himself on her. Tantrik enters house and asks Maaji where is Nitya. Maaji asks why did he come here, why is he speaking in Vivek’s voice. He says he is Vivek, and tantrik is using his body. He runs up. Nitya sees soul in mirror instead of Vivek and shouts. Vivek in tantrik’s body breaks door and asks if she is fine. Tantrik in Vivek’s body pushes tantrik to get out. Tantrik says he is Vivek and Tantrik is in his body. Tantrik pushes Vivek out. Nitya picks devima’s trishul and says she will kill herself. Vivek pleads not to, it is his family’s sin and he will bear it and go away from here. Nityaa stabs trishul into Vivek’s body. Tantrik and Vivek both fall down. Tantrik’s black soul escapes. Vivek’s soul gets back into his body. He gets up and asks Nitya if she is fine. Nitya emotionally hugs him.

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