Qayamat Ki Raat 12th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj to marry Karuna

Qayamat Ki Raat 12th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says to mahindra see her. This all happened because of you. I told you not to come here. Menakshi says who asked you to come here. Dadi says she is living like this because she came here. Who will marry her? Who will take care of her.
Karuna says in heart now he is in my control. Raj says I will marry her. His mom says are you crazy what are you saying. Prithiv says I am proud of you. Damini says Karuna needs someone who can help her. Please says yes mummy ji. Menakshi says I don’t mind. Raj’s mom says think once. Raj says I have decided. Gauri says Raj.. Dharam takes her outside.
He says this is all Karuna’s plan. If you say anything they will get you wrong.

Raj says I will keep her very happy. Everyone gives Raj blessings. Raj comes in front of Gauri. She recalls her moments with him.
Gauri comes to raj and says what are you doing. HE says your sister is going to kill herself. Gauri says she is dead. She wants us to separate. He says we were never together. Enough of your stories. Gauri says I have a proof. She shows him a painting. She says I found this in sumergarh. In a rani dress. Raj recalls what Karuna said. She says there is some secret? He says yes there is one. Karuna was right. You make stories. She says please listen to me. He burns the painting. Gauri says what did you do. He says you have lost your mind. You make stories.
Karuna comes and says gauri you like Raj right? Are you marrying me for sympathy? Raj says we never had anything. I am marrying your with my will. He leaves. Karuna locks the door. Kalasur comes He says Raj will be Karuna’s and you will be mine. Raj will be Karuna’s. Kalasur says come to me.

Kalasur says to the dark woman you have to make this wedding happen. I and Gauri will become one. You have to do this.
Dharam says to Gauri we have to expose Karuna. Gauri says first I have to find out the story. How is it related to me?

Scene 2
Damini says I will make this wedding happen. Pandit says tomorrow is a good tie knot. Then lets do engagement today.
Dharma says we have only 24 hours. Gauri says I will stop it.
Roma says to Raj think twice. He says I want to support her. Roma says she loved Aman. Raj says he wont come back. Raj says I know I am doing right.
Damini gives Raj juice. she leaves. Roma says raj please think twice. Don’t marry her. Raj says what are you saying. I told you I wanna marry her. Gauri hears and says this isn’t Raj. This is Karuna’s magic.

Gauri comes to Raj. He locks the door. Gauri comes to her room. she says I have to end this game or Karuna will ruin everything.
Kalasur says to Karuna you are dead. You can’t wear bridal dress. She says I am alive for other people. Karuna says once Raj is married to me you can take Gauri with you. Just wait for one night. She will be yours. He says my gauri will be mine. She says I will handle everything here.

The ceremonry starts. everyone congratulates Raj. Damini sneaks upstairs.
Karuna says to Raj I am marrying the one you like. Have some sweeti. Gauri be Kalasur’s. You can’t stop it. Gauri waits for Dharam. She sees damini going somewhere with a bag. She follows him.
Dharam comes to the engagement ceremony. He congratulates Raj.
Damini goes in jungle. Gauri follows her. She gives the bag to someone. Gauri comes there. Damini says what are you doing.
Karuna is worried how will I go in for the pooja. DAdi says Karuna come. Karuna pretends to be fainted. Raj picks her up. Everyone is worried for her. Dharma says let me get water. He picks water from temple. Karuna says in heart e can’t do this. He can’t let him put this water on me.

Damini says gauri vikaas lost money in gamble. I came to get him free from these people. He checks the bag and says its just 30 lacs. Other says we can get 20 from this girl. They kidnap Gauri. Damini says gauri.. Vikas runs after the car. Damini comes and says please save my gauri. Everyone is worried. She tells them everything. Raj runs out to save her.
Precap-Raj looks for Gauri. She says when someone needs us when don’t stand wit them and they are so alone. I am leaving forever Raj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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