Laado 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka and Shaurya reach Veerpur

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Laado 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rantej coming to the secret room and frees captive woman hands. She is shown. She is none other than Meera. She is tied and folds her hands. Rantej opens secret room door and locks her. Shaurya and Anushka come to Tai, see her injured and bandages her wounds. Tai asks who are you? Anushka asks her to tell what happened to her. Tai asks who are they? Shaurya says I need your help and asks her to tell where is Juhi. Tai says I don’t know anything about Juhi. Anushka says we have been searching Juhi. She tells that Shaurya is searching her since 10 years. Tai asks them to go. Shaurya asks Anushka to come. Anu asks Tai to tell about Juhi’s whereabouts for her happiness and says Shaurya is waiting for him since 10 years. She gives her Juhi’s promise. Tai agrees and says I have a condition. She says you shall not come again and don’t question me. They agree. Tai says Juhi is in Veerpur, Haryana. Shaurya says Veerpur. Tai says I don’t know anything further and asks them to go. Anu is shocked. Shaurya takes her.

Dadi is praying in the temple and ringing bell. Shagun and Amrish come there and tell that dead people can’t return. Dadi says I am praying for punishing the guilty and asks Shagun not to be happy. She tells them that their sin pot is full and one day it will break. She keeps diya back. Shagun says when she will leave. Amrish says we shall move her from our way before she tells anyone. Shagun says if we kill her then doubt will be on us. Juhi comes out and leaves. Rantej tells Meera that since my new father came, I thought my rule is over, but since I got you, I thought I got my rule back. He picks a stick to beat her.

Shaurya asks Anushka what happened to her? Anushka asks Shaurya to go fast and save Juhi. She asks him not to tell anyone that he knows her else he will be killed. She says girls are unsafe there and asks him not to waste time. Shaurya asks if she will not come with her. Anushka says she wants to search Juhi with him, but their ways are different now. She says goodbye Shaurya and hugs him crying. Rabba Mere Rabba plays…Shaurya says I will drop you home. Anushka says no and tells that one min is heavy for Juhi.

Shaurya sits in the jeep and says your Shaurya is coming to take you Juhi. He drives the jeep. He then sees Anushka and takes Jeep back to her. He asks her to sit in the car and says you are going to Veerpur with me. He reminds her of her promise. Anushka says if I come with you then your life will be in danger. Shaurya says nothing will happen to me, I am a fighter and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Rabba Mere Rabba plays……Anu gives her hand in Shaurya’s hand. They come to Veerpur. Anu hides her face a bit and walks recalling the humiliation and attacks which she had faced. Shaurya says we have reached Veerpur. He turns to Anushka and comes near her. He says I can understand what you have gone through. Anu says you don’t know anything about me. Shaurya says I know. She asks if he feels Juhi is here? Shaurya says he can feel Juhi in the air. Juhi takes malhari to the room, but there is nobody there. Malhari says there is nobody here and asks her to come. Juhi looks on.

Juhi hugs Shaurya and cries. She asks where were you? Shaurya says I was searching you. Just then they hear Malhari and Inder calling Juhi. Juhi says she doesn’t want to return. Shaurya says I will check and calls Juhi to Anu and asks her to be with her. Anu tells she is Juhi and not me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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