Kasam 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika get past birth flashes in Kali Mata’s temple

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Kasam 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akki telling Balraj and Mahima that Ranbir has chosen Kritika. Ranbir says he is lying. He asks what they were talking when they came? Mahima says I am bored in this hotel. Ranbir says we shall go home then. Balraj says renovation is going on there, we will go later. Ranbir says let’s go, what is the big deal. Ishani tells Pummy that she is going to sleep. Pummy asks her to take a good sleep. She asks Jiana to sleep and asks Kritika to make sure to clean the mess. Jiana thinks now our party will start. She teases Kritika. Mahima tries to make Ranbir wake up. Balraj asks them to let them sleep and says they will call him later. Kritika is drying the clothes when Corporator comes to meet Arun. She thinks he is staring at her and shouts at him. He says you are thinking me wrong and says he came to meet Arun. Kritika apologizes and asks him to go. Balraj and Mahima come there. They see Kritika and see her. Kritika greets them. Balraj tells Mahima that she is the same girl, their bahu. Mahima praises her. Balraj says their house is nearby and asks her to come.

Corporator asks Arun to give money. Pummy says we will make the money ready. He says he will come after a month. Kritika apologizes to him as he leaves. He stares at her and leaves. Pummy scolds Arun for taking a loan and then letting Kritika stay in their house. Kritika is about to tell her that she got the job, but Pummy doesn’t listen to her and scolds Arun. Kritika says I got the job. Pummy gets happy and asks her not to waste time. She then asks Arun to handle shop. Ranbir and Akki come out of the hotel. Akki tells that he will drive the car. Kritika is in the auto and thinks she will meet someone who is made for her. Ranbir gets flashes of his past and sees kali mata temple. Kritika also sees the temple. She asks the driver to stop auto and gets down seeing the temple.

Ranbir tells Akki that he is feeling like coming to this temple before. Akki asks do you want to go in the temple. Ranbir says no. The car stops suddenly. Akki gets down to check the car. Ranbir also gets down and goes towards the temple. Kritika walks inside while Ranbir is behind her. Kritika gets flashes of their marriage which are blurred. She thinks why this temple is looking familiar and thinks it seems like that I have a past relationship with it. Ranbir thinks why did he feel that he has some connection with this temple. He climbs the stairs and looks on. Kritika also looks on. Ranbir thinks what I am seeing, blurred thing. Kritika also sees blurred images. They keep their hands on their heads.

Kritika turns and her hairs fall on his face. They both pray to God without seeing each other face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    All things wrong with kasam:
    1. The writer forgot about the rishi’s marag dosh. The show was meant rishi having marag dosh and tanu to save rishi from it.
    2. They wanted to make kritika different from tanu and tanuja but they should know kritika is same what tanuja was no change.
    3. Kratika and ranbir clothes r not good they should wear the clothes what they used to wear in preleap.
    4 . Kritika should buy a handbag cause the bag she is wearing is like she is wearing natasha’s school bag which really sucks.
    5. Kritika should be soft, quiet and should have innocent and unique look.
    6. Kritika should straight her hair and turn her hair into black.
    7. Kritika should wear some locket or something in her neck like she used to wear in pre leap.
    8. Grow some a little amount just little amount of beard ranbir and loose some weight kritika cause your face is beautiful but your body is like drum.
    9. Not kritika but ranbir should be a little bit talkative and should not always should be gathered by girls all the time.
    10. Channel should promote the show by changing the show time.
    If this all things happens the show will rocks again

    1. So if they were originaly born in jodi akbar time then in this birth they should also wear the same clothes and hair do etc!!! There is nothing wrong with this girsls weight and how u expect her to loose weight with an on going show get real or get lost. Ur opinion dont count. What was in last birth dont mean its going to be in this birth too otherwise whats the point of being alive. Now if u belive in reincarnation do u remember ur past life and all these stupid trinkets i.e. locket etc or ur other mother father etc. Be realistic or unless u didnt want a rebirth and the same story to continue then thats another thing altogether.

      1. Shit the f**k up b*t*h undertaker justin bieber is abosolutely right. I think ranbir is right and goot the things he said about kratika was absolutely correct . If u donot agree that f**k u

      2. Shut the f**k up b*t*h. Undertaker justin bieber was absolutely correct. I think ranbir is ok with no complaints but the the things he said about kratika was absolutely right and if u donot agree alisha then f**k u

      3. Im totally agreed wth u alisha. How could someone where d same dress like preleap. If all d things r same like preleap, then wat is d need for this 24 years leap. Its really not make sense at all. N about kritika’s weight…she totally perfect wth her height..so she no need to loose her weight.

    2. The undertaker Justin Bieber First of all mind ur language..r u blind to said kritika body like drum. She looks beautiful n she no need to loose her weight..coz she already loose her weght for this kasam season 2..n her weight perfect for her height. N i know ur kratika hater tat y always complain about kritika character. Y kritika should be like tanu? Then wat is different btw them? N then wat is d need for tis kasam season 2? Y not u complain about ranbir? Actully ranbir should change..he is playboy..really irritating seeing him wth girl everytime. He should be silent, n be a good lover, no attitude. Kritika no need handbag..tat litle bag looking cute when she wear it. Almost all kasam fans loving kittu character so much..i think except one two people like u.

  2. I completely agree with you The undertaker Justin bieber

  3. Some points of the undertaker justin bieber are so true , like the marag dosh of rishi and tanu being saviour was true concept and tanu carrying the locket was quite beautiful idea , I wont talk on looks they both look nice with each other in any look but dont rubbish off the storyline like previous time in 6 yrs leap and bring ak netri shit

  4. Wow justin bieber if show goes like that it truly rocks . I totally agree to your points

  5. Yes @undertaker justin bieber i think they forgot about the marag dosh and yeah her cloth make her look fat but if she start wearing clothes just quiet like preleap i think she donot need to loose weight. But i too feel wearing locket is a beautiful idea and i too hate the white bag she wear she should replace it with a handbag . Ranbir is good he donot have to change anything and yeah i liked your points to undertaker justin bieber ?

  6. The Undertaker Justin Bieber completly agreed.✋✋✋✋

  7. Ranbir n kritika looks awsm…every1 hv their own point of view…no need to f**k any1…n evry1 hv ri8 to tell their own thnkng…

  8. Im totally agreed wth u alisha. How could someone where d same dress like preleap. If all d things r same like preleap, then wat is d need for this 24 years leap. Its really not make sense at all. N about kritika’s weight…she totally perfect wth her height..so she no need to loose her weight.

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