Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Randhir arrives to return the diary

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 27th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrit talking to her mum. She dyes the white clothes. Randhir says I will go to return the diary to her, its better if I see her at the school. Uday is upset thinking of Brij’s clap. Vashma and Bhanu come there to cheer up Uday. Vashma says don’t worry for Brij, Amrit has taken the food to him, she will convince him some how. Amrit tries to cheer up Brij and asks him to have food. Brij asks her to go, he doesn’t want to have the food. She says you used to feed me this way when I used to refuse to have food. Brij smiles and says you are very stubborn. She feeds him by her hands. He blesses her. Bhanu sees this and smiles. He goes. Brij asks Amrit to have the food. They laugh. Bhanu asks Uday not to worry, Brij is already having food. Uday takes the food from Vashma and eats. She says I have done the hardwork. Uday says you shouldn’t show rights on the things you left. Bua comes to Brij and brainwashes him again. She says how can Lala decide about Uday. She asks Brij to have the milk and sleep. Brij throws the glass and goes. Bua smiles wickedly.

Its morning, Bhanu asks for the ironed clothes. Amrit says I have already done it. She says I have to get a book, I paid the money already. Bua suspects her. She says Kiran will go with them to the market, she said she will make the gloves by the wool. Amrit thinks how will I meet the cart driver now. Bua asks Kiran to keep an eye on Amrit. Kiran goes.

Kiran asks Amrit from where does she want to buy the books. Amrit pays the fare and gets down. She says how shall I get rid of Kiran, the cart driver will come to return my diary. Randhir passes by. Kiran follows Amrit. Randhir reaches the school. He says she should be near the school. He looks at the girls. She asks Kiran to take a picture by posing as Noor Jahan. She says I will pay for the stitching material. She says I won’t tell Bua, go, I will get books and come back. Kiran goes. Amrit wears the burqa and goes to the school. Randhir takes a lady in the cart. The old lady asks him to drive slow. He says I have to come back to the school. She asks which school opens on a sunday. He asks is it Sunday. He recalls Vashma’s words. He goes to Iqbal’s house. Amrit runs on the road. Randhir has the diary. The diary falls down. Randhir stops the cart and goes to get the diary. Amrit and Randhir are in front of each other. Some protestors pass. Randhir picks the diary. He goes.

Uday says the ambience is happy one. Brij comes and throws the snacks. Uday gets shocked. Brij scolds Uday’s coach. Uday says my son won’t play hockey, just go away. Uday apologizes to the coach. Coach says I wish you were not born in this house, I m ashamed of your dad’s thinking. Uday gets sad. Brij stops him. Uday says I regret that you are my dad. Brij holds his face and says apologize to me. Uday says no. Bua smiles. Lala comes and looks on. Brij says everyone supports Uday now, I just had a wife, she loved me, she died while saving Uday, my hand got impaired because of him, he is still a problem for me, everything thinks I m wrong, I will leave this house. He goes away. Lala says he will come back in some time. Uday throws his hockey stick and sits crying. Vashma gets the hockey and turns to see him. She goes to him and asks him why did he throw it. He asks shall I hit it on my head, you do anything, don’t take its name again. She asks why, did you lose before making a goal. He says I don’t want to talk or argue. She says I will fight if you are wrong, you have no courage. He asks shall I show courage to dad. She encourages him. He says you always wanted to learn Kathak, did you fight to fulfill your dreams, this is your advice, my family has decided for my life. He goes. She cries.

Randhir looks for the address. Amrit looks for Randhir near the school. She prays that he comes soon. She asks about him. Randhir looks at the houses around. Vashma angrily dances in her room. Uday looks on. Abrar comes and says I told you not to do all this. She still dances. Abrar asks her to stop all this. He stops the music. Vashma plays the music again and dances. Uday looks on. Abrar breaks the music record. She still dances without the music. Abrar slaps her.

Iqbal comes and scolds Abrar for raising hand on Vashma. Abrar says I refused her to dance, she didn’t listen. Iqbal asks how can you slap her. Abrar says she is doing a sin, you are scolding me instead stopping her. Vashma says its just an art, I will do it, stop me if you can. Abrar says stay in your limits. Iqbal stops Abrar and supports Vashma. He says I don’t like your madness, if you don’t mend your ways, then very soon we may face a problem. Iqbal apologizes to Vashma and says do anything you want, I m always with you, nobody will stop you. She cries. Abrar and Iqbal leave. Uday comes to her.

Vashma says I was crossing the distance between lecturing and doing something. Uday says I didn’t see anyone like you. Vashma holds his hand and says promise me, you will never stop playing hockey. Randhir is still outside the house. Lala sees him. Bua collides with him. He asks her to be careful. Bua says I m going to get dupatta from Baig’s house. Lala asks since when is the cart driver standing outside. Bhanu says I don’t know. Amrit prays that she gets her diary, else Bau ji will know that she is Ranjhan.

Uday and Vashma sit talking. He says coach will not agree. She says you have to do a magic on coach’s younger sister Noora, please her, she will recommend you to the coach. He says I don’t know all that. She says I will teach you. The oil bottle falls. He falls back. She laughs. Bua passes by and hears her laughing. Vashma gives her hand and falls down. Bua goes to see. She looks inside the door. She sees Uday with Vashma. She says what shall I do. She locks the door from outside. She says now they will be inside until someone opens the door, whoever will open the door will say a lot. Randhir says its tough to find the diary owner. The diary falls again. He picks it. Amrit and Kiran come home. Lala asks Amrit did she get the book. She says yes. He asks her to go. Lala asks Bhanu to see if the cart driver has gone.

Bhanu goes out and sees Randhir. He says he is there and looking around. Lala suspects Randhir is spying on them. Bhanu says I will call the police. Lala says inform Iqbal, I will go and question that man. Randhir talks to the horse. Lala comes and asks why are you looking around our house. Amrit sees him and worries. She says he has my diary, Bua ji shouldn’t get that diary. Bua ji comes to tell Lala about Vashma and Uday. Iqbal and everyone come. Lala says we stay as brothers, Iqbal and Lala are same. Randhir says no, I came here to return the diary, two girls travelled in my cart. Bua ji says maybe its Vashma’s diary, we can find out his lie, right. Lala asks Iqbal to call Vashma. Vashma’s mum goes to call her.

Uday asks Vashma to stay there, he will go and open the door. He checks the door. He says its locked. She worried. Her mum comes to call her. Vashma hides Uday. She says Amrit would have locked the door, she is naughty. Her mum says a cart driver has come and got a diary, do you know about it. Vashma runs. Lala takes the diary to check. Amrit comes there in a burqa. She asks for it. Randhir says she was sitting in the cart, its her diary. Amrit worries. Lala looks at her and stops her. He asks why did he come here finding you. Amrit thinks if I speak up, then Bau ji will identify my voice.

Lala talks to his wife about Randhir and Amrit’s alliance. Brij marries a girl and brings her home. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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