Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update – Pushpadant is caught by Ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with some villagers are moving from the jungles while one of them sees a small storm coming towards him & understands there is some ghost & also sees some gold coins falling down & alerts other people to not to pick those coins due to some ghost is around but they pick coins & Pushpadant in ghost form scares them & they run away getting scared seeing his ghost form.
Ganesh thinks saying that how should we search Pushpadant while his aunty tells him that I’ll also come with you & Prabhu Mahadev says he is in Kashi & they both leave for Kashi.
Ganesh & his aunty arrive in Kashi while she asks him how do we search him now & he tells her he is in ghost form hence he might be in jungles & not in villagers crowd hence we have to go there.
They both are moving in the jungles & see one lady running towards some villagers to alert them to not to pick the gold coins which attract people by some ghost around & who might kill us hence they all run away & Ganesh tells aunty he is here only roaming & she tells Ganesh that if he sees me that his wife has come than he might come in front of us.
Pushpadant hears seeing both of them saying that why they have come to take me now as I am happy in this life & do not wish to go with Ganeshji & my wife while he also thinks that Ganeshji itself gave me solution but got punishment & thinks good about his wife who always boosted his morale.
Ganesh is calling him but he roams around without stopping near them while Ganesh changes his form in Gajanan Brahman to bluff him telling aunty to hide for some time. Ganesh moves & sees a Brahman fell down on the ground hence asks him what happened & narrates his story that he got selfish seeing gold coin & getting converted into more & more so he picked in a cloth taking it away but saw a ghost shouting from it hence got scared by trying to throw the cloth but wasn’t getting thrown due to his powers hence I hit my hand with the stick & it fell down but later the ghost followed me & I fell unconscious getting scared by him.
Ganesh plans the same trick to use & moves near Pushpadant while he thinks it’s simple Brahman so uses his same style to attract Ganesh also but Ganesh is playing with him to fool him as Pushpadant tries to throw gold coins in front of Ganesh but Ganesh itself uses his powers to convert it into stones & shows doing drama of getting fooled it seems but Pushpadant feels how come this is happening & he keeps doing the same thing again & again but at one time Ganesh uses his trick saying these jewellery are also stones but actually they aren’t so Pushpadant emerges telling Ganesh in Brahman form that these are actually gold hence why aren’t you picking it but Ganesh traps him saying I finally caught hold of you while he asks Ganesh who are you & Ganesh shows him his actual form telling him that I have come here to take you to Kailash but he instead tries to run away saying I won’t but Ganesh holds his shadow by his legs & ties him in the cloth taking him towards his wife. His wife tells him to let’s go now but he is refusing her too asking why have you come now & Ganesh tells him that Prabhu Mahadev itself has sent us to teach you knowledge of understanding & take you to him but he refuses saying why should I learn anything from you? While Prabhu Mahadev understands this.

Precap: Going ahead to hear the stories in Ganesh’s words of various achievements.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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