Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Veer tells Rani truth

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Scene 1
Rani says did you plan on leaving me? He gets nervous. Rani says why are you worried? I will arrange the clothes. Birju says he actually plans on leaving you here. Veer leaves. rani says can you tell me something? Is everything okay between you and him? She says yes. HE says why is he so bitter to you? Rani says it’s all good. It’s his nature. Get ready. He says do you love him? He says how did this wedding happen? She says don’t have time for it. Let’s get.

Veer is worried. He says I have tell Rani. Rani comes there. She gives him clothes. He says are you crying? She says these are my dad’s/ He wears them on festivals. Veer says how can I wear them. Rani says he really likes you. He would love it that you wore it. I will show your photo to him. He will smile. He picks it with respect. Rani says my heart knows he didn’t do that sin. Rani leaves. Veer says I am burdened under this love. I have to tell Rani truth.

Scene 2
Jai gets a call. It’s Champa. He says don’t call me. She says I wish you were here. I would keep getting my money. I want it now. Veer and Rani are gone to village. This is your good time to come back.

Veer gets ready. Rani comes in the room wearing red saree. Veer looks at her. He ties the dhoti. Rani laughs. He says you also don’t know how to wear saree. She says will you get there? WHat if it opens? HE says I don’t know. Rani says let me send someone. She looks for Pinku. No one is home. Rani says don’t worry. I can tie it. He says you.. I will manage. Rani says babu ji told me. WE are getting late. He says close your eyes. Rani says how will I tie? She ties his dhoti. He says I tied it better. Rani says I got nervous was so close. rani leaves.

Scene 3
Everyone prepares for the event. Dadi says where is he? Rani says he’s coming. I can’t handle this saree. She says you’re married now. Let’s start the ritual. Rani says why didn’t he come out? Veer comes. Dadi says he’s here. Everyone sings and welcomes him.

Dadi asks Rani to sit next to Veer. Ran prays. Veer says in heart I have never felt this bad for anyone. How do I tell her? DAdi does their arti, Pinku says let me take your photo. Dadi says make each other eat. Rani make Birju notices them. A woman says Rani is lucky. A servant’s daughter got married to the prince. Rani says everyone’s time comes. Birju says there’s something wrong. Birju says I will make the eat. They make them eat. Birju mixes something in the drink. He gives the drink to Veer. Veer says I am done. He says it’s Sattu. It’s part of the ritual. Everyone asks him.

Veer stands up and says what is all this? He says to Rani what is all this? I am so done. What is this drama? He throws the glass and leaves. Dadi says did he make any mistake? Let me apologize. People ask Rani what happened to him? What are you hiding? Rani drinks from the glass and coughs and says to Birju you mixed something in this drink. I know your game. Birju says I am sorry. I am just keep your respect otherwise I could say what’s between you and him. I will tell you. She says yo had no right to do all this. He says I can’t say all this. Birju says he is always on phone. He never talks to you. He’s a liar and a cheat. Rani it must be from his hospital. Rani leaves in anger. Dadi says you did so wrong. Everyone leaves.

Scene 3
Birju mixes something else in the other drink and says will find out at any cost. He comes to Veer. Rani comes in and sees the thandai’s glass. Birju says drink this you will feel better. Veer says I don’t know what are you talking about. He says leave it.. Veer says what? Birju says leave the anger. I got you thanai it heals the burns. Veer says leave me alone. He says Rani is mad at me. If you forgive me please take this. Veer takes the drink. Rani drinks the other glass outside.

Veer says it’s so good, why didn’t you give me before? Rani comes out and says time for drama. Dadi says don’t worry. People ask how is Veer? Rani says he’s fine. Rani starts dancing on the ground. Birju says she drank my glass. He tries to take her inside. Rani comes out again and dances. Birju dances with her. Pinku brings Veer our as well. He collieds with Rani. He starts dancing too. He sings chora ganga kinaray wala. Rani is shocked. Rani says I have never seen you dancing and close to me. He says our distance was increasing. Dadi cries. A woman asks why are you crying? She says happy tears. See they are so happy. Birju says we will find out what’s wrong.

Veer gets a call from Rajeshwari. Pinku says give it tome and you dance. He picks the phone and leaves the phone on side.

Scene 4
Rajeshwari says Kaira and Vikram are coming there. Music plays. She says what nonsense. Sanjay says you can speak to me. She says I am very angry. If I speak to you I might get angry. No one will see my pain but my loud voice. Where should I go scream where people can hear my pain? I feel the pain. 50 times a day when I see your son, people think he’s an orphan and he’s your illegitimate child. You see his pain not mine. You didn’t ask me for the wedding promise to tolerate your and a maid’s son. People see my anger. They don’t see the pain and reason. So Mr. Sanjay, the day you see my pain and not anger, you can ask me what’s wrong.

Rajmata hears all this. She’s shocked. Rajeshwari goes to the room and cries. She washes her face.

Scene 5
Rani looks at Ramo’s photo and says I miss you a lot. Veer comes. Rani says two Veers.. He says I am only one. She falls. Veer holds her. Rani says how am I floating? Did you give me an injection? Veer says I have to talk to you. I did all the rituals. She says you ruined. He says it was over then. Now please listen. Rani says yes.. Veer says I will leave you here. rani sa made me promise to leave you here forever. rani is shocked.

Episode ends.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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