Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Roli and Kuldeep to go to Pune

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Samaira says Roli which dress should I wear? Roli says why are you asking me? She says we are both girls. Roli says dadi and Phirki are also girls, ask them. Samaira says Biji which dress should I wear? Chandrani says where are you going? She says I will tell you, can’t hide anything from you. Samaira says Roli get ice cream from Phirki. Roli leaves. Samaira says your son said something when he was drunk. He said I love you, Sam. We are in love. Chandrani says were you also drunk? When he came home, he was speaking to me, his phone was on. There were only two names on his mouth, Shubhra, and Rishi. Samaira says after cutting the call, he said Sam I love you. He didn’t let me sleep. Chandrani says I know my son. Samaira says Kuldeep Biji thinks I was lying. Tell Biji you love me. Please. Say it in front of Biji. He says I am not comfortable. She says the whole world should know you love me. Kuldeep says I love you. Chandrani says Roli your mama is distributing love, go and get from him. Roli says papa do you love me? He says I love you the most. Chandrani says and me? He says I love you Biji. Chandrani says my son is distributing love today.

Samaira says where are we going for breakfast? She serves everyone breakfast. Chandrani says where are going? She says it’s our secret. We are going on a date. Chandrani says to come before 7. Kuldeep you’re taking Roli to Pune. Samaira says but why? She says you will take Roli to Pune on every weekend. You will meet Rishi. Roli will meet her mom. No one will miss anyone. Roli says wow. Chandrani says more rules, you will call Rishi every day at 7. Samaira says but I am booking for 7. Can’t he call at 6? Chandrani says if date more important than family time? Kuldeep says Biji if you said, I will call every day at 7. Samaira comes to Phirki. She says no one can change my plan. Phirki says she won’t let you win. Samaira says we need to send Roli to her mom. Phirki says she’s stubborn. Samaira says I know what to do with stubborn people.

Scene 2
Madhura tells Aaju Shubhra gave him meds. I have never seen Rishi this angry. He breaks his glass in anger. He says this is what happened when she married a useless man. He failed as a father too. I always kept my daughters happy. I made them my priority. That man is into his fun. Madhura says calm down, your BP will shoot. He says I don’t care. I will talk to the person who is responsible for this.

Rishi says aai please don’t go. What will you say in the society meeting? It was my mistake. She says when you won. I was always there to celebrate. I will stand with you in your mistake too. I know my Rishi can never get that angry. You defeated that angry Rishi. Shubhra says anger is a weakness, not a strength. What happened? Roshi says everyone teases me and says my papa ran away and Roli too. Shubhra says but you know they are not away from you. They will come to meet every weekend. He says for two days? All kids have their papa with them always. Why not my papa? He breaks things in anger. Madhura says you go to the meeting. I will handle him. Shubhra leaves in tears. She says I can’t cry today. I have to be strong for my son.

Scene 3
Aaju calls Chandrani. He says do you even know what your son has done to my grandchild? Chandrani says what happened? He says I don’t know what Shubhra saw in that lsoer. He has only given pain to my daughter and her kids. He is responsible for Rishi’s condition. Chandrani asks what happened? He tells her everything. She says we are in this pain together. He says not you, me, and my family. You are there with your son. I have been away from my daughter. Chandrani says Shubhra, Rishi, and Roli are my family. I am their sword. But if you’re away from your daughter for 12 years, only you’re responsible for it and your ego. I know my son’s fault. He says now you’re blaming it on me? He’s like you. She says kids make mistakes and elders have to show them the path. Are you with your child? Did you even more to her? I am with my son to show him the path. But Shubhra is alone there, Rishi is alone. Are you with them? If Chadha was there, he won’t leave them alone. You are Rishi’s grandfather, right? Can’t you be his strength? Think about it.

Samaira gets ready. She puts a piece of her dress in his dress. Samaira says no one can part us. The son tumahin apna banany ka junoon. She dances with the coat imagining it’s him. She imagines being close to him and dancing with him. She comes close to him. Phirki says didi what are you doing? She says I am in love.

Scene 4
Varsha and her son tell the committee how Rishi hit the kids. Shubhra says I already accepted his mistake. Why do we need all this? Varsha says everyone should know what happened. The committee head says we weren’t there so we need to know what happened? Shubhra says this is a one-sided story. No one asked what happened and why Rishi got so angry? The head says sit down, you will get your chance to speak. Radhika says he hit my son as well. Rishi was so nice, don’t know what happened to him. Shubhra says I heard enough. It’s about my son. Sanjana says to Varsha you can’t scare this fearless Shubhra.

Episode ends.

Precap-Samaira mixes something in Roli’s milk. She throws up. Shubhra says why am I so worried like Roli called me. Chandrani asks Phirki to call Kuldeep. Kuldeep is on a date with Samaira. He says where is my phone? Samaira says texts Phirki to give a message to Shubhra that Roli is sick.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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