Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Billu harasses Mahi

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Scene 1
Pappu calls someone and says Mahi is outside the house. This is the right time. Mahi will be out of our way and Jogi will be blamed. Mahi knocks on the door and says mummy..papa.. didi.. please open the door. I don’t know how it happened. Please open the door. Billu comes there. Mahi is scared. He says I have a place for you in my house. You’re still a virgin for me. Mahi says I am already worried, please go from here. Mahi cries and says mummy please open the door. He grasps her hand. Mahi says leave my hand. Mahi screams Akash.. Seema says enough. I don’t wanna hear your voice. Go from here. Billu pulls her. Mahi screams for help. She says to open the door. Pappu says no one is there to save her. Mahi screams open the door. Shalu plays music so Seema doesn’t have to hear Mahi’s voice. Mahi tries to shove Billu. He tries to kill her hand.

Jogi comes there. He throttles Billu. Jogi says how dare you.. Jogi shoves him, he runs. Jogi looks at Mahi. Jogi gives a chunri to Mahi. He holds her hand and takes her with him. Jogi says I married her. I promised her I will protect her and be there for her. Now dare to even look at her. Billu says Mahi is mine. He says things on the road belong to the one who finds her. Mahi is mine. Get lost. Jogi beats him. Billu takes out his knife. Mahi says mummy please help. No one can hear inside. Everyone is crying. Pappu says turn volume up so we don’t hear her at all. He says why isn’t Billu taking her away.

Jogi hits his head on the wall. He faints. Jogi says whoever tries to harm you, I will kill him. Billu gets up and tries to stab Jogi. Mahi says Jogi.. Jogi beats him. The music turns off. They hear beating noises. Dadu says Dharam look outside. Pappu says don’t open the door that’s shut. You know she has hurt everyone a lot. If you open it, all the shame will come inside. Seema says Mahi has no right to be with us. Dharampal says please listen.. Pappu says don’t worry.

Jogi says if you worry about me, at least trust me. This was the man who was sitting in Arjun’s place. He says to tell her the truth. Billu says he’s lying. He wanted to marry you so he kidnapped Arjun. I only came here because of what happened. Pappu takes Dharampal inside. Pappu opens the door. Shalu says carefully. Pappu says her husband and your SIL is here. Seema says what.. Pappu says don’t go out. You can’t see what’s happening outside. Pappu says they are holding hands. No shame. They are hugging each other. Seema cries. Pappu says it was their plan. She wasn’t fooled. Arjun was right. Your trust was wrong and your upbringing. Everyone is crying. They go to their rooms. Pappu asks Shalu to stay there.

Jogi beats Billu. Pappu says this Jogi.. they can’t stop helping each other. Jogi keeps beating Billu. Mahi says leave him. Mahi says stop it. He said what he had to. Jogi says he’s lying. Billu runs. Jogi says you don’t trust me.. Jogi runs after him. Mahi says leave him. Stop it. Mahi sits there crying. Jogi says please trust me. This man was lying. He was behind the sehra. Mahi stands up. Her chunri falls. Mahi says respect someone at least. You didn’t respect me or my family’s dignity. At least respect mata rani. How long will you lie? Stop with the fake swears. Why did you do this drama of friendship? He says drama? You trust that goon and not me? Mahi says you weren’t mine either. No one who cares for you fools you like this. You broke my trust. I considered you my friend but no one was stranger than you. For me, my family is everything. I can die for him. Because of you, they disowned me. You turned my family against me. And never dare to call me your wife. I don’t accept this marriage or this friendship.

Mahi runs. Jogi runs after her. A car is about to hit her. Jogi saves her. Jogi says are you crazy? Do you want to die? You are out of your mind. Mahi sits down crying. Jogi says Mahi.. Mahi says I don’t know what am I doing. What’s happening. I don’t know where am I going and where is life taking me. Jogi says life is taking you where you should go. Let’s go to your house. Your house is that we are married now. Let’s go to our home. Mahi shut up. Stop with this rubbish. I am not your wife and I won’t go anywhere with you. Jogi holds her and says don’t get me wrong. But I can’t leave you on this road. We are married. No one can deny this truth. You will have to accept this truth.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi says I never stepped back from being a responsible friend, I can’t step back from a husband’s responsibility. I have to protect my wife. He picks her and takes her to tabela. Biji puts kalash on the door. She says welcome in daughter. Rupa kicks it and says I don’t consider her this house’s DIL or Jogi’s wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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