Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu tries to distance with Baby for her safety

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 12th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby thinking of Babu in her room. Babu gets up in the lock up and looks out. They miss each other. Chadariya song plays……She reminisces their moments and hugs his shirt, and sleeps. Next morning, Baby makes kheer in the kitchen. Kaushalya prays to Tulsi plant and says she didn’t know that her babu will be in jail ever. She asks Tulsi God to free Babu. Jagannath asks Kaushalya to make food. Baby tells that she has made food for Babu and tells that the food will be like everyone’s love for him. Kaushalya says this food will be like poison for him and tells that she will make food for him. Baby asks her to taste it and shows the tiffin. Amma asks her to take papad for babu. Baby nods her head. Kaushalya goes inside. Baby comes to the PS and tells that she has brought food for babu. The constable asks her to sign. Akhilesh comes there and intentionally collides with Baby, to make tiffin fall down. The tiffin falls down and the kheer falls on the ground. Akhilesh asks why did she bring kheer for him, who teased a girl. He asks if she is getting angry and asks her to slap him, atleast she will touch him for the slap. Babu hears and gets angry. Akhilesh says he will get something for babu. Babu says I will not leave you Akhilesh. The Constable says your time will be over. Akhilesh asks her to meet babu and goes. Baby keeps back the tiffin boxes and goes to Babu. She gets tears in her eyes. Babu holds her hand. Baby says she will take him out anyhow and tells that Akhilesh made her kheer fallen down. Babu asks what is in the bag? Baby says just papad is left. Babu asks her to make him eat with her hand. Baby makes him eat papad. Babu eats it and asks her not to come and meet him again. He asks her to back off from this matter. Baby says that girl who trapped you is with Akhilesh. Babu asks her to go and blames her for landing in jail. He says you had brought that girl and asked me to fight in election. He blames her and asks her to hang him now. Baby asks do you think that it is my mistake? Babu hurts her and tells that he was alone with that girl. He asks her to go and leave him alone. He turns and cries. Baby recalls Babu caring for her, when she was going through similar pain. Baby cries and goes out.

Babu thinks of Akhilesh’s threat and gets worried for Babu’s safety. Baby comes out of the PS. Akhilesh offers to drop her home. Babu prays to God to keep baby safe from Akhilesh. Baby slaps Akhilesh and says I know very well, that you had blackmailed babu and made him say all that. She says if I don’t make you run in the village and apologize then my name is not Baby Baby Chaudhary. She challenges him and asks him to see her rowdy avatar. She walks away. Akhilesh calls someone and makes plan.

Pratap calls baby and asks her to leave her home and come back. Baby says my husband needs me the most now. Pratap asks him to make a new start. Baby asks with whom, I shall start afresh? with preet? She says she trusts Babu and don’t want to leave him. She says if he wants her to leave him, then don’t call her again. Lalu comes there and asks what to do? The little boy tells that Babu is like hanuman and will ruin the enemy’s lanka. Baby tells that she needs their help and asks them to enquire about the girl. She says my aim will not lose this time. Later the boy comes and tells that they can free babu. Kaushalya hears them. Baby says she has a plan to get Babu freed. Kaushalya warns her and says she is giving her last chance. She says if Babu gets hurt then you have to do repentance and shall leave from home and this village. Baby agrees. Sukanya hears her.

Precap: Akhilesh plans to do something. Baby tries to catch the girl who framed babu. The girl falls and faints. Akhilesh accuses her of attempt to murder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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