Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Anisha reveals Amla’s Address to Dev

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karuna tells Abeer that guilty will be punished. She will take Amla to police station and file new complaint. They see Amla hearing them. Doctor checks Evan and says he is lucky, bullet just touched him. Hema says how did that driver do this. Evan asks her to chill and says he is happy that he fired the bullet. He says you have no idea what you have given me. Dev thinks what did I do? Maliks will not leave me, he says they have ruined Amla and my life. He sees Constable coming towards him and gets shocked. Constables goes past him. Dev thinks to search some place to hide.

Karuna comes to Amla and asks her to get ready as they are going to Police station now. Amla is silent. Karuna asks her not to worry and says I am with you. Mando asks them to get their names written in the crematorium ground. Karuna says Maliks can’t do anything. Mando says Abeer has the wound showing their power. Karuna says they will be punished for it too. Amla refuses to go to Police station and says why police will accept my words. She says she stood silence for Dev and Dev is now working with them. She says what I will tell that the man I had trusted have cut my hands, and the other man whom I have hated got married to me. She don’t have the strength. Mando says I know why Amla don’t want to file complaint, for Abeer. She says Amla loves Abeer and don’t want her husband to go to jail. Karuna looks on. Abeer comes to her and says he wanted to take Amla far from her past life, Dev and everything, but they all stood infront of her.

Dev knocks at Anisha’s house. Anisha thinks who he can be? She sees Dev standing. Dev comes inside and locks the door. Anisha asks what happened? Dev says he shot the gun at Evan Malik. Anisha is shocked. Dev is scared. Anisha says your boss. Dev says I didn’t shoot. I was angry and couldn’t control knowing what he did with Amla. Anisha asks what he did with Amla. Dev tells everything. Anisha is shocked. Dev is shattered and says they had……I wish she would have told me. Anisha says what she would have told you. That incident was horrible for her, she is broken…you can’t understand how she is feeling, and says soul gets died along with body. Dev says I want to meet Amla and apologize to her. He says he will make everything fine and thinks how to search her. Anisha looks on.

Rishan talks to Raunaq and says let Evan rest in hospital. He says they will handle Dev. He then scolds Viren for keeping Dev with them and says you just knows argument, you couldn’t stop Amla and Abeer. He says Dev aimed at us. Viren says it would have been good if Evan had died. Rishan says unfortunately we were not writing the script. He says Bablu Singh might be coming. Bablu Singh comes there with Inspector. Viren asks him to handle Dev and gives his pic. Inspector says your work will be done. Dev says I want to meet Amla. Anisha says I know where is Amla? Dev is shocked and recalls seeing Amla’s clothes in her house. He says those clothes was of Amla. You knew where is she, but you didn’t tell me. You brought her here and asks her to say. Anisha nods.

Dev says I am searching her since months and you have seen me yearning for her. He says I thought of you as my friend and shared my pain with you. He asks why did you betray me. Anisha says because you were misunderstanding Amla, and don’t want to listen to truth, you got blinded. I didn’t want you to burn yourself in revenge fire and that’s why I didn’t tell you. He says don’t know who will be killed, Amla, Abeer…..Dev gets angry hearing Abeer’s name and says this all happened because of him. If he was not unconscious then he would have done same thing. Amla sees dupatta flying in air tied to the pole. She looks on.

Dev comes to meet Amla. Amla looks at him with many questions in her eyes.

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  1. Aleya.marzan

    ohho like this epi . all misunderstanding r clear now. i’m pretty sure in abeer was in conscious he wouldn’t have raped amla as he tried his level best in that situation to stop them. when evan pushed him he got unconscious .

    dev plzzzzzzz dont interfere in there life. soo hardly they were having a good bonding . soo plzzz go away after seeking amla’s forgiveness. but as per story he would try to ruin their lives after the rejection of amla

    eagerly waiting………………………………………………..


    Boring episode..????

  3. Too boring episode? ….why the cvs is lenghthening the episode ?

  4. What’s wrong with this Dev…..he still blame Abeer???
    Dev plss go back to your pind??
    Don’t interfere in ambeer life

    1. Aleya.marzan

      Yess indeed. Just a cry baby he is ??????????? Annie is perfect for him. As per fatmagul he will marry annie. He left amla asshe was raped ,she didn’t have any fault in that. Now will marry annie who is a professional call girl. Dev deserves worst then this . hate u dev frmthe bottom of my heart.n for devs kind information abeer wouldn’t do that as he tried best to save amla in that state too ??

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think Dev should leave Amla alone … stay with Annie, please …
    Abeer was true to Amla and should remain her husband ? Karuna is their support and should stay with them … Raghu should take his son and leave Mando ?

  6. dev z de real victim.he really needs a second chance…ofc he deserves a better grl ,nt amla not Amie,he z too
    innocent ,gd at heart,easily influenced r manpltd by others…y cnnt she forgot hm whn she does frgv abeer,hr brother nd her nagging distribution in law….I couldn’t c any expressen in phankuri eyes like ma said in precap ?? ..kkhhavit

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