Loving you was a mistake Chapter 21

Chapter 21: First night!

Heya Twistinians I’m back with this one, this will be about their crazy, but not hot first night?????

This chapter is dedicated to you L_i_y_a only to make you happy again?

Everyone has accepted the fate that ShiVika got married, except for Shivaay, he was hell angry at Anika for no reason, all his brothers tried to make him realize that he always loved Anika.

The scene in ShivIka’s room
Anika was dancing on different songs, so the beat of Shape of you was playing, then Love me like you do, AM, Sun saathiya, Tum hi ho, Kuch to hai tujhse Raabta, Tera hone laga hoon, Main hoon hero tera and Tu jaane na. Shivaay came into his room, was shocked to see his room messy, Anika wearing shorts while she was dancing crazily and he shouted: “Fhat the wuck!” “Oh, hi Billu ji!” “What did you do to my room!” Shivaay cried like a child. “Hahah cry baby senior!” “Don’t call me a cry baby Anu wrestler!” “Grow up Mr. Tadibaaz Singh Oberoi!”
“Grow up Mrs. Tadibaaz Singh Oberoi!” He unknowingly said, he has accepted her by heart but not by the mind. “Good night billu ji!” Anika said, because she was tired, then she yawned and then she slept. “Good night Paanika!” “Hey don’t ruin my name!” She said fake angrilly. “Okay, I’m sorry!” He smillingly said. “It’s okay Shivaay baby!” “Fhat the wuck!”
End of their scene

Meanwhile PriVeer’s scene
“I love you Ranveer!” “I love you too Prinku!” “Finally we are married!” He happily said and she nodded agreeingly. They talked, romanced and fought for a while. Soon Priyanka went to the bathroom to change her clothes, after she came out both said goodnight and slept in eachother embrace.
End of their scene

SwaLak’s scene
“Swara are happy about the fact that we got married?” “Yes, I am!” “I just miss mom and dad a lot!” She said. “It’s okay mom and dad love you more than me!” Laksh said after he pouted. “Aww my poor baby!” She said, while pulling his cheek, but she didn’t know what will happen next. He took a pillow and hit her slightly. She took another pillow and threw it at him, he luckilly survived the pillow, but vase didn’t. They both started to laugh, until ShekJan came and saw the mess that they have created. “What’s this?” Janki asked SwaLak and they answered back: “nothing!” “Clean up the mess please!” Janki said. “Then go to bed kiddo’s and no funny business!” Shekher said, while he winked at them, making them blush and causing Janki to punch him. “Oww for what was that lady dayaan?” “Because you’re getting older and naughtier!” Janki replied back. Then rhey went and SwaLak started clean up their room and after that they slept.
End of their scene

NiMaal’s scene
“I ask myself why did I marry you?” Nidhi angrilly said and he looked at her, like she has murdered his heart. “Because you love me!” He said smillingly and she looked at him like he had fallen on his head, when he was a baby. “Hmmpf!” “Baby I’m sorry for calling you a kalli chudhail!” “I hate you Mr. Monkey!” “But I love you Mrs. Monkey!” “Okay fine I will forgive you, but you have to take me out for dinner right now!” “Do you what the time it is right now?” He asked her, hoping that she will say okay leave it. “Quater past 1 am.” Yep and it’s dangerous at night!” “I don’t care!” She said, he had given up in talking sense into her and they went out to eat Gol gappe. Then they went home and he had to carry her, because she had fallen asleep in his shoulder. He laid her down and he fell asleep too.
End of their scene

RuMya’s scene
These two were fighting like kids and they had woken up Sam, who angrilly knocked at the door of their room. “Why the heck are you both fighting at 3 o’clock at night!” “Sorry, but your sister started!” “No, cry baby started to fight!” “I don’t care who started it, but please don’t try to ruin other people’s first night!” “So you and my brother started to romance eachother?” “No shut up Rudy jeeju, we were watching a movie!” “Oho!” She then went after she pushed Rumya closer, their noses were touching and they had an intense eyelook.
End of their scene

Meanwhile with RoCky and DakLana’s scene
They were watching a horror movie while cuddling with their respective partners. The guys were more scared then the girls, the girls got scared at one of the scenes, then they had an idea to torture Mrs. Kapoor and Sonia. They went to the Kapoor mansion, then they made creapy sounds, so that they  could her them scream, then these four happily went home and slept.
End of their scene

DushTia’s scene
“Dush, I’m scared I hope that Shivaay forgives us!” Tia stressfully said. “Tiyu, don’t stress yourself it’s not healthy for our baby and I know that he will forgive us someday, when he will accept his feelings for Ani!” “Yeah, I’m eagerly waiting for that day!” Tia smillingly said. They both were tired, so they slept.
End of their scene

ArSam’s scene
“So my dear wife, what do you want to do?” He romatically asked her and Sam replied back: “let’s watch a movie!” “What kind of a movie?” “Harry Potter!” “Great choice, I love Harry potter movies!” The both of them were watching the sixth movie, they were nearly at the end, but then they heard RuMya, She went to them, told them off and came back again. They watched the last two parts as well and then they slept hugging eachother.
End of their scene

At last but not at least IshKara’s scene
Ishana was waiting for her Zulfi Singh Oberoi, so that she can prank him. He came in, was shocked and shouted: “You!”
Not the end of their scene

Why was Om shocked?

Why did he shout: “you?”

The answers of these questions will be answered soon, until next time keep loving Loving you was a mistake!

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