Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Boy fails Radhika’s plan against Aastha

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Radhika bringing diyas and keeps near Aastha. Aastha sees it and gets scared. Radhika says she is keeping diya in all rooms. Aastha says she is applying chandan so that her hands look beautiful. Radhika says she wants her to win and that’s why ordered something. She says Shiv will ask her not to keep her feet on floor. Aastha asks what did you order? Radhika asks her to go and check. Lakshmi sees everyone trying to beautify their feet and hands. Aastha comes out and sees fish tank. She thinks she shall thank Radhika. Gurumaa asks Radhika what she is doing? Radhika says she will cut her nails, and asks her to sit. She tells her that the fish pedicure which she ordered have the fish who eats skin. Guru maa smirks. Radhika says now fish will do what she can’t do. Janki says so many fishes. Radhika says this is fish pedicure. Runjhun says fish cleans dirt of the feet.

Boy sees Radhika bringing big bowl in the room and then bringing that fish who eats skin and says this fish will eat Aastha’s feet. Boy hears her and gets shocked. Radhika puts the harmful fish and is about to go. Aastha comes and thanks her. Radhika says friends are there to help each other. Aastha asks why did you bring it here, Janki, Jaya and Runjhun would have also done fish pedicure.

Radhika says they are busy and asks her to put foot in it. Aastha asks Radhika to bring her towel from cupboard. Radhika says ok. Boy signs Aastha not to keep her foot in the water. Jaya asks Janki to see her mehendi. Janki says it is good. Nand Lal checks her mehendi and says bad smell is coming. Servant comes and brings belan. Janki says it is prize for today’s competition. Jaya shows him mehendi. Servant says it is not mehendi, but cow dung. Janki laughs. Jaya says I will not give you. Radhika brings towel and asks Aastha to put her foot in it. Aastha keeps the foot in the fish water. Boy pushes toy rat near Radhika. She gets scared and jumps pushing the fish tank down. Aastha asks what did you do and picks all fishes and keeps in the tank and also add water. Radhika asks her to put her foot inside now. Aastha refuses saying fish are scared as of now, she will keep her foot later. Radhika nods angrily.

Janki says she will only win. Jaya tells Janki that she washed her hands and it is sparkling like silk, and says she will dance on a special song. Guru maa gives jewellery to Radhika and says it is for you. She asks her to get ready. Radhika says that competition is for bahus. Guru maa says I know, but when no bahu wins, then someone have to come infront. She says today Lakshmi will see you as winner. Janki’s mehendi gets ruined because of Jaya. Janki shouts. Jaya says you will not win now. Runjhun comes and laughs, says she will win in the competition. She takes out rose petals from her hands and sees her hands and feet shrinked. She thinks how I will win now.

Balwan comes to Aastha and says competition arrangements is done. He wishes her to win and asks why she didn’t apply nail paint or wear ring. Aaastha says there is a beauty in simplicity. Balwan says in college, Shiv used to like girls having nail polish. Shiv says it is an old thing. Aastha looks at Shiv and applies nail paint on her hand. Boy sneezes. Shiv is about to check under the bed. Aastha panics.

Later Aastha asks boy why did he come out. Shiv sees him. Lakshmi asks Aastha to do something good before the visarjan to get place in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    i like the fact that the boy is stopping aastha from trouble!!!
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