Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abeer and Amla are Attacked, Evan tries to Molest Amla

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dev watches the news and comes to know that Suveer and Mahi’s marriage is stopped and cancelled at the last moment because of the girl. Reporter says what that girl said to Mahi which forced her to stop the marriage and slapped Suveer. They show CCTV footage of Amla and Abeer, but Dev couldn’t recognized amla as the footage was blurred. He thinks who is this girl and why the marriage stopped and thinks to find out tomorrow. He thinks that’s why Viren was tensed.

Abeer is sitting outside the house while Amla is inside. They hear dog barking. Abeer gets up and looks on. He sits back. Amla comes to him and smiles. He asks her to take rest. She says she is feeling light and unburdened. Abeer says today you have showed a lot of courage. Amla says you gave me strength and didn’t let me back off. She says you didn’t get scared and thought about me. I always hate you, you trusted me, stood by me, protected me, gave me strength, taught me to live, showed new hope, supported me and for all this, I want to thank you…She says thank you Abeer. Abeer gets emotional hearing those words from her. He says I didn’t give you a chance to trust me, and says it was necessary, may be you think of this as my penance. He says go and sleep, we have to fight long. Amla says you have taken rod now and asks are you scared?

Abeer says not for me, but gets scared for you. He says you have insulted them infront of everyone, they will attack us, let them come, I have promise that I will not let anything happen to you and will give my life if need be. Amla holds his hand and says now I am not scared of them. Music plays…Abeer thinks don’t get scared, nothing will happen to you till I am here, I won’t let them touch you. Amla says she read somewhere that hope is more powerful than fear, and says she never thought that she will face the truth, fight back and slapped them, but today she did. It seems like she has moved to a new life. Abeer asks her to continue walking like this and asks her to sleep. Amla asks why not you? She asks him to sleep. Abeer tells her that those people are evil and will not back off. He says ok, I will also go. They are about to go, when they hear dog barking again. Amla says may be there is some cat there.

Karuna calls Abeer. Abeer asks about them. Karuna says they are fine. Abeer asks when they are coming. Karuna says they will come in the morning and asks about Amla. Abeer says fine. Karuna says Mando have sold the house, but I haven’t sell the house. She ends the call. Abeer tells Amla that Maaso is coming tomorrow. Amla says good, and says Mannu will make the house lively and thought to make samosa and jalebi, both. She says if Raghu and Mando comes to know about this then…Abeer asks her to be quiet, not to tell anyone. They are about to go inside when Bablu Singh and his goons come. Abeer makes Amla go inside, and tries to close the door, but Bablu Singh’s goons take Amla out. Abeer hits Bablu Singh and he falls down. Goons are taking Amla with them. Abeer beats the goons. Amla tries to stop the goon. Bablu Singh pushes Amla and she falls on Evan.

Evan stares her. Abeer is shocked. Evan asks goons to leave Abeer and says he is my childhood friend. Amla runs and stands behind Abeer. Evan asks how are you my bro..and says Namaste bhabhi ji. He says you didn’t talk to me at marriage function so I thought to come and talk here. Abeer asks him to leave. Evan says I came to meet just like that, to you and Amla Bhabhi. He says we met her together. He calls her Bhabhi and asks did you remember that night. Amla is scared thinking about that night.

Evan says black night, amavas and laughs. He says did you forget, shall I make you remember. He says when we gave money to Abeer to marry you, we didn’t know that you both will get so much closer, and says you shall thank us. He asks Abeer you have left childhood friends and taking side of forced wife. He says you have became a big man and asks where did his manhood go when he drunk and was on side, couldn’t save Bhabhi that night. Abeer recalls the trauma. Evan says if you was in consciousness then you would have done same thing which we had done with her.

Amla realizes that Abeer didn’t do anything that night. Abeer asks him to shut up. Evan says chicken and says we could never know as you have a habit to have the left over thing by us. Abeer says he can’t forget that mistake on that night even after 7 births, but you can’t understand being devil and scoundrel. He says your kind of guy don’t know penance, your kind of guy learn evil thing before the birth too. Evan slaps him. Abeer asks Amla to run from there. Evan pushes Abeer and run to Amla. Goons hold Abeer. Abeer beats the goons. Evan pushes Amla and takes her dupatta. He wears on his neck. Amla recalls her rape incident. Bablu Singh and his men beat Abeer. Amla tries to run. Evan holds her and makes her lie down on bed. He then ties her mouth. Amla resists and tries to fight back.

Amla comes to injured Abeer and helps him get up and take him inside. She then cleans his wounds.

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  1. Aleya.marzan

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn

    i’ll die with this then. haha
    i cant see ambeer pain.

    1. I Hope nd pray u will.atleast one ambeer obssor less

  2. Rehmat

    i hope this time abeer save amla ambeer bonding soòoooooooooo cute thank god now amla knows that abeer is innocent

  3. Now that I have read this, need not watch today, as it has no interesting thing to watch.

  4. hey plz not again. she Needs to fight now

    1. Ofcourse she does,u too join ??


    1. I can't stop my laugh when Dev didn't recognise Amla ???????????

    2. Abeer acts so protective towards amla and even motivating person..

    3. Amla and Abeer smile ???? ufffffffff ???????

    4. Only I regret about one thing that Amla should have spoken truth infront of everyone and with all names..

    5. Though Mahi helped Amla and Abeer to reach home with guards but she should have asked guards to stay till they are safe.. ????????

    6. Even if we abuse evan's charachter is shame for abusing words.. he is sooooooooooo ?????????????????????

    7. I wish amla stay safe this time???? and she get courage and beat evan

    8. Precap is speechless – amla curing abeer wounds..??????

  6. I don’t like toady episode because why evil aleways win they should get punishment but they are free why I don’t like Hindi serial the story is always negegitve that is why they always shutt down for no reason but channel should abeer and amla not with this beast if it like that I not gonna watch serial still disgusting please put them in jail

  7. Candiva007

    I wonder how Amla gets away from Evan. I hope he didn’t rape her again. This guy is the ring leader and needs to get him “manhood” chopped off!

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      haha ?

  8. ronnie Joseph

    This show glorify rape. It teaches men in India that it’s ok to rape.

  9. no cvs, not again……… switched off the tv the moment evan tried to molest amla again………he’s such a cheapster(i just hate evan’s mom, instead of stopping evan, she is infact encouraging evan to get more & more evil…for me, she is more a devil than evan)…………

  10. So as usual evil wins…

  11. This discussion seems good without those hate speakers..!! GOD,what they want..!!!
    If they want to oppose the show they should go to CVs house or producers or directors and do some stupidity like hunger strikes or something..!!! Why after every episode the came here and like a Crybaby starts crying..!!!!
    Apna dukhda Kahi aur jaake sunao,Fatmagul yeh woh aare yaar,fatmagul nahi dekhna humein..Hum KQHAK se boht Khush hai..!! We want to see Ambeer only,not others..

    1. Where are those hate speakers today….wasnt the episode good enough for their standards….i used to visit here but stopped because of them.

      I don’t like any show on Indian TV….i just watch KQHAK but I don’t go to pages of other shows and write negative and hateful things.

      I have seen Fatmagul and loved it.
      Now I am watching KQHAK…and loving it.

    2. Don’t know abt others,bt don’t worry I m here.i promise you i never disappoint u all .ambeer obssors r my greatest enemies ??

  12. No no no noooooooooo plz save amla this time she need to fight plz she have to fight even plz and plz don’t allow even win this time she have to remember what abeer told her

  13. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Not so … Evan is not foolish enough to rape again, as Suveer is the one under current scrutiny … Amla probably just received a warning to keep quiet ? or else ? … hating Evan’s negative role ? … sad tho to see my hero crushed by those inhumane goons ? but not to worry, seems as tho Amla will take care of him ?

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      hoping at some point in time, that Manvender steps in to help them ?

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