Looking at you makes me feel you (Part-3)

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It is in the morning and Gauri is doing her pooja. Om is looking at her secretly with a smile on his face. (How sweet he looks  ) He thinks how can a person do any wrong thing who is devoted to God this much. (Good he is gaining his thinking capacity in his mind  since it was a zero earlier) Gauri has put her wet long hair to one side of her shoulder with closed eyes. Om got heavenly feeling and wanted to take and run to a place where no one can see them and spend time on her lap looking at her beautiful face. He hits his head gently and said “Am I going crazy on her ….. What is this girl doing to me…. I have become a secret admirer of her…..” Om wanted to go and hear what Gauri is asking from her Sankar ji……. He slowly walks to that way and hide behind the nearest curtain to her. He could merely hear her. “Hey Sankar ji…. Please do not give any hurt to Omkara Ji or his family. Please protect them always. Please give your blessing to Omkara Ji enable him to fulfill his dreams…. I am here only for sake of his family. If he does not wish to see my face please show me a way to go far away from them…” Om got much hurt deep in his heart and feels that he is losing his balance to stand straight. He tried to move away and mistakenly walked on the curtain and it falls on him and Gauri. He was scared that Gauri will fall because of this sudden accident and jumped to hold her. They have an eye look and lost in each other’s eyes. Gauri couldn’t understand what happened and looked with widen eyes like asking why. He shows the curtain on their head from his eyes giving her the explanation.
Gauri: Thank you Omkara ji….
Om: I am sorry Gauri….
Gauri: Why you say sorry Omkara ji…. You tried to save me from falling because of this curtain…..
Om thinking…. Oh god… she is so innocent….
Om: mmm ha ha……. I said sorry because I though it hurts your hand when I hold you suddenly. I am in a hurry to go out… I am going…

Om tries to leave with an embarrass smile on his face thinking what he has done secretly. But he wants to hear “where are you going Omkara ji” from her….. He looked at her face and sign from his eyes that he is leaving again. She also gives him an ok sign from her eyes.
As soon as he came out of the hall he calls someone. He is listening to the person other side and can see a serious and sad look in his face. He replied.. “you try to find the person who I tried to meet that day… As soon as you meet him please let me know…. So far the information we got is true and clear that my imagination has made the scene upside down…. Intact I was totally wrong naa……”
Om thinks I am sorry Gauri. I did wrong with you. I am unable to ask you an apology. I have a fear of trying to rectify my mistake too… That is also with the fear of losing you. He goes back to the mansion. Om looks for Gauri… Dadi and Anika babi are coming down the stairs. He is hesitant to ask them and try to go up avoiding talk with them with a smile as they were having a serious discussion about Ragini….
Dadi: why beta… are you looking for something…..

Om: no dadi…. I was going out and forgot to get my wallet…. I will come soon…
Dadi and Anika saw that he had his wallet in his pant pocket and he was lying. They show each other by eyes and smile.
Dadi: ok beta… go and find…..
Om searched her everywhere and couldn’t find her and got little panic. He goes down hurriedly thinking that I have no choice other than asking from Dadi and Anika bhabhi.
Om: Dadi did you see Gauri…. I think she has kept my wallet somewhere. I can’t find it so want to ask her… (he thinks how I managed to tell lies now)
Dadi: (with a smile knowing the real reason) haa beta I sent her out to get some pooja items……. She is the one who knows that better than anyone in this mansion….. poor girl she has only Sankar ji in her life to tell her heart out……..so she is expert in pooja things…. Luckily she has that belief… otherwise she could have gone mad with what she was going through in her life so far….
Om: (thinks why dadi I am there for her…. she is not alone…. Only problem is she is not willing to talk to me…. And also how can she go without noticing to my sight… I was also at the entrance…) and asked where?
Dadi: to the shop nearest to the mandir close to our mansion……
Om: Dadi I am getting late… I am leaving…..

Dadi knew that he will go running to search the shop where she has gone…. Om left the mansion hurriedly and drove slowly searching her on the road…. Om thinks.. she is so fast in walking than a vehicle…. Smiles thinking about her….. When he reach near the mandir he saw from far a girl going with a beautiful yellow color kurthi. Her shawl is flying high in the air while she is going forward….. her long earrings are moving here and there like dancing. He gets down the car and followed her. His eyes are only on her and he jumped in to a man unknowingly and got scold.
Gauri felt bad to hear scolding in mandir area and looked back to see who is blasting in a place like this… Om senses that Gauri will turn back so he covered to another person near him… Gauri turn back and tells the person behave well and mind his tongue in mandir area. Anyone can do mistakes. Om thinks how good she is. She is ready to fight for anyone with no expectations. She finishes buying most of the things and stopped near a flower garland shop. When she stand in front of the shop she looks like heavenly down angel. Om could not take eyes out…. she looks sooo pretty with full of marigold flower garlands around which blends with her dress color….. anyone who see her now will not hesitate to look back again and again. Om feels greedy to go and take her hand. Om is just near her now and she can’t see her because of the garlands hanging.

The owner of the shop is a young handsome boy and Om sees that the boy is staring at Gauri. The shop owner asked what do you want madam with a pleasant smile. Gauri also smile and said “I want good garlands. I am selecting”. Om sees the boy is still staring at her and enjoying her smile and talks. Shop boy asked Gauri from where she has come here as he hasn’t seen her before. He couldn’t bear this anymore and jumped to Gauri and put his hand around her waist and looked in to her eyes.
Om: honey are you finish buying? I just came to see why you are so late…
Gauri is dead shocked and jaw dropped. Widen eyes. She felt uncomfortable the way Om is holding her among crowd. She tries to move little. But Om starts pulling her to his side more and selects garland with her. He gets few garlands to his hand and ask Gauri she likes these.
Gauri: no Omkara ji. These are for a special pooja which Dadi is going to give it to a friend. I will select the good ones.

Om: no need to waste lot of time here Gauri… If you want I will buy you the whole shop. Come let’s go. It’s getting late. He tells lies that Dadi send him to bring the stuff as Dadi’s friend has sent a person to collect the goods.
(Om thinks… I am very smart in telling lies now… don’t know how I got these tips to make stories from her saying. Smiled like he won something)
Gauri believes his lies and turned to the shop owner to give the selected garlands. Shop person asked Gauri whether this is her brother… She replied him as “no” and didn’t go any further clarification though Om wants to hear from her that he is her husband. He got sad….
While she is giving the garlands to shop person for packing the boy touched her hands mistakenly and said sorry. Om is burning in jealousy and scolds the boy to have manners to do the business with respect to the ladies as the customers are feeling uncomfortable with this kind of mistakes.
Gauri was shocked to hear these words from Om. She thinks how he gives advises to others without having such habit of respecting to his wife even. But she didn’t show it. Also she feels that he is jealous of that boy who tries be friendly with her.

Om tries to take few bags from her hand.
Gauri: no Omkara ji you are not used to do these things. I can manage.
He gave her a deadly look and pulled few bags from her and said” I also can carry few bags. No need to be get used to do that.”
They go near the car. Gauri stops.
Om: why Gauri?
Gauri: Omkara ji… if Dadi is getting late you can take the bags and go. I will come by myself. I know you came here may be because you can’t say no to Dadi. I know you don’t like to go with me. So there is no problem. You can tell dadi that I had few more things to do. So dadi will not think bad about you.
Om feels so hurt… but doesn’t show it. He opened the car and put all the bags inside. Then he pulled from Gauri’s hand hold her tightly and put his finger on her lips and said “don’t ever say that to me again”. Gauri looked in to his eyes. It looks like he is pleading her. She shivered with the unbearable look in his eyes.

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