Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Aastha saves Shiv, Lakshmi gives Teej dress to her

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee 24th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Lakshmi seeing the swing about to hit Shiv, just as he turns. She shouts Shiv. Aastha comes and saves him at right time. Shiv falls over her. Shiv and Parvati’s idol falls, Aastha holds it too. They get up. Lakshmi asks are you fine? Shiv says yes. Govind asks Aastha if you are fine. Aastha says she is fine. Balwan says you pulled Bhai at right time. Gurumaa pretends to thank Goddess Durga. Govind says Maa Durga saved us everytime with someone’s help and this angel is this. Gurumaa is irked and looks at Radhika. Govind says mata rani is giving us a message. Guru maa asks what? Govind says today is Teej, and says teej fast is kept for husband’s long life and today Aastha have saved Shiv’s life without keeping the fast. She has increased his life and have done something which even women who fast can’t do. He says that’s why I think those Teej clothes is deserved by Aastha. He asks Radhika to return the clothes and says it is for bahu, and asks her not to feel bad.

Guru maa says it is not right to give gift and then ask. Lakshmi says we will give some other clothes to Radhika and says those clothes were deserved by Aastha. Today she has fulfilled the fast by saving his life. Jaya says she already had food and says how she deserves the saree. Shiv says Aastha have kept the fast, and haven’t drink even water. Jaya says she saw her having food. Shiv says he brought that food. Jaya asks about the food on her face. Aastha says she was packing food for poor kids, and may be something have stuck on her face. Balwan says Bhabhi have kept fast. Govind asks Radhika to bring the clothes. Radhika says she thinks Aastha deserves those clothes and that’s why not kept in her room. Govind asks lakshmi to do the rasam. Lakshmi gives clothes to Aastha saying you have earned this, and says I hope you will realize its importance. Radhika gets sad. Govind backs her.

Aastha wears the clothes given by Lakshmi and finds difficult to pin her pallu. Shiv comes to room….Jaaniya music plays…He asks what happened to your hand. Aastha says nothing. He touches her hand and she feels pain. He says you got hurt while saving me. Aastha says I am alright. Shiv says but I wouldn’t have been fine if you had not saved me, may be I would have….she keeps her finger on his mouth. She gets close to him by mistake. She still feels pain. Shiv says I will apply medicine. Radhika gets angry and is about to burn the saree which Lakshmi gave as replacement. Gurumaa comes and stops her. Radhika says I want my rights back. Shiv applies ointment on her hand. She thanks him. Aastha thinks how to drape the dress. He closes the door and offers help. Aastha says you don’t know this. Shiv asks if you have another option. Radhika says Aastha saved Shiv. Gurumaa says it was by chance, sanjog.

Radhika says I hate that word and says why don’t I get any chance, and says nothing will happen to her without chance. Gurumaa asks her not to get angry. Radhika asks her to leave her alone. Gurumaa says we will talk later and goes. Radhika thinks talks were enough, now I will do whatever I think is right, I can’t let the chance go from my hand to get Shiv, Aastha will leave from the house this time. Shiv pins the dupatta. Aastha says done. Shiv says I have done and says superb. He gives hi five to her. He thanks her for keeping Teej fast. Aastha says she fast to support the women of the house. Shiv gets sad and says you didn’t keep fast for me. Aastha looks on.

Bhagyashee touches Ashok’s feet and says I am your wife, and will do your puja. Ashok stops her and asks are you mad? Or do you think that I am mad. He says I know what is going on in your mind. Bhagyashree says she is doing puja. Ashok says do you think that I will let you do puja and says our marriage is forced one. Gayatri comes there and asks why they are staring her. Bhagyashree looks on.

Radhika comes and compliment Aastha saying she is looking good in that dress. Aastha thanks her. Radhika opens kerosene oil and pours around her. Aastha is shocked and tries to go. Radhika makes her stand in the circle and throws match stick on it. Aastha is shocked seeing fire around her and calls Shiv and Papa. Radhika smirks.

Lakshmi tells Aastha that even Ganesh ji will not save you then who will save you Aastha. A boy is seen coming out of box who seems to be avatar of God.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. the same thing that happened in choti bahu they tried to burn radhika during karva chauth and dev saved her now they are doing the same story line or am I wrong?

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