Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Bulbul overhears the would-be wife of vihaan, talking to someone on the phone, as to how she’s marrying vihaan just for the sake of his money and reputation, and societal status. She hears her talking very carssly about vihaan, as to how she’s just using him, and that she doesnt really love him. Bulbul is upset to hear this, and this girl’s . She thinks that she would have to stoip vihaan, but then thinks that vihaan would misinterpret, and thinks that she would have to tell someone else, and wonders who.

Scene 2:
Location: Mona’s residence and jatin’s residence.
Mona is discussing the party, along with bulbul. She says that this would give her practice for the marriage of rano’s who’s next, since bulbul has told that she wont marry. She says that vinita is a good girl, and makes a good pair with vihaan. Bulbul says that she wants to talk to her, but mona, citing that she’s very tired, says that she would talk tomorrow.

Bulbul goes to mona’s room and insists that she wants to talk right now. She hesitatingly says that vinita isnt a good girl, who’s marrying him for vihaan. Mona retaliates saying that it might be that she’s feeling jealous for vinita. But bulbul says that she isnt jealous, and relates what she heard. Mona says that they should inform this to jatin right away.

Jatin, also a part of the plan, reprimands them for coming this late, casting a doubt on vinita, and thereby doubting his judgement. Mona too favous jatin. They both get together in telling bulbul, that it might be that she is jealous, and still has feelings for vihaan. But bulbul vehemently denies that.

Jatin says that they might assume that vinita’s presumption is right, and atleast she’s greedy on the face, and wants money to live her life. Mona too agrees on this. Bulbul wonders whats wrong with them, and says that vihaan’s life would be destroyed. Jatin says that vihaan is mature to take his descisions. Mona too says that bulbul shouldnt interfere in vihaan’s life anymore. Jatin says that its getting late and he should drop them home now, asking bulbul not to bother herself unnecessarily. He and mona leave, while bulbul is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Anushka’s residence
Anushka hurriedly asks alok, who’s hearing music, if he heard anything about the CD. He says that there wasnt any concrete idea, as they say that it might be a hoax. She is relieved to hear this. He asks why is she so bothered about this. she makes up an excuse about the prestige of this hotel. Alok praises her for her concern, and anuyshka nods without knowing that alok is actually trapping her. She leaves, but the phone rings, and alok asks about the cd. He says that he has got news now. anushka returns back, tensed. Alok asks the police to retrieve the CD as soon as possible. He is told that the person is asking a ransom. After cancelling the phoen,

He tells her that the person who has got the CD demands for 4 lacs, and thinks that now he would have to go to

He says that the money is to be given in mumbai, and Cd is to be taken in Lonavala. Anushka says that he doesnt have to bother, as she and anika would get the Cd, as she cant risk is life. Alok, gives in to her, and asks her to be safe. anushka leaves, calling out for anika, while alok smirks at her plan.

Scene 4:
Location: Lonavala
Both anushka and anika rea driving to lonavala. Anushka wakes anika up, and asks for the address. Alok says that the plan has changed, and now instead of the intersection, they have to go 15 kms ahead, to a cottage above the hills. he again offers to go himself, but she says no, and says that she would manage. Alok and the kids have a good laugh over this.

Anushka drives more, and tells anika, waking her up yet again, saying that the remaining distance, they would have to cover on foot. Anika is surprised at first, but then on anushka’s insistence gives in. their travelling takes through the day, and the sun sets down, amidst bad, deserted, scary roads. they somehow reach the cottage.

Anika and anuhska are very tensed

Scene 5:
Location: In the car
Mona explains to bulbul, that today is vihaan’s engagement, and they have to go, and if she doesnt want to, then she can leave. But bulbul thinks that she would ahev to talk to vihaan about binita. Mona’s mother too instructs bulbul to behave, and stay with her at all times.

Scene 6:
Location: vihaan’s residence
while jatin entertains mona and her family, bulbul is searching around for vihaan, and she finally finds him and goes upto him. Bulbul says that she has something very important to talk about, but vihaan doesnt listen to her, complimenting his wife, but bulbul gets very irritated at that, and tells him that she isnt what she seems to be. Vihaan convers that into a joke. She tells him that binita isnt a nice girl, and tells that she overheard binita talking. She says that she didnt want to tell this to him, but there wasnt any option. He says that means noone would like him, if he doesnt have any money. Bulbul tries to explain to him, that he would meet someone who would marry him, for his personality and not his money, like she liked him. He says that if there’s so many faults in her, then why dosnt she marry her. She starts fumbling surprised at this. He says that he would manage it himself, and she shouldnt bother herself. He says that even understanding her for 6 months didnt help, and therefore now he doesnt want to wait. He excuses himself, to go to binita, leaving her boggled. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Bulbul is surprised to see MARRY ME written, in lit diyas, and vihaan joins him from behind, proposing her, going down on his knees. Bulbul looks on disbelievingly…

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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