Amrit Manthan 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 23rd April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Bani waking up and all smile watching Yug..Amrit by her side..Happy as both had to fan her whole night ..a scene to watch Bani came up with one of her smart plan..she screamed loud..Both woke up in a jolt asking her what happenned..Bani so calmly says nothing..Yug not happy and Bani says you know Amrit aunty my friend told me its good to scream morning when you wake up.its good for the lungs and its called lungs therapy..Yug replies we did not slept whole night and feeling sleepy thats why our brain not working..we need our sleep..Bani so innocently says but what about the breakfast aunty had to cook..Amrit says dont worry i will cook and orders yug to help her..

At the palace ..

Jojo comes to Nimrit and asks her to have juice as she has not had breakfast..just then she gets Bani’s call..she is elated and jojo calls Tej..Nimrit puts its on speaker and wishes Good morning to her..she relates what happenned at night and if she is doing right..Nimrit says yes but upmost its important she takes care of her health..Bani cuts the call saying she has to go and Nimrit leaves feeling sad..Jojo asks Tej what happenned to mama..he replies she is missing Bani Di and tells jojo you should do something for me..

At Amrit place …

Bani asks Amrit why have you dressed me so beautifully..she replies its because we will get our photograph together..Yug says this uncle will click your pics ..Amrit says in every room i must see our photographs..Mother..daughter..Bani our smart angel comes up with another plan..She looks up at Amrit and says you will get your pic in this dress..Amrit says yes why i’m not looking good..Bani says yes but you are not looking like a know the mother feeling should be there..Amrit smiles and takes Bani with her to later come back wearing a saree..Yug is mesmerised seeing Amrit in a saree..he tells her you are looking beautiful..Amrit smiles and asks the photographer to have their pics..Bani says i’m feeling hungry..Amrit says sure i will get you breakfast and ask the photographer to wait.. Amrit having a tough time in kitchen..first the paratha not well cooked and Bani says i will get tummy pain if i eat this.Amrit says no worry i will get you another one..She comes back and this time its all burned..Bani says its burned how will i eat this..Amrit says eat your omelette i will get you another one..Bani replies oh no it has vegetables in it and i eat plain omelette..Amrit gets back in kitchen struggling to get a well done paratha and plain omelette..this done Bani have something else to harass Amrit..she asks for juice as its most important in breakfast and guess what she asks Amrit not to give her canned juice but pressed fresh fruit one..really it was Poor Amrit but good she is learning its not easy to take the place of a mother..Bani drinks the juice and says its ok but bitter..

Yug calls them for the photo session..Amrit in a bad state cooking and had flour spread on her face..she tells them to wait till she gets her makeup touch up..Bani replies dont as you looks good..its so natural look ..mother looks like this in pics..Again poor Amrit first time got her pic without proper make up Bani..she was too good..Amrit asks her what she wants to do next..Bani replies give me a little break then i will tell you..

At the palace..

Jojo comes in Nimrit room who is sad staring at the photoframe of Bani..Jojo tells her lets go and meet Bani Di..Nimrit replies Amrit wont allow us ..Jojo says its summer vacation and i cant stay home whole day..Nimrit replies tell me what my jojo wants to do..she says a friend mom has organised a party for vacation at her house..there will be lots of activity..lets go there..Nimrit agrees and Tej calls Bani..

The friend place..

The lady welcomes everyone and told them about the activity where mother..daughter can participate..she asked them to register their names..Bani happy to see Nimrit..jojo..Amrit goes to register their names and Bani comes up to jojo..Nimrit had her back to them and Bani hides behind her .. while going Nimrit put her hands forward to hold jojo’s hand but its Bani who puts her hand in hers..unaware she has held Bani’s hand she walks away..Jojo comes in front of Nimrit and says why are you leaving me ?.Nimrit perplexed looks at her hand and happy to see its Bani..she kisses her on her face and hugs her..she asks her if Amrit is here and jojo sees her coming towards them..jojo tells Bani its bad aunty start the drama..both acts fighting for a book and Nimrit also acts saying to Bani you will get a slap from me..Amrit snatches the book and says its Bani’s one..she tells Nimrit stay away from us and dont even try to be close to Bani …

The competition starts and its rangoli…Amrit already panicks as she dont know how to do rangoli.Amrit tells Yug if i dont win then Nimrit should not win also ..Yug says i will do something that Nimrit cant participate ..Bani listening to both replies no aunty..let them as our team is more strong..we will show them …Amrit says yes and Bani in her inner thought says how much wrong you think and by just telling this you cant defeat my have a lot to learn from my mother..jojo kisses Nimrit wishing her all the best..Bani does same for Amrit but her all the best thumbs up towards her mom..jojo says ewww how Bani Di has kissed this bad aunty..Amrit spoils her rangoli which was already bad ..Nimrit one beautifully done..Yug tells Amrit dont worry i wont let Nimrit win ..its time for the kids to complete the rangoli..Nimrit says all the best to jojo and goes to have water..yug walks towards their rangoli and tries to spoil it by walking on it..jojo our smart angel holds his foot and he fell down…embarrassed and.jojo tells him you cant look where you are walking..Yug replies i did not see your colors and jojo picks up the purple color in her hands..yug says what color is this once more trying to spoil the rangoli..jojo spreads the color on his face and Bani all smile watching all this..

A lady making a call and Someone with gloves in hands picking up the phone..she says i have done as you have told me..Agam’s wife and daughter is here..Next the person switches on the lighter and burns Agam’s pic..its a suspense ending and the next twist coming up..

Update Credit to: Saveeta24

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