Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Update

the epi starts with g3 and bm discussing about some fridge naitik asks akshi if Dj has had his food! Akshi says yes he had his food and slept! Duggu comes and talks about some plan Naiti asks what is this about.. Duggu says shhh.. don’t disturb me Duggu is talking to someone over the phone.. everyone is happy seeing duggu like this! Duggu finally says that he has kept day camp the next day! G3 says why outside?You can do this right now too! Duggu argues that we get Vitamin A outside! Naitik corrects him and says Vitamin A no, Vitamin D!

Naksh room..
Naitik is waiting for Akshi.. akshi is surprised that he is awake? When she comes to know, Akshi says sorry she got late and starts explaining Naitik keeps his finger on her mouth and asks is she sleepy? She says no.. they sit near the window and talk about how they miss each other in the office and stuff.. akshi says she never had to ask for anything, he always gave it to her!

Rj and Akshi talk the next morning.. Rj says she will leave from there in 1-2 days.. Duggu comes and wantes to talk to rj.. he takes the phone and starts talking!

Varsha said she tried making kachodi’s but cudnt make them as good as Rj! They remember Rj and decide they will keep working till rj comes coz they wudnt be able to do anything once RJ comes

Dadi comes and gives in her two cents! Dadi wants to help but Varsha says u wanna help, give us loads of love, like before!

Akshi gets tea for Dj.. its without ginger.. Dj says he wants ginger.. akshi says that ginger wud harm him.. he shouts and keeps the tea aside, but akshi samjhaofies him! Dj likes the tea..

akshi thinks that she is late so naitik wud have left.. but no! Naitik is waiting for her naitik removes his wallet and hanky and tells her chalo.. now u give it.. like everyday! Ananya and yash come.. Ananya has got something for Naksh.. its a chart with their photos! Naksh are really happy ‘coz of it! Duggu comes..

Naitik says he will leave now.. and he goes.. akshi says she wud give them fruti juice! kids say no.. everything outside today! akshi says okay but take care.

Kids make their tent outside the house..g3 and akshi are happy seeing them. girija goes with some food but they dont eat.. yash says he is hungry.. and ananya plays kitchen kitchen they have sandwhiches! Some poor kids wait outside, near the gate..,Duggu sees them! he tells this to ananya and yash.. the kids see these 3 getting missing and they turn just to see the three of them in front of them.

Akshi is talking over the phone.. duggu comes and takes something.. duggu runs.. akshi smells something fishy and goes to see whats cooking

Akshi and g3 see whats happening. they see girija sleeping and wake her up they see the kids playing with those outsiders.. akshi feels happy. they see them eating Akshi says kids teach us so much! they neither have kapat nor bhed bhaav. these ppl are happy and akshi is happy.. g3 worried. these ppl start the music and play akshi and g3 feel so happy

naitik is home but kids are still dancing they decide to go on a picnic together.. akshi orders ice cream.. duggu says tab tak dance with me naitik says he cant dance.. bm says show na kids and bm force toh he decides to dance.. naitik dances with them.. duggu while dancing sees goldie.. it isn’t moving.. duggu asks goldie are you sick? yash asks are u unwell.. naksh are worried.. duggu puts a pencil but it isnt moving.. naitik tells him that goldie is dead.. duggu gets shocked. epi ends..

PRECAP:: duggu says he wants his goldie back! akshi says it cant come back again! duggu asks why

Update Credit to: Stutz

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