Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kyunti is Angry At Her Bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti checks expense list of each bahu and scolds Prema howmuh red lipstick she will use, if she is collecting it to paint lal khila. Pratibha says all calculations are right. Kunti says she will calculate each penny. Pratibha says she will go then. Kunti scolds her again and says if she gets leniant, they will go on vacation. Pratibha says they should. Kunti asks why they ordered 2.5 kg extra cheap rice, if it is for her. Pratibha says it is for Pari, she always asks work, so they mix pebbles in rice and give her to sort it out. Pari enters and says she is getting blue pebbles and would be good if she can get her favorite pink and orange pebbles. Pratibha says okay. Their jokergiri continues.

Pratibha finds 3600 rs difference in calculation, panics and informs Prema, Panjeri, and Prarthana. Pari enters holding vase. They discuss not to inform Pari anything, else she will drop vase. Pari drops vase. Pratibha cries more and says ffor the first time there is 3600 rs difference. Panjeri says she is possessed by devi. Prarthan asks to take deep breaths. Pari says Prarthana knows yoga ago. Pratibha says they should not inform sasuma.

Kunti enters and scolds Prarthana that she boasted about her degrees, then how can she miss 3600 rs. Pratibha says even she is confused. Kunti says someone among 5 have stolen money. Panjeri says she stole money, then cries not to doubt Prarthana. Kunti gets emotional but acts again. Pari starts her jokergiri. Kunti continues shouting who is thief bahu. Sarla walks in. Kunti gets nervous seeing her. Sarla runs out laughing. Kunti pancis more that Sarla will inform everyone that her bahu is thief. She searches Sara and finds her laughing with neighbor, asks reason. Sarla says she was mimicking dialogue whose house is made of glass, they should not throw stone on other’s house. Kunti gets her friends’ messages. Savita says her bahu stole 500-600rs, but Kunti’s bahu stole 3600 rs, so kunti should be bycotted from sukhi saas group. Kunti determines to find out thief soon.

Bahus discuss who must have stolen money and think who must have stolen money.

Precap: Sarla brainwashes Kunti that bahus steal from groceries. Sarla sees Panjeri having money and thinks Panjeri is thief.

Update Credit to: MA

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