Malik Princess of Sheeshmahal and his bride – Part 4

Perfection and Flaws of Princess 


Their is fact Sanskar can never deny he is product of his parents mistake. They didn’t want him for they have adopted his elder sister who is everything they needed. Something he can never get himself forget and how he should be grateful for being alive even he is mistake. So  when coming across horrible truth of Princess Sara Malik did nothing but made him realise even if he go ahead and tell his parents regarding the b*t*h. He is only going to be call liar and how he shouldn’t want to do what they asked him:shut up and marry. Instead of going back to his old depression He concentrate on the front scene where Malik Princess is busy in cuddling the small girl and the man who was smiling fondly.

Swara Malik have her own brand of mischief which can easily destroyed the capability to have normal human brains for her prey. Her father always have been careful to not be get himself in his daughter bad book, her mother was the one who taught her the cold games played with humans brain easily, and her sister was the most easier target to get herself trapped in Swara amusement games.

Sara Malik destroyed so hard that became cold, detached and PTSD Princes of Malik for Swara amusement.

So when Swara saw Chocolaty Prince trespassing the palace in morning hours she smile mischievously and have formed planned to make the life of agent more miserable for her fun.

And that’s how she get herself in burqa put on Sara hairstyle and give few money to her bodyguard Samrat dixit who immediately agreed to act. And Pari dixit got herself dragged in her Drama along.

So it’s not surprising for her to stood wearing burka trying to make daughter dixit, the menace to call her mother and have her bodyguard dixit to act as her husband making the already confused Sanskar Maheshwari life more complicated.

‘Don’t you dare to interfere between mother and daughter bonding Mr Dixit! ‘Swara snapped totally in her sister way.

Sanskar who was standing few metres away from them hidden by window felt his eyes twitch. And here I get reason why the blo*dy b*t*h wants to marry me for six months to cover her dirty secret!

Sanskar Maheshwari clenched fist going as far to shout before his smartphone started ringing making others alert regarding him. He didn’t try to stand their and move inside towards door finally found it at corner. He walk inside only to find area empty. Hell!??!! She got away.

He frown and rubbed his face tired of all the truth coming around him. He heard another ring and angrily pick up the call.

‘What?! ‘He snapped totally having worse mood by now.

‘ Whoa! Bro what bite your arse in middle of night? ‘his younger brother voice immediately put down his anger and he reluctantly smile.

‘ Lucky in India it’s early. ‘He said while glancing once around then started moving towards the lounge.

‘ oh! Then who would dare to make you angry so early, Bhai? ‘Lucky ask teasingly.

‘ Well I got to know the Princess whom I have been forced to marry in place of you is already have husband and daughter in Palace.’Sanskar explain suppressing his rage over the betrayal he got.

His brother was silent then he laughed hard.

Sanskar worse mood immediately came back with light speed. And he shouted at his brother ‘Why are you laughing Brat?’

‘Do you even listen yourself Bhai? You are being ridiculous because you should have been more busy in shooting the small family video of that girl like genius man you not feel angry over stranger betrayal. And basically you are not marrying her. ‘Laksh explain chuckling making Sanskar stood still realisation dawn on him, his brother continue’Did you started liking your supposed bride, Bro?’

‘No! ‘Sanskar said too quickly for denial making Laksh laugh.’ Shut up Lucky! ‘

‘ Fine no more talking regarding newly forbidden topic. How about I tell my new project… ‘
Swara stared the Chocolaty Prince standing at her balcony with white curtains around her to have her hidden . She is confused of why he is laughing lying on her hammock after what she did. Shouldn’t he go and confront her ugly sister? She has to do something before she get bored to hell and this Prince is now only her source of entertainment . beside this is perfect opportunity for him to break this marriage for which he gone ahead become suicidal.

‘You are staring your sister Fiance Ma’am. ‘Her bodyguard dixit as sneaky as ever come behind her telling her to stop obsessing over her sister right. She smile brightly not even stopping to stare.

‘ Am I? I don’t know dixit. He is fascinating. ‘She reply in soft voice. Her gaze silently followed the way Chocolaty Prince hands caress the hammock laughing so carefree. He look a perfect art piece. She wanted to capture him.She wants to will he also break like every other person in her life. She wants to know he is worth for her fascination. She wants to-

‘Mr Maheshwari is your sister would be husband. Someone you can’t and will not have. Please Ma’am don’t take interest in something which will only hurt your family. ‘Dixit explained calmly.

Swara reluctantly turned away from her new fascination and look at her bodyguard’ Why Dixit are you so worry about me being fascinated regarding my ugly sister Fiance. From what I know it will pass by the end marriage day because I will get bored with him soon. ‘She chuckle at the end.

Dixit seriously stated’ Ma’am Sometimes obsession can turned into attachment. I can only suggest to not let this new interest turned into attachment. ‘

Swara shook her smirking’ Come now Dixit you know me well enough past three years to also have an idea I don’t form attachment. This is weakness and I hate weakness. ‘with that she storm inside her room but sparing glance towards sleeping Prince on her hammock.

She heard Dixit words’ You are forbidden too Ma’am except for him.

Sanskar open his eyes when he felt someone shaking him. He saw Mr Malik staring him looking amused.

‘ Now young man I didn’t allow your budding romance for my daughter to make you sleep on hammock outside in the cold winter. ‘Mr Malik mockingly say.

Sanskar felt embarrassed for the first being caught by someone his father age. He smile sheepishly giving excuse’ I really wanted to see the palace in Early morning Mr Malik. And it was worth to sleep on hammock. ‘

Mr Malik laugh at his petty excuse and signal him to come.’ Join me and your fiance for tea. I did inform Ram regarding your sleeping arrangement he sound surprise. ‘

Because dad know me well enough to also know how I hate sleeping open spaces. Sanskar still smile and follow Mr Malik inside the palace. They reach the living room where He saw b*t*h sipping coffee with few servants surrounding her. He sat across her greeting her casually ‘Good morning Miss Malik.’

Sara spare her Fiance glance which say confused then after a moment greeted back ‘Sanskar, Good morning.’ She turned towards her father and ask ‘Did you invite him, Dad ?’

Mr Malik chuckle as he explained regarding Sanskar embarrassing moment making Sara Malik stare him in disbelief.

‘Oh! ‘Sara stare her Fiance trying to understand why would he do something so downright cheap when she have mobile to accept call. Really so cheap. She tried not to show her disgust but both men have saw it.

Mr Malik sobered while Sanskar felt rage of four hours coming back in full speed. He stood up angrily and snapped ‘Don’t worry Princess Malik I didn’t come to see you but wanted to look at Palace.’ he then stare Mr Malik and mockingly said ‘Your daughter wanted six months marriage with me. And also having affair with her servants with package deal of daughter two – three years name Pari. This is scene I got to see in Early morning near lounge. I don’t understand why even you want to marry this arrogant girl to me. When this clear from her face she is too much reluctant to marry me. ‘he stopped breathing heavily because really never in his life he felt so much self loathe towards himself in presence of these royalty. He said in final tone’ Try to understand you daughter  then try to destroy life of another men, Mr Malik. ‘with that he walkout.

Their was steely silence Omkar Malik took his tea and sipped it. Sara Malik felt cold inside her stomach when she saw the heavy gaze of his on her.

They both heard the humming sound and footsteps coming towards them.

‘ Dixit where are my car keys? ‘Swara ask aloud halting near the sofa when she saw her father and ugly sister silent’ Father why are you looking upset don’t tell me Dearest again try to kill herself? ‘She ask in amusement sitting on arm sofa where her father sat.

Sara Malik immediately stood up and took the vase from beside her throwing it towards Swara leg who easily pull her legs cladded in high boots up. And the vase crashing sound made all the servants clear to leave.





‘Am I, dearest?’ Swara ask innocently while her gaze is dancing in amusement.

Sara stood their breathing heavily. She shouted again ‘YES YOU ARE!’

‘Enough. ‘Omkar Malik steely tone made Sara shut up and Swara look indifferent. He stood up and ask’ Shona, did you get yourself involved in degrading your sister name? ‘

Swara Malik glance at Sara then her father and nodded her head’ I did besides my way was better to break marriage then have a divorce daughter in your Palace father. I mean who in their right mind wants to marry for six months then don’t marry at all. Simple. ‘

Omkar Malik clenched his fist in rage and turned to raise his hand to slap Sara but stopped himself. Making Sara look at him in fear.’ You have cross the limits Sara. I want you to go and get Sanskar agree for the marriage and you will state clearly their is no six months Drama. Otherwise I will kick you out of family will. ‘with that he stormed away.

Sara was near to break down and she did by slumping on her knees shaking with silent sobs.

Swara Malik really wanted to pity but the problem is she doesn’t get the feeling to pity. She sat comfortably on sofa where her father sat moment before and said ‘How can you so easily cry, dearest? I never get crying. And like always my one prank and you break.Dearest you have made yourself so weak for father approval and the Malik property.’

Sara still shaking with sobs started choking and trembling. Swara took the medicine from the table and move to kneel near her ugly sister. She fisted her hair and make her raise head. Sara open her mouth to scream at Swara who immediately put the medicine inside her mouth and took the water bottle that too gone. Making Sara cough hard. Swara caress her ugly sister back counting for forty second when Sara body stopped trembling.

Swara stood up and move back to sit. Soon enough Sara did too.

‘Why don’t you let me die? What have I done to make you hate me so much Swara? ‘Sara ask in pleading tone. Because she was near to nervous break and Swara like always saved her timely to not get herself kill.

Swara Malik said simply’ Father is attached with you. And I am fond of father enough to not see him upset. He is loyal to me. ‘

Sara nodded accepting the reply like always. Somewhere she know her sister only see Sara as her personal chew toy. Sara had been used to it and that doesn’t mean she stopped despising Swara very existence. She hurriedly left towards her room. She have Sanskar Maheshwari to accept her as his wife.

Swara tilted her head in curiosity of how her dearest is going to make Chocolaty Prince agree for marriage. She have enjoyed earlier show from staircase and now she wanted to meet Chocolaty Prince and have pleasure to make him see her ugly sister as perfect bride then after marriage break his illusion. I can act as my ugly sister for few days and enjoy my new fascination.
‘How dare you refuse to marry Sara? ‘His mother shouted in rage leaving behind all her decorum.

Sanskar step back from his mother on instinct to not get beaten. He inwardly shudder in fear. He was always his mother punching bag physically and emotionally, only past five years have given him the freedom to be himself.and he did by becoming technology agent in RAW. And for pretence he became co-owner of SK restaurant. He is independent man but he is not strong inside to tackle his mother someone he crave for love and acceptance. From corner he saw his father staring him with pity. His father love for his mother is more than for him.

‘She betrayed me. She already have daughter our of wedlock and affair with servant. Then she demanded six months marriage, mum. ‘Sanskar whisper strained in his voice.

His mother shook her head in disappointment and snapped ‘ That’s no excuse for you to announce decision not knowing other person point of view. Did you ask Sara reason regarding her demand for six months marriage or the ridiculous story you misunderstood. I know Sara enough to know the girl is practical and look at life with spark you don’t have yourself. ‘with lecture done his mother walk out from the living room.

His father murmur’ Champ your mother is right. Go and ask Sara. ‘

Sanskar nodded and stormed out of farmhouse. He felt overwhelming sadness from inside. Whole life he only gotten acceptance from his father, brother and friends. His mother never give him her love or even appreciation. He could see she always do what she thinks right for him but the bitterness for him is really unnecessary. He didn’t understand why she is so much bitter and angry on him always.

‘You are crying. ‘the soft voice which have soothed him in early morning came again from beside him. Sanskar Maheshwari turned to see the face of Malik Princess staring him with indifference. She eye him thoughtfully then mused aloud’ you are weak so easy to cry like pathetic parasite.I, for the first time misunderstood regarding someone. How can I break someone when he is already broken ? ‘

Sanskar Maheshwari felt sick at her words towards him and he grabbed her arms pulling her towards him so close that no air can between them. And he felt electric current pass through make him step back immediately some flashes surrounding him. He grabbed his head as he heard someone screaming for him. He breathed heavily and saw her clutching her own head and trembling.

Few minutes and then he saw her raise her head, he saw her bloodshot eyes and unaware his own eyes filled with more tears.

Who are you? ‘He couldn’t help but ask like he know her already how or why. He didn’t felt this before with Sara Malik what he is feeling now like she is everything to him and he will protect her from everyone even from himself. She is his only his.

Not for you to know, Prince. ‘her Soft tone full of coldness and next she started running away from him. He don’t know what came over him over all this strange situation he chase her.

‘ Stop! ‘he shouted to her. Who run until they both came to the same lounge where he have saw her in morning. He grabbed her wrist even the same electric shock again happen he didn’t left her hand this time around .

‘ Leave me. ‘She coldly demanded looking ready to kill.

Sanskar shook his head and told her in desperation’ Why are you running away from me? ‘

Her bloodshot gaze still staring him and snapped’ You are becoming every Damn first of everything. You, Prince is someone who shattered my self control and make me so much rage towards you in my first meet with you this is not normal for me . Let me go before I kill you for your dare to shattered my self control. ‘their was truth in her words. She was really out of control and he feeling so much protective for her. What the f**k is wrong with me?? Why her bloodshot eyes making me feel anguish towards my own existence?

‘ Dammit! I can’t let you go before I understand this weird electric feeling each time I touch you!! ‘He snapped back.and he caress her cheek gently’ I can’t.. Tell me who are you please..

She stop struggling and her breathing is coming out of heavily so much close, she lied easily’ Sara Malik. Who else? ‘

Sanskar chuckle hollowly’ No! You are lying. You are Someone else. Your eyes and your way of words is too different from Sara Malik. Tell me the truth! ‘he didn’t stopped caressing her nor she shoved him away.

‘ I told you truth now let me go. ‘She whisper tiredly then determination came in her eyes, she pushed him away on the ground hard and started running away towards the palace .

This is so ridiculous he couldn’t help but shout aloud sitting up on ground to give her reply he couldn’t help himself to stop in this weird situation ‘ CRYING DOESN’T MAKE ME WEAK, IT JUST MAKES ME LOOK SO, HIDDEN PRINCESS!! ‘

Swara who was still trembling stopped running until she reached her room and close her door with loud bang. What was that? She had gone to mock him, play with that man and make illusion him to see her as Sara and agree for marriage. But what actually happened totally make her control snapped, his touch burn the passion inside , hatred in her blood and only one thought she will destroy him. She wanted him and also wants to kill him. But why? He is not weak but he have power of making her break. She saw her reflection in full mirror and taken aback by red hue in her caramel orbs. Her sweating look and her hair totally disbelieve. She doesn’t recognise herself. She don’t look Swara Malik. And his scent linger from her suit.

Whatever happened it have power to ruined her.

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