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Krishna returns to cave. Yashoda twists his ear and asks where had he gone, she was here just sometime ago. Krishna says he went to check Gokul, culprits have burnt whole Gokul. Everyone watch fromm cliff Gokul burning. Krishna consoles his mother. A man asks Nand what will they do now, their house, fields, etc., are burnt. Nand says Kans is king, but does not mean he will escape from punishment. Krishna says he went and gave a letter to his friend Vrishbhan that he with all Gokul citizens want to stay in Barsana for sometime. Nand angrily says they are cowherds and not cowards. Krishna says even before attacking, bull takes 2 steps back, they have to shift to Barsan and prepare themselves. Nand says he is right.

In Barsana, Radha cries worried for Krishna. Someone informs Vrishbhan

that whole Gokul is burnt and no one is alive. Radha’s friends say Krishna was trickster who hypnotized even her. Radha hears Krishna’s bansuri and runs out searching him. Vrishbhan sees her and thinks where is she running. She relaxes seeing Gokul citizens coming. Vrishbhan thanks god that his friend Nand is alive. Radha runs further towards bansuri sound and finds Krishna playing bansuri. Krishna asks if she is searching him. She says why will she. He says she held wooden plank to beat him, what is her truth. She says she does not have any. He says accept that she was worried for him. She says why will she worry for a magician. Kirtida enters and tells Krishna that by god’s grace everyone are alive, don’t know what had happened to Radha, she dreamt that someone killed Krishna. Krishna smiles at Radha and asks to accept she was worried for him. She says no. Yashoda scolds Krishna not to pester Radha. Radha says even Yashoda permitted her, who will save him now and runs behind him. He throws flowers on her. She plucks tree stem and asks how will he escape now. He reminisces Radha telling in Golok that he has to come to earth to bear her trash. He extends hand and asks Radha to complete her oath.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that love is freedom; if someone does not value their love, one will get sad, it is not necessary that other person should also love you, love should be freed, and if love is truth, it will return.

Precap: Radha runs behind Krishna and stops seeing her cousin. Cousin’s mother orders him to kill Krishna. He attacks Krishna, but Krishna kicks him into ditch. He confronts Krishna if he loves Radha. Krishna accepts.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Kamalanayani

    Never seen the Radha mata’s cousin track..
    But sumedh and mallika are portraying awesomely..
    Credits to Siddharth tewary ji…
    Keep showing us Shri Krishna and his Radharani’s blow…
    This should not end soon.. Wish it continues atleast for an year…

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