Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: The Girls shock Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the horse owner’s employee coming to him and tells that horse is found. Pratap scolds the owner and tells that they will do band business. Panjiri asks Prema to tell Kanhaiya that they are not coming for marriage. Pratibha asks her not to tell Kanhaiya that Sasumaa is unwell. Kunti takes phone from Prema’s hand and tells that she told Kanhaiya that bahus and their stuff are ready. Bahus tell that they can’t leave her. Kunti tells that she fainted as she forgot to take BP tablet, but now she is fine. Panjiri says how you will stay alone. Kunti says kids are with me. Pratibha says we will take kids along with us. Prema says you will get tired. Kunti says kids are mine and tells that she will take care of children…

She attends the call. Girls come and hug Kunti. Kunti asks them to make paper aeroplane. Sarla calls her and tells that you have become Daai. Kunti asks her to stop instigating her against her bahus and tells that she has to do laughter yoga. Kids play with paper aeroplane. Pari plays with kids and tells that she has to go and get the battery, says it is displaying battery lo…Buddhi says it is battery low. Pari tells that Sharma ji think her stupid and tells that it was written on the biscuit packet that sugar free so she asked free sugar, but they didn’t give her. kids play chess. Pari searches bijli and says it is gone. Kunti asks her to sit. Pratibha comes there and says she is going to pay the bill. Kunti says she has to take care of the house. Prema and Panjiri come to the lineman. Kunti tells that she has sent Prema and Panjiri to talk to the lineman to put on the electricity. Pratibha thinks kunti asked the other bahus to bribe the lineman.

Panjiri and Prema convince the lineman and gives him biscuits and tea. Pratibha gets angry on the girls when they tell that they will give bribe to watchman of the school. Pratibha says we are Paanchal and can’t give bribe. Shakti says Prema and Panjiri have given bribe. Pratibha shouts at the girls. Chanchal asks Kanhaiya to wear helmet and says Pratibha teaches them not to break rules. Kanhaiya says house is near. Pratibha tells Kunti that her grand daughter are learning to give bribe from them. Pari jokes. Pratibha says very soon, they will break the rules. Kanhaiya and Chanchal come home. Kanhaiya hears Pratibha and asks Chanchal to come with him. They go out. Kunti says she shall rectify the mistake.

Precap: Sarla tells Kunti that they will not have water in their area so they shall bribe someone to get water from the neighboring area. Kunti sees girl hearing them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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