Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th January 2019 Written *Last* Episode Update: Mariam exposes Rifat’s truth

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone gathering to celebrate Mariam’s birthday. Mariam says Fawad, I thought you will plan my surprise birthday party, I have organized this as you didn’t do anything, I thought to make my birthday grand, stay back, the party is beginning. Majaaz gets Rifat there. Rifat thinks what is Mariam upto. Mariam says I will surely give a return gift to Fawad, I m sure he will like it. She pulls Rifat and opens the bandages to show there are no wounds on her hands and head. Rifat gets exposed.

Mariam says this was your return gift, your mum is fine, she isn’t hurt, the birthday party will be more special now. Majaaz gets a man and asks him to speak up the truth. Rifat signs no to the man. The man says she paid me to kidnap that girl from orphanage and make her reach Mariam. Mariam says it means Chiku isn’t Bhakti and your child, your mum can snatch your happiness. She asks the man to speak up. The man says Rifat met Bhakti and asked her to stop your marriage, Bhakti refused, she asked me to get Bhakti’s accident done, so I have done that accident on her saying. Fawad and everyone get shocked. The man says Rifat has threatened and scared Chiku and made her obey her. Mariam says sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you, I had to bring out the truth, your mum kept me away from my family, I was told that my parents have passed away, so Biji took me away, when I got proofs with you, I have come over, Rifat tried to kill me again. Fawad cries. Mariam says sorry, forgive me, I wanted to tell this to you before, I couldn’t bear the distance she created between us, I love you a lot, say something please. He cries and hugs her.

He says mum can never see kids in pain, you have just troubled her kids, I won’t be able to forgive you. Zain says yes, you are right. Fawad says she planned to make our lives hell. Rifat says I did this to get your love, forgive me. He says I m not your son, you have lost the right, I can’t forgive you, I have to decide now, I will hand you over to police. They all get shocked. Fawad says you should get this punishment. Rifat is taken away. Mariam goes. Majaaz asks Fawad to convince Mariam, she is upset. Fawad goes to Mariam. She says maybe you didn’t trust me. He says how would Chiku lie to me, how can I think of it. She asks why didn’t you talk to me once.

He says sorry, I promise you I will never doubt on you. They argue and solve their issues. He says very sorry, don’t break my heart. They say I can’t live without you. She says sorry, I will convince you if you get upset. Majaaz asks them to come down if they are done convincing each other. Mariam cuts the cake and feeds everyone. They all hug and dance. They ask Mariam how did she know about Rifat’s lie. Mariam says I was crying that day, Chiku came to me and told me that Rifat has told her to do this by scaring her. FB shows Mariam telling everything to Majaaz and taking his help to expose Rifat. Madiha says one can never hide the truth. Biji says you are right. Majaaz gets Chiku’s adoption papers. Mariam says now Chiku is our daughter, we will keep her very happy. Majaaz says lets take a selfie. They all take selfie…. and smile.

Mariam and Fawad thank everyone for supporting on their memorable journey. The show ends on a happy note.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. love the ending and param’s and mahima pair was just spell bounded !!!! all good things have to come to end and same with this show
    amena congrats for this beautifull journey !!!!!

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Show start se mujge kabhi samjg nhi aaya, so i was not regular viewer or reader of show, but one thing I liked that when ever promo come in form of advertisement of mahima and param, my eye stays on them… I will not say that I shall miss show, as I never watched or read much

  3. And yeh hai mohabat and yeh rishta is still on…smh

  4. SBanga12

    Cute but weird ending. I think there is going to be a season 2.

  5. The show was never really the same after the leap, although Mariam-Fawad pairing was good. Also it was good that they had lots of flashbacks of Mariam as a kid after the leap because that little girl Deshna who played Mariam was awesome. Glad it’s over now and writers were smart not to drag it out too long. Now Star Plus, please put us out of our misery and shut down boring Yeh Hai Mohobatein and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai…they have dragged on too long. Also new Ishqbaaz is bakwaas.

    1. I agree with u and Ramat Yrrkh and Yhm should go off air

  6. Nina

    The perspective couple Mariam and Fawad have not got a new developing plot.They are real professionals. I hope to see them on TV new project together.

  7. Kira

    I’ll miss little girl’s gand a lot and their mastiii??

  8. My name is Mary Reid, I live in Trinidad, West Indies. I love all the shows, I will miss Mariam – good story, with values. love it will miss the show.


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