Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 2 Part 4

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Aliya arrives near Durga’s house. “ I am coming Gopi and I wont spare you.”

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Aliya steps out of the car. She sees Ahem has called her many times. She ignores the calls. She enters the streets. Men stare at her and wolfwhistle at her.
“ Hey baby, want to play Holi with me?” A man says to Aliya and tries to touch her face. She slaps him and pushes him away.
“ Don’t put your dirty hands on me. Do you know who I am? I am the superstar Karan’s sister in law.” Aliya shouts. The man gets scared and runs away. Everyone stops whilst they get scared of her and stare at her. Most of the people lower their gaze. Aliya smirks. She knew that they understand that they are nothing compared to her. Vamp tune plays. Aliya checks her phone. She couldn’t find Gopi’s tracker signal. Aliya gets angry. Suddenly, she sees Karan coming. Aliya hides. Aliya thinks why is he here and how did he find her?
Durga, Bulbul and Pragya arrive at the courtyard. Karan arrives at the same place. Karan and Durga don’t see each other. Gohem love song plays.
“ Durga di, you need to play with us today. I don’t care.” Bulbul says.
“ No Bulbul, I cant.” Gopi says. Bulbul remembers what Sarla said. Bulbul forces Durga to have bhaang. Durga gets drunk. Sarla comes out and laughs a bit. She was the one who sent that man to trouble Aliya. People would record Aliya and put it on social media so Karan could see it. Sarla sees Karan and smiles.
“ Today, 16 years, Ahem and Gopi will reunite.” Sarla says. She whispers to Pragya to go to Karan. Pragya makes Karan have bhaang as well.
“ Sir please have it, it is so hot.” Pragya says.
“ Fine.” Karan drinks the whole cup and gets drunk. “ I want to dance now.” Bulbul pushes Durga towards Karan. Durga falls on top of Karan. They share an eyelock.

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Rom rom tera naam pukaare
Ek hue din reain hamare
Hum se hum hi chiin gaye hai
Jab se dekhe hai nainn deewane
Sajda .
Teri kaali ankhiyon se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tej daudu, sapno se aagey
Ab jaan lutt jaaye, ye jahaan chhut jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahun na rahun
Sajda tera sajda
Din reain karoon na hi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
Rak vaar karoon meri jaan lut doon

Durga laughs. “ Thank you mister!” She screams.
“ Do you want to dance with me?” Karan says excitedly.
“ Yh!” Durga shouts like a child. Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai Plays.

Re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji.
Uski ankhiyan English bole
Meri anpadh ankhiyan re.
Baithe baithe la gayi dekho
Dil ko mere thagiyaan re
Haaye mere paas hoke
Phir wo DJ se jaake boli
Bhaiya tu decide kariyo
Ki ab beat chale ya goli
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Jab wo naache
Mujhko uska face pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Haaye mere bhole panchi
Padh na ulti pattiyan re
Bhool na mere saath khadi hain
Meri solah sakhiyan re
Tere jaise bade choudhary dekhe hain marjaane
Song suna ke English ke jo daale desi daane
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Now chori wanting dance
But chora want romance
So chora bole DJ se
Je ee no taking chance
Chori chori hit se fire se
Sab ladko ki desire se
Yo chalta phirta fashion show
Bajli ki nangi wire se
Main paagal ho gaya tere piche
Dil mera teri heal ki niche
Takk takk bajti je dance floor pe
Aankhein meeche. aankhein meeche…
Speaker ka volume usko tezz pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji.
Baby ko bass pasand hai
Re lakk dhak lakk dhak jaatni ke
Haav bhaav mein teji.
Uh! Baby ko bass pasand hai

Aliya comes there and is shocked seeing Durga and Karan dancing together. She storms in and drags Karan. She pushes Durga. Durga falls the floor. Vamp tune plays. Sarla, Bulbul and Pragya get shocked.
“ Stay away from Karan, do you understand?” Aliya says. Durga gets up and twirls her hair.
“ And who are you? Are you his girlfriend? I just wanted to have fun with Karan sir.” Durga talks like a child. Aliya gets angry. Everyone laughs at Aliya, including Karan.
“ You shameless woman! I am his bhabi and he is a celebrity. One of you made him drink something and now he is not in his senses. I wont spare any of you!” Aliya shouts. Aliya grabs Karan and goes.
“ Hey I didn’t catch her name Aliya, she is very pretty.” Karan says. Aliya ignores and tells the driver to put him in the car.
“ Ill be back. Let me go and teach them a lesson.” Aliya says. Aliya goes back to the house and finds Pragya, Bulbul and Sarla.
“ Why have you come here? You have troubled us enough.” Sarla says.
“ Where is Gopi?” Aliya demands.
“ Gopi? Which Gopi?” Pragya says.
“ The girl that was dancing with Karan, her name is Gopi. Tell me who she is? Where did you find her?” Aliya says.
“ Her name is not Gopi. You have a misunderstanding. She is Durga and she is my eldest daughter. She is sleeping now.” Sarla says. Aliya walks upto Sarla.
“ I want to know why Karan and Durga were both intoxicated and dancing. That is why I have suspicions that she is not Durga but Gopi. Do you think I am dumb, Sarla aunty?” Aliya laughs. Sarla, Pragya and Bulbul get shocked.
“ You know?” Sarla says.
“ Yes of course. I recognise you. You are Kokila’s sister, therefore my aunty. You perfectly know that Karan is Ahem, my brother. Has Gopi been living with you for 16 years?” Aliya asks. Sarla gets angry.
“ After knowing everything, you continue to separate Gopi and Ahem. Because of you, Ahem stayed away from Gopi. Their child, Meera, has lived as an orphan her whole child. Only because of you!” Sarla says.

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“ Gopi and my bhai killed my husband. I will do whatever it takes to destroy them.” Aliya says.
“ And I will do whatever it takes to unite Gopi and Ahem.” Sarla says.
“ Gopi wont be having a sindoor on her forehead. She will have handcuffs on her wrists and she will go and rot in jail.” Aliya laughs evilly. Aliya leaves. Sara prays that this evil woman never succeeds.
Aliya arrives at Modi Mansion. A servant opens the door. Komolika is sat on the sofas reading a magazine. Komolika sees Aliya and is surprised.

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“ Aliya? You here?” Komolika says.
“ Where is Dadi?” Aliya asks. Dadi comes.
“ Aliya, you? How are you?” Dadi says. Aliya touches her feet.
“ Dadi, I have come here to tell you something important. Gopi is alive.” Aliya says. Dadi and Komolika are shocked.
“ How? I shot both Ahem and Gopi and they both fell off that cliff. I told you to take Ahem away but Gopi’s body was never found.” Dadi says.
“ That is because Gopi has been living with Kokila’s sister Sarla, for 16 years. And her name is Durga and she has lost her memory. She doesn’t even recognise me. Forget me, she doesn’t even know Ahem.” Aliya says.
“ She has met Ahem!” Dadi shouts.
“ Yes, I tried to stop them from meeting each other. But I failed. Sarla is trying to unite them both.” Aliya says.
“ This means that if she is Kokila’s sister, this means Kokila is behind all of this. History will repeat again. Many years ago, I wanted Gopi and Ahem to get married but Gaura did not want them to unite. This time, 16 years later, I vow that I will not let Gopi and Ahem get married this time.” Dadi says.
“ But what will we do?” Komolika says.
“ Even if Gopi has lost her memory, she is probably still the same. I have an idea. Gopi likes defending her loved ones.” Dadi says.
At Kokila’s house, Gaura is seen sitting with Kokila.
“ So Gopi and Ahem are finally going to meet?” Gaura asks.

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“ Yes. Very soon, Gopi and Ahem will be coming back.” Kokila says. Kokila gets a call. It is Sarla. Sarla explains everything to Kokila about Aliya. Kokila says bye and puts the phone down.
“ So that means Aliya knows everything and she is going to tell everyone at Modi Mansion. I cant believe, 16 years ago, I did not want Ahem and Gopi to get married. But now, I want them to unite.” Gaura says.
“ I promise you, I will bring Gopi and Ahem back into this house as husband and wife.” Kokila says.
Aliya comes back to Chaudry Mansion. She tries to find her husband. She asks the servants where he is. The servants couldn’t find him. Aliya wonders where he is gone.

Back at the Chaudry Mansion, Karan wakes up. He remembers Durga, the girl who danced with him but did not know her name. He smiles remembering her. Durga also wakes up at the same time. She smiles remembering Karan. She never liked the celebrity superstar but she had a weird feeling about him. Hasi Ban Gaye plays.
Haan aaa aa ooo ooo
Main jaan ye vaar dun
Har jeet bhi haar dun
Keemat ho koi tujhe
Be intehaan pyaar dun
Main jaan ye vaar dun
Har jeet bhi haar dun
Keemat ho koi tujhe
Be intehaan pyaar dun
Saari hadein meri
Ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pata
Aawaargi ban gye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye…
Aeee aa aa ooo oo aa aaa
Kya khoob rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahan
Hum kaafiro ko Khuda
Kya khoob rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahann
Hum kaafiro ko Khudaa
Hasratein ab meri
Tumse hai ja mili
Tum dua ab meri
Aakhiri ban gaye
Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
Aeee aa aa ooo oo aa aaa
Haan aaa aa ooo ooo

Both Karan and Durga go back to sleep.

Precap- Bulbul wants to be an actress. Durga goes with Bulbul to a set where Karan is shooting his new movie. Karan gets stuck in a fire during shooting. Durga cries

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  1. Isaaq

    Hello everyone. Hope you all have been enjoying the new year so far. I am back. Get ready for the Om-Shanti-Om style episode!

  2. Isaaq

    Those of you who have read season 1, You will remember Gaura did not want Gohem to unite and Dadi did. Now roles have reversed and we will see it happen again!

  3. This Aliya is a witch,and imagine Gaura wants Gopi and Ahem to unite wow how the tables have turned.I love her naughtiness getting up and twirling her hair lol. Keep it up Isaaq.

  4. Jasminerahul

    Durga falling on karan n eye lock…then dance were romantic. irritating that Durga separates them. oh Dadi kamolika n aliya together in plotting.karan Durga thinking of each other n song were sweet.happy to see gaura woving to unite gohem. perfect pics

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