Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rishab and Sherlin get married

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Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The wedding proceeds Rishab fills Sherlin’s Mang with the Sindoor, everyone gets depressed and tensed seeing this, the Pandit asks them to bring the Mangal Suture, Rakhi apologizes saying that the jeweler is on the way and will soon come, just then the jeweler comes with it, Rakhi takes it and goes to Karan, she asks Karan to give it to Rishab so that he can give it to Sherlin, he takes it and gives it to Pandit. She gives him a dredged look and moves forward.
Pandit hands Rishab the mangal Suture instructing that he give it to Sherlin as soon he ends the prayer and then he asks him to do it, Rishab looks at Karan who signals that he does not have to do anything of the sort, Rishab stops but Rakhi asks him to do it and he does it, everyone claps.
Prithvi thinks that now Rishab has married Sherlin and she will now make his life miserable, Karan thinks that the only reason Rishab is married to Sherlin is because of Preeta and he will not forgive her in any case.
Sarla is pleading to the receptionist that she must call some doctor to treat Preeta m, she explains that it will take some time because all of the doctors are busy, she sees a lady doctor and immediately rushes to her saying that she must treat her daughter, the doctor inspects and asks the nurse tio take her immediately to the operation theater because she has allot of blood.
The Pandit asks them to stand for the circles and so they progress with the rituals, meanwhile Preeta is being rushed to the operation theater, Sarla stands outside the room thinking that Preeta still cares to stop the wedding because she is aware of Sherlin’s nature and that she will not let them live in peace,
They both go down to take the blessings of the seniors, when they take the blessings Prithvi comes forward, he tries to taunt hi, this angers Rishab who hugs Mahesh, he says that he is always with him as he is the best who always tries to keep everyone happy. Prithvi and Sherlin think that now the Luthra family will suffer.
Shrishti is talking with Samer saying that she cannot understand why Preeta did not come and Karan even said that she got scared that is why he did not come, Kartika comes asking that he has to give the Kumkum because Rakhi is very angry and looking for him, they all cannot stand in their way as she is very angry.
Sarla thinks what Sherlin said to her that she will not let Preeta and Shrishti get married because she will get them killed and will also marry Rishab, the nurse comes and asks her to calm down and sit while she gets help. Sarla is not able to control her emotions, she thinks that Sherlin has done something very wrong as she has tried to hurt her daughters, she got scared of her when it was just related to her but now it has become of her daughters interest and she will make sure that Sherlin realizes what it is to hurt a mother.
Rakhi explains that she wanted to have a daughter in law and has finally gotten her, she is finally gotten her wish fulfilled and her elder daughter is coming into the family, she walks into the house and looks with disgust towards Karan. Dadi says that now they will prepare for the next ceremony, Rishab leaves for Mahesh room and Rakhi takes Sherlin to Rishab room.
Rakhi takes Sherlin to the room saying that it now belongs to her as well along with Rishab, she is not able to express her feelings, that she is has become a member of their family. When she leaves Sherlin gets up, closing the door she thinks that she has done a lot of things to get to this place and marry Rishab, she thinks that people say that god writes the destiny but she has written it for herself, she thinks that she will destroy everything that is of love in this family and will completely destroy the Luthra family because Sherlin has come to the family.

Precap: Sherlin says that Preeta ran away and has landed in a hospital, she was not able to find him so told Raj to kill both Preeta and Sarla in the hospital, they both are talking when Karan comes from behind he tells them that he always knew that they both were working together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. So stupid…why evil has to win all the time in all serial???

  2. it is very bad with this show. the show has lost all its value. they have not succeeded in winning an entire family to win the two evil, sherlin and prithvi. I think it’s really bad. the mind of this writer is terrible.
    such a show is no longer worth watching, but why is it high in the trp.

  3. Where is the ethics of zee tv? Aaj dikhenge kal… kahan? The dirty devil sherlin got married after so much difficulties.. such a cheat serial..

  4. very cheap serial even reading the written update is irrating

  5. I can’t believe that Sherlin has been pregnant for 2 years and still no baby bump. Just reading the updates gets my blood boiling. When everyone is questioning Sherlin then when will Rakhi’s penny fall ?? Hello Rakhi, anybody home!!!

  6. It took 500 episodes and nearly two years of series to see this masquerade of marriage. Why I think CVs will make rishab a negative role when he knows that karan is in love with Preeta .. Really a lot of fans love Karan and Preeta .. But I do not see a lot of chemistry between them .. The actress who plays Preeta is fine. But in this series I had trouble associating her with her role .. I think she is wrong .. I feel that it will make rishab becomes negative … So disappointed because in the end the marriage happens and evil wins. Because privith and sherlyne finally got what he wanted .. In kumkum bhagya tanu never really got the marriage so much wanted with abhi .. Pragya always made sure to spread the harm at the risk of starting to back abhi .. But in kundali bhagya .. We go round in circles .. Preenan love each other but do not know .. Same for rishab who never spoke of his love for preeta to his brother .. We go round in circles .. In short, evil wins. the truth will never be known .. Disappointed

  7. So phones don’t work In this serials I have noticed.why sarla not phoning any one?

  8. I don’t understand why it’s proving to be so difficult to catch Prithvi and Sherlin.It’s now getting tiresome reading these updates.Everyone who finds out about their intentions die.In the precap Sherlin orders Preeta and Sarla to be murdered in the hospital.How many more lives are they going to take


    In this marriage drama theis ektha has forgotten about jhanki

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