Patiala Babes 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sukhi Confronts Ashok

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Patiala Babes 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita is busy cleaning utensils when Hanuman Singh/HS returns from camp calling Veer Balika/Minnie. Babita asks how was the camp and how was her daal pakwaan video. HS says she explained in layman’s terms and it helped him a lot. He then asks her not to wash utensils, else her hands will go rough. Babita says it is her duty and offers him cool drinks. HS says even Imarati used to serve him cool drinks when he used to return from police station. Babita says there is difference between her and Imarati, even she used to eagerly wait for Ashok, but Ashok used to be very arrogant and leave her sad. HS murmurs her face makes him happy. Babita asks if he said something. Minnie excitedly comes down holding laptop and says Babita’s daal pakwaan video went viral and garnered more than 25000 views. HS asks if her mummy got viral, she looks fine. Minnie says Babes became famous. She reads comments, HS does not like one comment and fumes that he will throw commenter in jail. Minnie says it is a girl of her age. HS walks to his room saying he does not understand all this. Minnie asks Babita to reply to all her fans. Babita does.

Ashok watches cooking videos and tells Mita that people pass on weird comments. Mita asks if he is sure he wants to do this as Khatri looks to be a creepy man and he is hell bent to defeat Babita instead of a healthy competition, they will lose more than gaining. Ashok asks her to relax and says they need to accept his job to pay their bills.

Next morning, Babita sees HS on stairs and asks what is he doing here. He nervously says he needs to talk. She asks to speak then. He stands nervous. She says fine then. He nervously says men disguised women’s ID comment on facebook and chat with women. She stands silently. He says she is beautiful and someone commented right, but person maybe a man.

Ashok and Mita get ready for work. Sukhi says Ashok that he needs to speak. Ashok says he wil speak later and is getting late. Sukhi says he should support creep Khatri as Babita and Minnie built their business with hard work; earlier he betrayed Babita for Mita as he fell in Mita’s love, now he wants to ruin their hard work, it is not right. Ashok yells being a ghar jamai how dare he is to confront him, he is taking care of Sukhi and his wife’s expenses till now. Lovely interferes and warns Ashok to mind his tongue. Sukhi interferes and says he is Patiala Babes catering service’s financial head and with his salary he can feed his family and even Ashok, he has every right to interfere.

Babita packs food sample for client. Sukhi enters and sends it to client via worker. Babita eagerly waits thinking if client liked it or not. Nayeem Bi says she is Patiala’s best chef and client will definitely like it. Kammo rushes in and informs that Khatri has hired professional chefs and they sent exotic menu with foreign dishes.

Precap: Babita worker returns with food and says customer canceled her order.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    babita’s order got cancelled… matlab kuch to gadbad hai… khatri’s wicked smile is now suspected by me.. .. he might have changed tiffin boxes… doubt if this has done then it’s only khatri or both khatri and ashok are, bcoz mita won’t do that. ??… or if really they didn’t liked her food! ??..

  2. Perminder Virk

    I did read somewhere that they done something and spoiled her reputation. Both of them did it. I think that HS will investigate and find out and this time Babita should file Fir against them.

    1. SsiyAa

      sachi.. !!… shameful act.. can’t they keep the competition healty and honest… ashok never understands even after mita making him understand his wrong… this time again ashok will face failure for his toxic attitude..

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