Ladies Special 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu Gifts Divorce Papers To Amar

Ladies Special 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

During school admission interview, Mandar gives his chawl’s address to interviewer. Interviewer makes weird faces and calls next person. Meghna asks what about interview. Interviewer says they will get result via mail. Punith takes Kangana towards local train station to drop her home. Kangana asks if he will drop her home via local train. Punith yells to stop throwing tantrums and asks her to take it as challenge. Their nok jhok continues. They reach station and he enters train. She stops. He holds her hand and hurries in. Meghna travels in train with Mandar nervously asks if interviewer will give admission or not. Mandar says he did not like the place at all and explains if interviewer is so heady, even students will be heady and their children one day will insist to shift from chawl to apartment. Meghna says they can. He asks then why did not she shift yet. She reminisces her fondness for her chawl and Mandar and her painting incident. Out of flashback, she says their old factory is near their chawl, so she does not want to change so early. He says if she will after delivery. She gets emotional.

Amar returns home with flowers for Bindu. Bindu greets him in accepts flowers smilingly. Lawyer preparing their divorce papers thinks why she is preparing divorce for this lovely couple. Amar asks what is his special gift. Bindu introduces lawyer and says she has his special gift. Lawyerr hands him over file. Amar is shocked to see divorce papers. Bindu says this is his special birthday gift; after signing papers, he will be freed to marry Kangana. Mota pappa reminisces telling Moti mummy that he will make sure he finds a match for Bindu first and then will agree for Kangana and Amar’s wedding. He asks Amar to sign papers as he has accepted Amar and Kangana’s relationship. Moti mummy prays god to forgive Mota pappa for lying. Amar signs papers. Lawyer says she has seen many divorces where couple fight, but she is seeing loving couple for the first time today.

Viraaj writes down monthly budget and says they need more money. Rachna says Viraaj’s mother needs organic vegetables, what are they. Sitaram explains. Punith say she will restart driving taxi. Prarthana says no need for that, they will somehow manage.

Amar calls Bindu repeatedly, but she disconnects call. Kangana calls Amar and finds him busy.

Precap: Bindu tells Amar that after signing divorce papers, they cannot stay in same room, so he should sleep in Mota pappa’s room. Mandar tells Meghna that she does not need his help in her business, so he will not rejoin her.

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  1. Prathanas mother in law character is over the top and unbelieveable
    She has just lost her husband but is hardly shown sad
    Bindus character is out of the world

  2. All are boring characters ,worst serial

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