Kundali Bhagya 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarla follows Sherlin to the Mandir

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Rishab jokes that they will change the girl, Rishab mentions that he is relieved that they are not like this and have different interests in girls, Karan receives a call and leaves Rishab also goes to change the dress. Sanjana sees this from behind and is shocked to see that Rishab is after Preeta.
Sherlin is getting out from the shop, a worker comes from behind and gives her the shopping bag which she left behind. she gets in a car, her mother calls her and says that she must be extra careful as Preeta is coming closer to Rishab, Sherlin asks her mother that she is very happy to understand that she loves her a lot and, she explains that she wants that she marries Rishab and if they come to know of her truth then they will reject her and Rishab will marry Preeta.
Mahesh comes and is very excited for the party, he calls Samer asking if there will be girls in the party, Smear ask hi to stop but he says that he is still young and the girls are still after him and he knows that they really like him, Samer ask that he turn back and when he does, dadi is standing there, she calls Rakhi but he tries to make her go away, dadi tells her everything and she gets mad leaving the , Mahesh ask if she is his real mother and why did she do this, she slaps him and explains if he did this again then she will hurt him even more, She also warns Samer but he mentions that he is still unmarried so she says that he can enjoy himself like he wants.
Sherlin is driving the car and is happy. She sees the auto behind her and gets worried thinking that someone is following her, she turns left and then right to know if what she feel its truth, and then gets scared the auto driver realizes tis and gets a little back, Sarla gets really worried asking him to speed up but he explains that’s he thought that they were fooling her and so he got a little, back and then he asks her to remain clams,
Prithvi brings the entire things required for the marriage, he wonders if his mother is coming to talk with Sarla or their marriage, the Pandit asks question asking that he is marrying now and but he gets really mad asking that Pandit not ask questions and just do his work.
Mahesh is in his room with Rakhi and apologizing but she does not forgive him and ask that eh go back, he holds his ears and does sit ups just then Preeta and Rishab come and seeing his get really nervous, she asks him to take his hand off his ears but he says that he will not do this until she forgives him and again apologizes, she gets mad saying that’s he does not love him but he mentions that she was ding to do it in Holi, she gets mad and leaves, Preeta gets happy saying that she knows the reason for the successful marriage, Rishab ask her and she explains that it is the habit of apologizing which Mahesh did just now, they both bump into eachother and he also apologizes but she ask that he not do anything more.
Sarla and the driver lost the car and she wonders that’s he must tell Rakhi about it just when they are about to turn back she spots the car and wonders where she could have gone mad sees a Mandir.
Karan meets with his girlfriend’s which makes Preeta really jealous, she also meets with his coaches sons, Karan also sees this and gets angry. Mahesh asks Rishab about the time when the girls will come, Rishab threatens that he will tell Rakhi, Karan also comes and back mails that they wail tell Rakhi about it, he however makes them refrain from it however Rakhi is already standing behind so hears everything. Karan says everything to Rakhi, he ask him if he is his son but Karan blackmails him, when they leave both Karan and Rishab joke.
Rishab meets with a person who ask him about his marriage also requesting that he introduce him to that black girl, Karan also comes asking what the matter is, and he explains that he is looking for a black girl Karan gets shocked.

Precap: Sarla reaches the Mandir and is searching for Sherlin, she hears the Pandit saying Sherlin name and goes to see her with a person, and she goes in front of them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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