Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zaroon meets Kainat

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saltanat telling Zaroon that he is just her friend, and would be husband of Kainat. He gets shocked. She leaves. Kainat thinks of Zaroon. She sees Saltanat and argues with him. She asks how did you go out and meet Zaroon, its your plan against me. Saltanat gives her water. She asks her to keep her thinking good, Zaroon is also related to her. Kainat gets angry and expresses jealousy. She returns the water glass. She says since childhood, you always snatched whatever I liked, now I won’t let this happen. Saltanat says water can blow off any fire, if I got my fav thing and you lagged back then its the fault of your upbringing, you ask your mum about it, not me, better ask Zaroon about it. She goes. Zaroon is at the Dargah. He sees Saltanat and thinks of her. He then sees Kainat there. Kainat turns shy seeing him. She passes the juices tray to him. Hamza comes to help her. Dil ki suno….plays…

Everyone prays. Dada ji prays for Kainat and Zaroon’s marriage. He says I have made this mannat, just accept my prayers, give a good life to Kainat and Zaroon. Zaroon smiles seeing Saltanat. He gets shocked seeing Kainat’s face and calls her out for a talk. Kainat worries. He goes after her and holds her hand. He says I need to talk to you. She says its not right for you to hold my hand this way. She runs away. Everyone sits to dine together and talks of the Milaad. Everyone eats the food. Rubina asks Saltanat to sit and have food. Saltanat sits beside Zaroon.

He looks at her. Everyone likes the food. Mamoon’s wife praises Saltanat for cooking delicious food. Dada ji says no, the credit goes to Kainat, your would be bahu. Zainab gets Kainat. They all get shocked seeing Kainat. Saltanat returns the bangle and asks Mamoon’s wife to make Kainat wear the bangle. Mamoon signs his wife. She makes Kainat wear the bangle. Dada ji says its a coincidence, that Kainat and Saltanat resemble exactly, when they aren’t twins. Kainat sees Saltanat.

Zaroon says my parents want me to marry you, but I can’t do this, I love someone else, Kainat you refuse for this marriage. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. thanks for the update..
    oh the precap, kaynat don’t deserve this but it is better if she understands…
    life would be spoiled to live with a life partner who loves someone else..
    and the conversation between the sisters…. hmm.. thinking thinking thinking…. a little mysterious?

  2. I’m totally confused??….I can’t understand Kainat….Is she good or bad????
    She can’t talk to Saltanat that way…even if they are not twin sisters….Saltanat is so cool..where as Kainat is totally different from her….Day by day I started to dislike Kainat and doubt her even more….
    But today’s episode was awesome…I’m eagerly waiting for next episode especially to see Kainat’s reaction….

  3. the best about the episode was the last scene when zaroon’s mother kept on looking at him after knowing the truth of who is going to be his wife.. though she is concerned about the property, the respect everything still she is more concerned as a mother.. when she gave bangle to saltanat it was quite genuine and not any buttering because she knew her son would like her but with kaynat it was different.. till now i could see that she is actually the ‘best mom’ among the three.. zainab is affectionate but she couldn’t give her child the freedom or confidence.. and rubina seems to be a quite selfish woman..
    hamsa gives a little negative vibes!

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