Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti upset about Rohan’s trip

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti only stammers when Rohan asks what she forgot in his room. Mishti lies she came in to find screw driver. Rohan stops her way while she was nervous. Rohan thinks it’s connected to both of them, he wish she says why she came in here. Mishti finds the answer in herself, she wish she had a reply to his question. She doesn’t realize herself what’s happening to her. She feels uncomfortable when he is away, and it hurts when he is away. Rohan wish she speaks for once about her love for him, he won’t go anywhere for picnic; their love for each other and being close to her will be the best moment for him, she can beautify it even more. Mishti thinks it’s wrong, she is also engaged to Veer and can never belong to Veer. Tears flow out of Mishti’s eyes. She tries to leave, Rohan stops her right there. Mishti requests him to let her go. They hear Dadi’s call, and Mishti runs out in reply.

In the hall, Mishti finds Radhika. She was afraid what if Dadi feels her heart beating so loud. Radhika stops Mishti and asks her to give Arnav’s CV to Veer. Veer had to appoint someone in his office, and it will be good if Arnav works there. Rohan came out of the room with his luggage. Mishti watches him go and wasn’t attentive towards Radhika. Radhika notices she was not attentive, and asks Mishti to repeat what she just said. Mishti replies Dadi told her to get grocery. She says she feels unwell and must go out. Arnav comes asking about Rohan. Mishti was annoyed and asks if she is his secretary. Radhika says it was a general question only. Arnav asks Mishti if she had a fight with Rohan. Dadi says he had to leave for Puna, he must have left. Mishti questions what he has to do with Rohan now, he must have left if not home. Radhika calms Mishti and asks why she gets angry at Rohan’s name. She gives the resume to Mishti.

Arnav follows Mishti to her room. He confirms if Rohan has really left for Puna. Mishti asks why everyone is tensed about him and inquiring her. Arnav asks Mishti if he found his camera. Mishti was quizzical, and says he didn’t take any interest in Rohan earlier. She senses Rohan found the camera, but in her cupboard; she asks if he kept it there. Arnav asks why he would place that camera in her cupboard, it must be Pari. Mishti understands. Arnav says he is sure Mishti had a fight with Rohan, she is extremely annoyed. Rohan must have said a lot to her, and maybe he left the camera himself. Mishti assures he didn’t say anything. Arnav hugs Mishti, saying thanks God. He apologizes if there was some problem because of him.

Arnav meets Pari in the parking. Pari was busy and tells Arnav she has a list to do before going to Runwla. She had to leave tomorrow, but Rohan is going today. She was thinking to go with him and spend some time with him there. Arnav tells Pari Rohan already left, sometime back. Pari was shocked to hear. Arnav asks if she asked him to wait, and wish she says a yes. Pari says she only told Rohan to ask once before leaving. Arnav offers to accompany Pari. Pari thanks Arnav as he must have a lot to do. She will call Rohan and ask if he isn’t far, she can join him. A card fell over Pari’s bag. Arnav spots the card. Pari thinks Rohan must be happy to get the card, then notices the card wasn’t in the bag. She turns around but the card had spoilt in mud.

Mishti lay in her bed and doesn’t take Veer’s call. She thinks she isn’t interested in doing any work today. Veer tries her number repeatedly. His mother comes to him and asks why he is tensed. Veer says he is trying Mishti’s number, they had to meet but she isn’t replying. Her mother tells him to keep trying then. Mishti takes the call and asks Veer to speak sometime later, she doesn’t feel well. Veer was concerned, but Mishti cuts the call saying she wish to stay alone for some time. Veer felt strange, as Mishti sounded lost. He speaks to his mother that after their fight Mishti seems a lot different. There is a new change every day in her. She used to wait for him but now they are unable to communicate on phone as well. Initially she was confident about everything, she knew everything’ but now she is startled at everything. She cries a lot now. He wonders what happened to her.

There, Mishti was upset in her room.

PRECAP: Mishti smiles watching Rohan’s photo on her cell phone. She wonders what’s happening to her. Rohan was driving and feels Mishti’s presence besides him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Those who are talking about online viewership bacha they r kunan fans creating fake account for pari .Last sunday all those accounts and those people’s true faces were revealed in twitter .TBH many rihaan fans deactivated their accounts after that coz they say many people supporting mishaan insta also many are supporting mishaan if you follow writer’s account and post its mishaan filled comments and you must be following that silsila_2 account that is solely maitianed by helly shah fan who is teju haters if you are referring to shanmukha priya and co she is kunan fan and haters of mishti becoz she is mauli daughter .So inncocent you are nolande .I dont rememebr you name properly

    Comparisions.Pari and mauli like seriously .Mauli never hurt anyone but pari is extremely selfish and hurts people .ok confessing to arnav was okay but asking to talk to ruhaan and know whether he loves her or not ,today telling him that she wants to with ruhaan to pune to spend time with him .not even 1% like mauli

    veer and ishaan thats a insult to ishaan .Ishaan never hurt mauli like veer has .Ishaan has loved mauli with her flaws .He waited for for 7 years and veer cant even take mishti’s anger .Ishaan never left mauli running behind his car and crying veer did to mishti coz she stood for her sister

    Ruhaan and nandini: i request you to watch first week epi.Ruhaan fell in love with her since the day he saw her and that was before he knew she is veer fiance .He did not eyes his friends fiance he loved a girl who turned out to be his friends fiance .Mishaan did not jump to bed to be compared to disgusting kunan .Nandini knew kunal was mauli’s husband and her world buts still she had s*x with him but kunal fell in love with a random girl but to his badluck she is the only one who is forbidden apple to him.

    Mishti and kunal
    Kunal when he fell for nandini .NAndini ours is tru love lets ignore all and let hearts break we dont care lets have s*x but mishti did you see today she cried let her tears flow but her monologue was no ruhaan i am in relationship and i will not break it .I cannot love you ..She has kept her pain to herself till now and will in future also .You see she will never cheat on veer unlike kunal .mark my words

    Understood you are pari fan but sorry dear mishaan is final couple and so sorry your social media thing is fake dont believe them .Proofs ke liye check shikha vij writer’s posts you will know the correct difference
    .only kunana fans and teju haters want mishaan yeah sorry one loyal aneri fans also wants rihaan now toh most of the rihaan fans also gayab only veer ke fake supporters are available

    1. Sorry kunan fans and teju haters want rihaan By mistake i wrote mishaan

  2. What ‘s the big deal.Yea peheli bar to nehi hua hai. Hindi serial par heroine ki shaadi se pehela pyar ho jata hai. kuch serial aisa vi tha .Yea koi nayi Baat to nehi hai. Agar Mishti & Ruhaan fall love for each other to galat kya kiya. Why someone compare their love with Kunal & Nandini. Love to see Mishaan romance in silsila season 2. They have good chemistry. Koi Galat maat samajhna.

  3. Always mishaan

  4. God i so love tejaswi but how are they spoiling everything?
    In silsila they showed mauli’s immense love for kunal but him betraying her for nandani.
    In season two same chiz cut copy paste veer loves mishti,she will leave him for ruhaan.
    Ekdam kuch bhi matlab
    First installment mei two girls one boy, in the second two guys one girl…
    What aby veer?I personally feel it wud be so wrong for him…arre he loves mishti but eventually like obviously she will ditch him for ruhaan
    But iss bar log kuch nahi bolenge
    Kyu?coz first mei a boy ditched a girl(that’s horrendous on the boy’s part) but second mei tih girl is ditching na toh chalta hei…such a script by the writer….ki public outrage hoga toh swap the boy dumping girl thing with the girl dumping the boy instead…
    Teja deserves so much very much
    I am not criticising teja as i had not criticised shakti in the prev part…but ye ghisi piti script is absolutely intolerable now…like pehle se hi ruhaan de dete usko….still watching just for my teju doll.
    Just hope they don’t turn aneri into a vamp….wud not justify even her talent as an actor.
    Hope after this,teju gets some hood project with a proper story and script.
    Just boils me to see the same season 1 shit reiterating bas larka larki badal dia… ditching funda badal dia baaki sab same

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