Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan gets arrested for attempted rape

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Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Preeta tells the waiter of Karan condition assuring him that he is in a serious condition and so he must hurry, a person comes an drops a drink on her, she then goes to wash her clothes, Prithvi thinks that now Karan’s life will end, The police and asks the reporters to stay away from them and let them do their work, they call the manager and go to Karan’s room.
Sherlin is very happy and thinks that she wants to see Karan get arrested. Manisha is standing in front of Karan and says that he will be her bright future, she then destroys the room not listening to Karan and then starts to pretend that he has taken advantage of her. Preeta is scolding Karan about what he did, she thinks of where her phone is, Prithvi locks her in the bathroom, she tries to open the door but is stuck inside, Prithvi is standing outside thinking that h only locked her in to protect her as she will otherwise help Karan so he must lock her in, Preeta yells from inside the bathroom but he says that he cannot listen and will not open the door, he says that he cannot do this and no one will listen to her voice as he has created a diversion, he thinks that Karan will now be in jail and he will be able to have Preeta in his life, he says that he will see her soon.
Prithvi walks away when a person comes and he stops him asking him to go somewhere else, Manisha makes a plan to punish Karan in Jail and land him in jail, she starts to yell asking for help at which Karan gets confused and asks her as to what the matter is, she then starts to yell even loudly when the police come, they come inside and separate them both, Manisha blames Karan for taking advantage of her, Karan says that he is innocent but no one listens to him and the police arrest him, when the reporters ask him questions he gets angry and is about to hit them, they then ask questions from Manisha and she says that he did all those things that should not have be done.
Sherlin is seeing all these things and is very happy to see Karan go into Jail, she thinks of what will happen to her in laws and what will the Luthra’s think when they will come o know that Karan is in jail. She also thinks of how Rishab will react.
Rishab thinks that he doesn’t understand Prithvi as he is always following Karan and Sameer is also not able to find Karan even when he does not do anything of the sort,Mansiha looks at Sherlin who is very happy, Sameer steps in and says to the police they had some kind of misunderstanding as his brother never does anything of the sort the police do not listen and take Karan away, Prithvi says that now Karans life Is over, Sameer calls Rishab and asks him to come hurriedly as they have taken Karan, Sameer is crying and ends the call, Rishab then drives even faster as he strongly feels that something is wrong.
Shrishti is thinking of what to do and then finds Karan s plan of coming from the window the right thing, she is about to close the door when Dadi comes and ask for the remote of the television, Sarla says that she told her to go and sleep but she doesn’t listen and must have taken her mobile, Dadi gets angry and says that she must see the news as she wants to confirm if the news is true, Shrishti also request Sarla to give her the remote.
The reports make news of Karan arrest and Sarla and family is listening, they are not able to hear the news, the reporters asks the police about the punishment at which they say that he will get the same punishment, Sarla points out that it is the same hotel where Preeta was, they call her but she is not answering.
Karina asks for the remote and turns on the television, they are not able to see it and when the reporters ask questions Police says that they have to charge a case of rape and take him to the police station. The Luthra’s are not able to hear it and call Rishab but he does not pick up the phone, they then decide to head for the station.
Rishab comes and Sameer hugs him who is crying very badly, Rishab asks him about the issue at which Sameer says that they have blamed him for attempted rape and taken him to the police station, Rishab gets tensed.

Precap: Manisha blames Karan for taking advantage of her, he yells for his innocence but no one listen to him, Preeta comes out of the bathroom and asks for Karan whereabouts, the soldiers tell her that the Police have arrested him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. kumkum bhagya n kundali bhagya has no moral 2 dis generation,ever since dis shows started evil has been d best tin learnt 4rm dis show,ar u a human being at all,if u av no gud tin abt dis show pls end dis rubbish,bcos it sucks,or sell d story out 2 wu can make gud out of it. useless writer

  2. This show is pure trash!

  3. These two show only show viewers that you can commit murder and escape. Why do these shows portrait our judicial system as a weak system, that the criminals do not even get questioned by police but live a happy luxui life. Sad!!

  4. Afterall this is Ekta maiyya ka show. ..complete bakwas. ..no preeran charm remain. ..

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