Ishqbaaz 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Nikhil questions Anika

Ishqbaaz 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nikhil’s mum asks Anika about the sindoor. Anika looks at Shivaye and says its the symbol of my devotion and faith. Om says they both are unhappy, but they aren’t saying anything, I will go and tell everything to Nikhil’s mum, that Anika and Shivaye are married. Gauri says this won’t help, they have left this on fate, they are doing this themselves and will blame their fates for it. Priyanka says I think the fate will show a way to unite them. Om says I really hope so.

Chachi says I was worried for Anika, Shivaye fixed everything, I hope nothing goes wrong in Nikhil and Anika’s marriage this time. Nikhil gets Shivaye and Anika’s marriage video and gets shocked. He shouts Anika…I want to talk to you right now, come. Chachi asks what happened now, you are taking her during the mehendi rasam. He says maybe that rasam won’t be needed now. Gauri asks why are you so angry. He says don’t interfere, its our personal matter. Shivaye looks on.

Nikhil shows video and asks what’s this, you and Shivaye got married. She says I was about to say. He asks when, after our marriage. She says no. Shivaye comes and says talk to me, not to Anika. Nikhil asks what’s going on between you two, you broke our marriage and did all this to get us married, now I come to know that you both are married. Shivaye says I married her in anger, it was my revenge, my mistake, watch that video again, do you think Anika did this marriage with her consent and happiness, she was helpless to marry me, I know I was wrong, I m trying to rectify it, we both don’t accept this marriage. Nikhil says you do mistakes and want me to rectify it, you got married to Anika and want me to accept her as wife.

Shivaye says we have already started divorce proceedings, if you wish, you can ask Anika, we had nothing between us, and there is nothing between us. He sees Anika. Anika says this has happened earlier, even that day, you didn’t believe me, you are doing the same today, its matter of entire life, I don’t want to spend my life in giving or asking for an explanation, whatever Shivaye said is true, I want to ask you, whether you trust me or not. Nikhil says I trust you Anika, but my family members won’t understand this, they shouldn’t know this. Shivaye says don’t worry, they won’t know, answer me, who has sent you this video. Nikhil gives his phone.

Shivaye asks how did you get this footage. Tyagi says there are some principles in journalism, one of them is that never to reveal our sources, always keep them hidden, I wasn’t surprised seeing this video, after all, you are Shakti’s son. Shivaye shouts. Tyagi says don’t even think of raising hand on me, if you hurt me, you will be ruined, you know that such videos get viral soon, you say the price, your reputation is at stake, one crore should be fine. Shivaye calls Khanna. Khanna prepares the cheque. Shivaye signs it and says if this video gets public, I will kill you. He goes.

Shivaye apologizes to Anika and says you are getting punished for my mistake, I wish I could erase that day from your life. She holds his hand. She says please stop apologizing, whatever had to happen is done. He says the video will never be public, I have fixed it. She says you always fix everything. O jaana….plays…. She says you used to hate me so much and now you are doing all this for me. He says its too less for you. She says you always know what people need, but no one knows what you need, I want to know what you need. Shivaye says I want your happiness. She asks do you think I will be happy with Nikhil. He says yes, its destiny, I had come between you and Nikhil, look what’s happening now, fate is uniting you two, its very late, I should go and you should sleep. He gets up and sees her holding his hand. She leaves his hand. He goes.

Tyagi says the work is done and shows the cheque to Daksh. Daksh laughs and says I swear, you are very useful. Tyagi says it always works when you keep an eye on rich people. Daksh says yes, you followed Shivaye and took a video of his marriage, you got one crore. Tyagi says I was waiting for right time. Daksh says its the beginning, now we won’t spare Shivaye. Nikhil comes and says we three of us will do this. They smile. Nikhil says I also want to get Shivaye’s property. Daksh says you are our secret weapon, we will attack from the front and you will backstab him. They have a drink.

Chachi says Anika has gone crazy, she is starting new rituals. Gauri asks what did she do now. Chachi says the groom’s family gets mangalsutra, Anika has bought it herself. Gauri says it doesn’t matter, get the puja done. Chachi asks why shall I do this if Shivaye is doing everything, you explain this to Nikhil’s family as well. Shivaye instructs Khanna. Gauri says Anika has selected this mangalsutra, you give it to pandit for puja. Shivaye says fine, Khanna give this to pandit for puja. Shivaye comes to Pandit and asks do you have all the puja items. Pandit says yes, I m doing puja of Anika’s mangalsutra as you had said. Shivaye says thanks and turns to go. He stops and sees the mangalsutra. He recalls Anika’s words and thinks Gauri gave this by mistake. He calls Khanna and says I want a new mangalsutra, it should be the most beautiful and expensive, just arrange it. Khanna gets it. Shivaye says pandit ji, get puja done for this. Anika comes and stops him. She asks what are you doing. He says I m getting mangalsutra puja done. She says its already done during the wedding rituals, I don’t want to argue Shivaye.

She takes her mangalsutra and goes. He goes after her and says come with me. He asks why do you still have this. She says its symbol of my marriage. He asks why are you so attached to this marriage when the marriage is meaningless. She says you won’t understand this, its my marriage, I will decide which mangalsutra I m going to wear, anyways we have left everything on fate. She goes. Nikhil asks when will I get my share from one crore rupees. Daksh says you will get it soon, when you marry Anika, everything is related to it, Anika should be out of Shivaye’s life forever, else Tia and my plan won’t work, fate united Anika and Shivaye all the time, if they are destined to be together, I will change their destiny, they will not understand what happened with them, Just like that. Anika wears bridal chunri. Shivaye comes. Kaisa bataye….plays….. She asks do you want something. He says yes, I forgot after seeing you, you are looking very beautiful today. She smiles and says thanks. He says I thank you and turns to go. He says I remember now, I want those divorce papers.

Shivaye says my lawyer has come, I want us to get divorced soon, so that Nikhil stops being insecure, sign the papers. Anika nods. He signs and gives papers to her. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena


    Thanks for the fast update.
    As usual nikhil is another villain. But I don’t get why that reporter has been given so much importance tia chali gayi daksh kyo nahi gaya??. So shivika is confused about their feelings for each other. Where is rudra???

    1. rudra went for a modelling assignment

    2. Hiiiiii Aayush dear.
      Welcome back..
      How are you ???
      Rudy is gone to parties
      But don’t know where Lee gone
      I am.missing him…
      D ki band toh bajegi …tabhi toh woh yahan he..
      Shivika are gone mad….

    3. AAYUSH

      Thanks around I m fine how r u

    4. AAYUSH

      Thanks arpu I m fine how r u

    5. Congrats for being first….

    6. Congrats aayush for being number 1.

    7. AAYUSH

      Thanks sindhu di

    8. Yes aayush I am also wondering where is Rudra? Is he on vacation?

    9. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH Go.Congratulations on being first..?
      This is just starting with the villains entry.Tejvi are going to enter as well.Don’t know what will happen next.But why fear when Shivika are here?Anyway,LM is on vacation and I think he has not returned yet.Take care?

    10. Luthfa

      P.S.Double congratulations to you for achieving amazing result.Keep it coming.God bless you?

    11. AAYUSH

      Thanks luthra and u also take care and yeah if shivika is there then no fear

  2. Hllw guys,let’s all vote together for IB in all categories n make the team win! ? #ita

    1. IshqbaazFan

      how to vote for ita awards?

    2. Link will open today at 12 00 noon.
      Get ready.
      We have to vote with different IDs

    3. ONE FOR ALL..
      ALL FOR ONE………..
      Let’s do this

    4. Yesss

    5. Yes how do we vote for the awards? Do you have the link NSK?

    6. Ill inform u when i get it?

    7. Luthfa

      Okay done?

    8. Multiple voting is allowed… Isn’t it?

  3. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 51
    #Kismaat Coonection????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I am laughing like mad..seriously.
    In ishqbaaz there were NAFRATBAAZ Sisters ROTILANA???
    In redux there are NAFRATBAZ PARTNERS
    DAKSH+NIKHIL+TYAGI= koi accha name socho?
    Ok I am feeling bad for Daksh…bechare ki standard ki Oh My Mata hogayi????..
    Ye chindi nikhil and tyagi.. ke saath Milkar..yukkkkkk?..
    Wanna kill all of them..
    And Shivika..
    Playing kismat kismmat..
    Ye log toh 3 saal ke bacche ban gaye he.
    Ek totally insensible dusra sensibly insensible.
    Kya Kare in dono ka..???????????????????
    Sso plz
    You want Annika’s happiness say any cost.but you can’t see her emotions
    How easily you said that there is nothing between both of you.
    Only you admit that there us something between both of you.

    But what is D gonna upto.i am scared
    Something hug gonna happen in marriage
    Ok I am soon excited and nervous
    Ok I SAW OLD Mangalsutra…I really loved that
    Hope Annika’s real was redux mangalsutra will be it…
    I love to see her wear that MS again
    She was looking sooo pretty in that saree..
    And lastly Sso’s compliment .
    Billu is madly in love with Annika..

    Precap ok I am.gonna cry??????????
    Somebody plz kill these 3 Kaminas..

    1. Ye log toh 3 saal ke bacche ban gaye he ???

    2. Yes arpu now it is Nafratbaaz partners. I also was thinking and laughing about it.

    3. Luthfa

      TND gang’s introduction scene was quite amazing.Don’t know why but I liked it.Anika is going good but Shivaay…….Upcoming is much more interesting.Waiting for next dhamaka.Take care?
      P.S.Congratulations for hitting half century.Waiting to see you reach hundred?

  4. My dear Arpu, Banita, Luthfa, Jeevi dear Shiny Ishita Sneha Tania Shivya Kadhambari Pushpa Aayush and many others on this site.
    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
    Now coming to the episode, I actually can’t believe this Tyagi is still in cahoots with Daksh and happy to take revenge with money motive. Nikhil is now reunited with them. Preposterous!!!!
    Shivaay why don’t you still get it that Anika loves you only?? She is giving a lot of passing hints. She is wearing the same Chunri and she has the very mangalsutra that you tied round her neck and yet you do not get any hints. How can you expect Anika to come and tell you that she only wants you. She is just middle class woman and you are very rich. Anika may think that you would want a middle-class girl as your wife. You are torturing yourself by giving her divorce papers. How painful it must be for her to want to sign on the papers? Shivaay you are suffering and you are letting Anika suffering but you don’t realise the three musketeers are rejoicing over your stupidity Shivaay. Shivaay you never exercise any foresight and it is very sad. Even Om can see clearly that both of are not happy but Shivaay you have hardened your heart thinking Anika will not accept you as her husband. I only wished that Anika could have told Nikhil that since you keep suspecting my character I do not want to marry you.
    What I don’t understand is when Shivaay forcefully married her and labelled her mistress and gave her character certificate of course she was enraged but sad. Then she took such a long time to forgive him. But two times Nikhil has suspected on her character by saying she is characterless but Anika is silent. She never told Nikhil off and still going along with the motion of marriage. Doesn’t matter whether shivaay does not want to marry her but at least she should tell Nikhil off for suspecting her time and again.

    Goodnight everyone and love all of you

    1. Hlw Sindhu Di…
      Shivika are gone really mad
      They both still can’t figure out what they actually want….
      Koun samjhayega inhe…..
      I want Annika to give a tight slap on Nikhil Face….

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      I think Anika is not approaching to Shivaay with her emotions vocally because she wants Shivaay to realize it himself-what she wants.And Shivaay’s problem is he thinks Anika loves Nikhil and he came in between them.But I don’t know what exactly Shivaay is thinking about those many hints Anika is giving.

    3. Luthfa

      Looks like he is denying Anika deliberately but he knows the truth.Moreover he is confused on “Anika’s happiness” and its destination.He is not considering anything but Nikhil to make Anika happy.Until Anika make him free from his guilt zone of marrying her forcefully,Shivaay is going to stay like that.

    4. Luthfa

      Shivika need to open up and talk about that incident properly.This is past but Shivaay is not ready to accept it.He is doing everything taking that marriage stunt,the sole responsible of Anika’s misery and suffering.They have to clear this mess first then I think Shivaay can get peace of heart and will start responding to Anika’s feelings.And only Anika can do that.Nice analysis di.Lots of love to you too?

  5. And a biggest sad news
    TEJVI ARE BACK..????????????????
    Don’t know redux main kya karenge.

    1. Luthfa

      Hope so but I don’t trust their intentions.And I am missing Bani on Jhanvi’s return?

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys, hope everyone had happy weekend.
    1st congrats to all for the Trp.
    Nd after soo many day comments has crossed 110 I think soo….
    Redux has completed 50 episode.
    Arpita dear for ur 50th chapter of love vs destiny.
    Okk come on shivay still how anika muct say tht she considers UR’S nd her marriage . Ur nt getting it. Y ur ? is nt flashing tubelight Anna Sry…. Come on open ur eyes.
    Irritating nikil. Actually I thought it could b om who sent vedio bt nooo. Soo daksh don’t leave came back again all the villian r united. Then now time to planing action nd ti ti piss of then nd uniting of shivka. Missed to c new mangalsutre of anika… Pool side convasation was??. Anika was looking too good in tht chunri… Guys can anyone from which movie is tht song kaise bataye. ???
    Luthfa dear :its OK continue it Wen u will become free by plz complete it will b waiting for it. Once think don’t forget to make Rumya as pair in ur FF u may consider it as request r an order?????..

    1. Hi I Jeevi..
      THAT song is from the movie AJAB PREM KI GAZAB KAHANI
      ..starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif…
      Yeh thanx….
      Thank God rain is stooped in KERALA
      Bas ab sab kuch thik ho jaye.
      Yes after so many day comment was 110+
      Time nahi mil rahi na…

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      Shivaay is not tube light but pretending to be one.May God help him realize his real feelings soon and make him accept as well.And that song is from Aajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani.And thank you soooo…very much for understanding me.Okay,for Rumya your wish will be my command.Are you happy now?Lots of love?

  7. JeevithaTK

    Nd shivka always mentioning kismat kismat tht reminds of kasam serial v. Badly…..
    Guys plzzz anyone clarify my biggest douht from yesterday my head is breaking tht rudra and Soumya got married in real life they became Rumya.. Tht’s the reason rudra nd coming to ib plz any one tell is this real news ????r fake news?????

    1. Jeevi dear.
      Forget Rumya.they will never come back again……
      Can’t even tell how much I am missing them.??????????
      And your DP.
      ……….making me emotinal..

    2. AAYUSH

      Jeevitha I dont think they got married in real life otherwise it must be on news or at least Instagram but no marriage pics and nothing is there so it must be a rumour I guess and Kaise bataye Kyo tujhko chahe song is of rabbit kapoor movie AJAB PREM NO GAZAB KAHANI.

    3. Luthfa

      Haven’t seen Kasam but it was there too?Anyway,I have not seen such news anywhere dear.I think it’s a rumour.And Lee is off to vacation.Actually it’s been long.Now he should return.Let’s see?

  8. heard that this shadi wala drama will continue till end of August. means this week sangeet…Next week se shadi wala drama start hogi.
    I am eagerly waiting for shivika’s grand reunion.
    also senior oberoy’s are back. I hope tej will play a positive role in this redux track.
    but please makers shadi drama start kijiye…aur jada maat drag karna ye track…
    aur na audience aagar bore hi gaya ti trp phirsr girne lagegi..bohot mushkil se trp badhi…

    1. Me too Shamrin dear.hope so….
      Ye shaddi drama khatam hojaye fir dekhenge agge ka…

    2. Luthfa

      I have no hope on Tej being positive in Redux.But in Redux,everything got changed so he can be positive.Let’s see?

  9. Luthfa

    How I wish I could tell you what actually I want Anika!How I wish I could make you hear my heart’s true wish!You don’t know what I feel every time when I see Nikhil around you,close to you.My heart starts going down and down in pain,watching you and him,together.But what can I do?I am helpless because of my own fate,because of me.What you have gone through because of that marriage stunt of mine,don’t allow my heart to be in peace at all.I am trying to make everything like before by uniting you and Nikhil to see you happy but in all these,I have lost my own happiness.I broke your marriage,forced you to marry me and because of me you had to bear humiliation,hatred and what not,only for me.Those moments haunt me like anything whenever I remember how heartless I was when I married you like that.I had turned your most beautiful dream into the worst nightmare,a lifelong blessing turned into a curse,because of me and my actions.I can’t be forgiven in any birth for what I did to you.Now I want to watch those happiness,smile and love to be back in your life which I took away from you and for that,I will do anything.But you are making my works difficult to complete through your objections for everything I do.Why don’t you understand that I want to see you happy?I want to see your smile which will adorn your lips in genuine happiness.I want to see your eyes are brimming with the joy of a beautiful life,again.Whatever I am doing,those are meant for you,every single thing.I made you cry a river without any reason and now I won’t let it happen again.And for that,if I need to sacrifice my own happiness,I won’t back out.But you are making me weak.I don’t want to fall weak at any cost.It will hurt me,is hurting me but I can’t help it.I am destined to these pain and suffering.And I have traded with my own Destiny,happily,for you and your happiness.

    1. Luthfa di, reading ur comments make my emotions wake up ???
      Take it as compliment di, u really hav a gud writing skill??

    2. Luthfa

      Awwwww….So sweet of you JO dear.Thank you sooooo….very much for your love.Love you dear?

    3. a favour on me.
      Plz jake Sso ki gale main baith jao.aur ye sab bul walo Sso se..Badi meherbani hogi..

    4. Ur comments are??

    5. Luthfa

      Are mein to khushi khushi ready hoon jake uske gale main baith ne keliye par,chance bhi to milna chahiye na?Tum mere ek favour karo,thora meri sifarish kardo baki mein sambhal lungi.Kya bolti ho?Itna nahi kar sakte mere liye tum darling????

    6. Oh Luthfa not again….. you made cry. Very beautiful. I don’t want Shivaay to trade destiny. They can wrong the right now if shivika wants to. Anika is ready but Shivaay can’t as he is so guilt ridden on what he had done to her. He is ashamed of himself. He himself is assuming that anika will hate him for the rest of his life for dragging her as he carried her to do the rounds.

      I think his heart is hurting every time he hunks of that moment but Anika has already forgotten what he did to her because for her shivaay is everything now to her.

    7. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I am sooooooo….sorry for making you cry once again.The thing is Shivaay is stuck to this point that because of him,Anika’s marriage was called off so it’s his responsibility to fix it.In doing so he is ignoring every other thing.He is drinking the poison pain willingly to provide Anika her destined nectar filled life.He is suffering silently but won’t tell anything.What can we do?Anyway,thank you soooooo….very much for your valuable appreciation.Love you di?

  10. Hi guys… 2day episode.. I thought anni will say to nikkil tat u suspect me n my character.. So i won’t forgive u… But reversevise nikkil ask for forgiveness.. ??
    SSO u said its nothing between both of u but u looked anni full of vishaad in ur eyes… U said her happiness is wat u need… Omg billu tum neisamjah ithini piyaar aap aur annika…
    I think 2moro can watch more exciting track of IB… In sanggeet SSO n anni will do romantic dance performance for sure… may b got huge twist… I hope for it….
    Mangalsutra scene… which anni said it is her wish to wear which Mangalsutra… She alrdy gv him a hint… Tat she want SSO…. But they still want to knw by their kismaat…
    OK at last pls IB team… I request u to kill Dks, Thiya n nikkil…. c u all in nxt epi…
    Gd nite guys… ?

    1. Annika has given enough hints.
      But this Sso can’t think beyond Guilt…..
      Same request from my side too??
      Somebody kill them

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Jessie dear,
      I think Anika let Nikhil go because she didn’t want to make the situation more complicated.Already everything is in a mess so it’s better not to create more.Yesterday’s episode was really amazing.From villains to Shivika’s conversation and confrontation.Upcoming is really interesting.Let’s see.Take care?

  11. One more amazing episode

    1. Yup….Priti dear

    2. Luthfa

      Yes dear.I just loved yesterday’s episode?

  12. runing a man’s life while shivika proudly say we r waiting for our density to deicide…like seriously…is marriage a joke, i know nikhil is a fraud but they regard him a good man and they r just hurting him saying they r playing density game on d wedding day anika would say her desnity is with shivay so so so predictable foolish track….this whole redux is soooooo meaningless..where in d world is bhavya? is she even a part of this so called ishqbazzi of 3 brothers….can we ever get to hear rikara’s saathiya BG song with a proper scene no i guess neever

  13. runing a man’s life while shivika proudly say we r waiting for our density to deicide…like seriously…is marriage a joke, i know nikhil is a fraud but they regard him a good man and they r just hurting him saying they r playing density game on d wedding day anika would say her desnity is with shivay so so so predictable foolish track….this whole redux is soooooo meaningless..where in d world is bhavya? is she even a part of this so called ishqbazzi of 3 brothers….can we ever get to hear rikara’s saathiya BG song with a proper scene no i guess neever

  14. Mona_2005

    Today’s episode was again a tremendous episode
    How did that nikhil shout at anika, but really i didn’t like shivaay to gave explanation to nikhil instead he should punch him on his face

    Anika’s words were so much correct, there is no trust b/w them, nikhil is just a money minded greedy men

    Kamina daksh, tyagi aur nikhil
    Like really daksh was 1 of the business men in London and now planning with roadside nithala nikhil
    Nikhil u were anika’s childhood how could u become so low for money, u are a kalak on friendship
    And this tyagi yaar journalism ko badnaam mat karo and media reported are not that greedy
    Daksh ko tu kya khana, he will remain the same, cheapest of all
    Chalo ache bale me baat Kar le
    So sweet of u so that u supported anika, yaar TU Banda TU buhut acha hai bas dimaag ki kami hai
    Anika, shivaay’s happiness is with u only
    Deep inside he must be feeling like
    My happiness lies within u, u are special to me, maybe u the bestest thing happen to me in my life
    Vaise mere khalal se kismat hi chahti thi ki shivika ki Shaadi hu, bas shivaay ek medium tha and our beloved shivaay is thinking opposite
    K we all know that shivika will be unitied
    Excited for upcoming episodes
    Pls every1 vote for ib in ita
    And sorry if u are really disturb with my hinglish
    I write like this only, will try to improve it

    1. He Mona why we will get distrubed by Hinglish..
      Kuch bhi.
      I really loved your analysis….perfect.
      Yeh Sso’s happiness lies in Annika only….
      But this banda is the bhandar of confusion……..??

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,
      That TND gang think themselves to be very smart.But they don’t know that they are dealing with Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Their countdown just started.That mirror scene was so beautiful and lovely.Billu apni Biwi ki Beauty main kho gaya!And it’s absolutely fine dear.You need not to worry.Very nice analysis.Take care?

  15. IshqbaazFan

    how to on ita awards?

      Pagals.Ishqbaaz always give us entertainment.
      So it is our time to give justice to the hard work of cast..
      So get ready to vote will multiple Ids…
      Voting LINK is going to open today at 12.00 pm..
      So make them win……

    2. Luthfa

      Links will be given in Twitter,Facebook,Insta etc.You can vote from there.And voting has started probably?

  16. @ Arpu
    @Jeevitha TK
    Sry ol, for not giving u reply before

    I wish, shivay understands wt anika want, as early as possible

    1. Luthfa

      It’s okay dear.And waiting for that only.Let’s see?

  17. Guys..don’t miss today episode and tomorrow.
    Some interesting stuff is coming..
    Gonna burn all in hotness?????????????..

    1. Omg…,??

    2. Riana

      Arpu… I just want to see shivika in a proper wedding outfit !!! ???????????????????

    3. Ur talking bout the p…. Scene??

    4. Luthfa

      Waiting to get burnt??????????

  18. Haaawwww!!!???

  19. Riana

    Cvs – Yaa you can ask questions !! ??

    Me – Who put cctv camera in mandir during shivika’s marriage ??…Who the hell was present that time during shivika’s furious wedding !!! ??

    Cvs – ??????????

    Me – Logic ?

    1. Lol cvs ko chop ho gayi

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