Ishq Subhan Allah 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir threatens to divorce Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara and Kabir comes out of board. Zara says Wasim must have threatened Abida to marry Qasim and then dont give statement here. Kabir says case is already then why are you thinking? Zara says Abida was ready to give statement against Wasim but she suddenly backed out, such big injustice is happening, Wasim and Qasim are together in this. Kabir argues with her. Some young people come there. One girl says to Kabir that you divorced her and now fighting her? this Zara cant decide anything, she should become a politician, Kabir ask them to not misbehave, one guy takes their photo and says this drama should be published, this Kabir cant do anything for nation but is a drama. Kabir breaks their phone and ask them to leave, he gives them money for phone and they leave. Kabir says to Zara that this is happening because you dont want to back out. Zara says I wont back down from supporting suppressed women.

Salma sees Kabir’s statement on TV and says to Irfan that you gave Zara this much freedom and see what is happening, Irfan says Zara was fighting for truth, I feel like she was used by someone from behind, she have started this fight, now she has to prove it, I am worried that she might to return home but Zara have the guts to fight, God has given her strength to take stand for poor people, dont worry, she will handle it.

Shahbaz gets call from Hashmi. Hashmi says think about your son’s future, I thought to make his future nice but I dont think he can do anything, his wife has made fun of him and he couldnt do anything, you want him to become head priest but people are saying that his own wife doesnt listen to him so who will? make him listen to you otherwise he will never become head priest. Shahbaz says I will talk to him, he ends call. Hashmi asks his man, who sent media outside sharia board.

Miraj meets Wasim and Qasim, Wasim says you did great by sending media to Kabir and Zara, are you against Zara? Miraj says they are my enemies, they killed my brother Siraj, I will make Kabir divorce Zara and then I will make her my mistress, I will insult her so much, I will make her my servant, I will take all revenge, he leaves. Nilofar hears all that and leaves. Qasim says to Wasim that when I will divorce Abida? Wasim says you can stay with her, Qasim says you gave me 25K out of 50K which was decided amount for me to marry Abida, Wasim says if you want to divorce Abida then do it but you will have to bear expenses then, I just wanted to be free, Qasim says this is not right, Wasim asks him to leave otherwise he will not spared, Qasim gets angry and leaves.

Shahbaz asks Kabir to talk to him, Zara goes to her room. Shahbaz says you do know what people are talking about? Kabir says sorry, Zara went with flow and forgot the matter in sharia board. Shahbaz says enough of taking her side, if you want to become head priest then you have two choices, either become a follower of Irfan or become a leader for this nation, if you choose second option then Irfan will have to make you head priest, take care of your wife, you have to control Zara, before Zara’s husband, you are a leader of people, you have to serve them, promise me you will do it. Kabir nods.

Qasim beats Abida and says if Wasim doesnt give my money back then I wont spare you. Abida says its not my mistake, he says it is and beats her.

Alina says to Zara that I prayed so much that you win the case. Zara says dont worry, God knows whats best, he takes care of everything. Kabir comes there and asks Alina to leave. Alina leaves. Kabir asks Zara to sit down, she does. Kabir says Abida’s issue is solved, we found solution for that, he sits infront of her and says as your husband, I want to beg you to stop thinking about this case. Zara says injustice happened with a girl and you are saying that? Kabir says sharia board took the decision, you told me to follow decisions of board, Zara says sharia board was fooled, people cheated to present some lie in board and as a member, its my duty to bring truth out. Kabir says Abida, Qasim, Wasim all gave statement that no one was forced, when people dont want to change their conditions then you cant do anything, you reopened this case but even then you couldnt prove anything, both our families are insulted, he holds her hand and says please be with me on this and stop this. Zara says you take my side too, Abida was threatened, Wasim might have threatened her to not say anything in board. Kabir says enough, I am tired of your acts, tomorrow you will go and give resignation in board and if you dont do it then I will have to do which I dont want to, I will divorce.. Zara is stunned to hear that. Kabir glares at her and says give resignation from sharia board tomorrow, he leaves.

Scene 2
Zara is lying in bed. Abida’s daughter calls Zara and says Qasim will kill my mother, Wasim threatened her to not say anything board, Qasim is beating her, please save her. Zara hears Abida crying in background and Qasim beating her. She is tensed.

In morning, Zara and Kabir offer prayers. Zara looks at him and smiles, he asks what? she says nothing and prays to God.. Suddenly Zara realizes that Kabir is not with her and she is imagining. She finishes her prayers. Kabir comes there with an envelope. He calls Zara and says your resignation is ready, go to board and give it, I have talked to Irfan, he will accept it. Zara glares at him. Kabir says just give it in board. Zara says I remember when I wanted to resign from board, you told me that you agree as a husband but as a board member, they would lose a good member so you are asking as husband today or as member? Kabir says to Zara that go to sharia board at 4PM and give this resignation, Zara says there are 4 hours in 4PM, I will reach sharia board and bring justice to Abida in that time. Kabir says enough, you couldnt do anything in all these days so what you cant do in hours? Zara says there is always hope, I will do something that will make you and all others believe me. Kabir says okay do as you want but if you bring disrespect our family then I .. and I am asking you to resign as your husband, as board member and as a son of this family, Zara takes resignation letter from him, he asks her to give it.

PRECAP- Wasim grabs Qasim and says I gave you 25K for nikah halala and you will give statement against me in sharia board? Zara hears all that and records it on her phone. Wasim and Qasim sees her. They run behind her. Zara sits on her scooty and tries to runaway.
All are waiting for Zara in sharia board, one member says Zara will not come on time. Irfan says my daughter follows her words, she will surely come, Kabir looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Leisa s morris

    Such an injustice to abida, just to get out from giving her money wasim married her to qasim with on intention of remarrying her, of course ,now quasim realizing he is not gonna get d rest of his money beats abida like shes d one at fault. Yet still kabir isnt goin to think for himself instead he is letting himself be used as a pawn by these three men, his father, miraj and hashmi. I thought he was an educated man but guess he he is only educated on d laws of islam made by man. Laws dat victimize and punish a woman and gives her no rights but pass her aroand like a piece of commodity dey dont want. If I was zara I will just say tilak tilak,tilak and b done with it cause kabir definitely dont deserve her. Although he told her dont change seems dat is exactly wat he wants her to do.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Another ting how can one ever enjoy a married life with d constant threat of divorce hangin over ur head. Every time u diagree he throws divorce in ur face to hell with all dat uno just divorce me and done wei

  2. The truth is neither the society nor the family wants the woman to fight the injustice either for herself or for the principles she believes in….They just want her to keep quiet and look after her family….if she dares to disobey them , she has to face not only the ire of her family like Kabir and his father are doing now but the wrath of the society as well….I hated Kabir’s male ego today…he could n’t digest the reporters’ taunts about his inability to control his wife….to add fuel to the fire ,his father has cashed in his hurt ego by talking about like family honour at stake and playing with his emotions….and he threatens Zara with talaq…the question is how will Zara manage this guy who prefers to personalise even professional differences and threaten her with talaq…how can this be called ‘love’… Ofcourse love doesn’t mean losing your individuality but mutual respect is very important in a relationship….As of now Kabir seems to be ignorant of it…

  3. Kabir is definitely not one in search of truth or justice. He will hide behind his limited viewpoint, tradition and public sentiment. He would not even consider if Zara could be right. And then, he childishly threatens Zara with divorce. Really? Let him go. He is too immature. For every disagreement it is talaq. Sometimes we think there is growth in his character, only to see him falling right back to square one. It will just be more of the same….. repeatedly.
    And this Nikah Halala law….could never have been conceived by women….and definitely doesnot protect them but opens them to abuse….so heartrending……….

  4. Hey Naz!! i posted a link to where i live and what’s been going on with Huge forest fires burning out of control(last count 538 fires) in the next Province over from me…Air Quality has been insane and i’ve been suffering with horrible headaches, i Thank God that i don’t have any respiratory issues like COPD or Asthma. I do lurk and comment when i can some serials like Kaleerin i’m taking a break from because of the storyline…jumping for joy that PA and Mehek are done, and i’ve seen you on KKB..that show just makes me laugh now…I’m waiting for Pushki and Shantanu to grow up in Yeh Teri Galiyan then i will watch more then i do now. August is always a fun and busy month for me, my Sister and i hit all the summer festivals and we are heading to the last of the season which is my favourite “Edmonton Fringe festival, where actors come from all over the world come and put on their productions for us…i love plays and love it so much that my sister and i rent a hotel room right where the action is so we don’t waste time travelling back to our respective homes. LOL have my suitcase out and clothes everywhere.

    1. Oh dear Cathy…I sympathize with your plight, I really hope that you and your loved ones are ok….I also enjoy stage plays and although I’ve seen my ultimate best love story stage adaptation the Phantom of the Opera across here, I swear I have to see the Broadway version at least once in my lifetime, that’s my ultimate travel goal for the unpredictable future…hey girl, you and your sister, live it up!!! I can actually see the strewn clothes on the floor???…better soak in the sun because you need to remember how essential the sun is when winter rolls in…but those fires…sounds alarming. I’ll check out the link….anyways, I also go up on the KKB forum for the comments, I don’t care a flying fig whether Tanu and Aliya is a couple, whether Abhi gets more jealous with each passing day when he see King with Pragya, the nerve of him, after he kicked the woman out of his life, he thinks he can have her without a fight …however, I get my fun reading those comments, Akituster is a gem, I think that’s a male viewer, what do you think?? Learning to cook the Indian dishes mentioned kinda made me think so but I won’t ask…which Indian woman cannot cook ehhh!! So it’s gotta be a male!! Sigh sigh sigh….you enjoy your plays, I’m envious at the moment…take care Cathy…??

  5. Is wife a commodity or an animal where husband or father or whom so ever pleases controls her?????Its disgusting to watch all the injustice happening with women weather be it Hindu or Muslim Men. My friend was married off at the age of 15 years old…when i saw her after 5 years, she already had 2 kids and was looking like she might roll over an die. Poor girl was tortured day in and day out but refused to seek any help as her parents threatened her with dire consequences if she even thought of leaving her husband. Its so sad as this show brings back the memories of my friends that also faced injustice and at a very young age.

  6. Friends….It’s not farfetched to realize that while some serials are ridiculous and are a mockery, whether socially or religiously , there are others which highlight and expose life in the society or social problems what some are ashamed or reluctant to admit exists. In this serial, i firmly believe that there are cases such as Abida’s but now that we see it being a part of the script here , some are seriously offended and that’s why defences are mounted to try to defend, it’s rightly said that the truth offends. Lakshmi, as a Hindu woman, you weren’t afraid to point out the inequalities of your religion, it doesn’t mean that you were criticizing the religion, I know that you were making us aware that regardless of whichever religion, women still go through so much humiliation, inequality, castigation, subjugation, countless times of rape, even from their own husbands and we should have a unbiased view when it comes to these issues and not allow our religious beliefs to pamper the mean men in society. I’m not surprised by Kabir’s attitude, he depicts the typical male mind, not all males though and this is just what I was saying on the last day’s forum and two viewers ?? became highly offended..just because Zara refuses to cower in fear of her husband, family and society and she demands the truth in Abida’s case, Kabir threatens her with divorce again…what the heck….is that reasons why you should divorce your wife?? These things does happen in families, few are highlighted, those who speak out against atrocities or those who wants to get an education like Malala Yousafzai (hope I spelt her name correctly) are potential targets of their male family members where they can be blown away in smithereens because they are brave enough to demand equality. Look at the man on the sharia board, with the exception of Irfan, all of them have huge egos, even though they are so religious, they plot, malign, and ridicule women who come to them for justice as in Zara’s previous case. These things does happen in families and closed societies but its hidden…..If so many Muslims from the Middle Eastern countries think that they are happy with the laws there, they shouldn’t go seek asylum in the West but there are thousands and thousands of families trying tooth and nail to get their children to the West because they want a to educate their daughters! The daughters living in Eastern countries who are doctors, lawyers or humanitarian, have fathers like Irfan…they believe their daughters have a contribution to make to society and knows that they’ll make them proud.

  7. I should thank the production team of ISA for giving Zara the willpower to fight for women on this fictional platform…she’s strong minded, courageous and caring, my only problem is that she accepts too much threats and verbal abuse from Kabir….for all the education Kabir has, it’s only book sense, no common sense… as for Miraj….It’s been so long since I spoke on this character….what a low life….good that he admits who he really is…Siraj’s brother….and it’s good that Nilofer, Wasim and Qasim knows as well….somebody’s gonna spill the beans who know, maybe when Abida and husband appear in front of the sharia board again, and Zara plays her recording, then Wasim will expose Miraj and his intent to come between Zara and Kabir, then Kabir will realize what a monumental fool he is…and that Zara was right and would always support what is right…

  8. KABAR and SAADI…..i like your comments on last forum, KABAR, how right you are..????….I do call a spade as such, I don’t say it’s a shovel….good critical thinking.

  9. Linda Balboul

    I think this track will end up with the him divorcing her 3 times and regretting it. He will try to resolute to halala nikah and the obviously Miraj would be the potential candidate with all parties pressuring Kabir to accept that.
    I also think the writers will push for a forced halala with Miraj as the candidate in which Zara will fight hard for it not to happen. She will also give up on the idea of changing Kabir and wanting to be in a marriage relationship with him.
    This series is tackling the man made common shari’a laws that are not part of the genuine Islam holy practices that give women all the rights needed to preserve their dignity and stabilize family balance.
    Kabir will change his ways of orthodox thinking but after losing Zara,

    1. I agree with you Linda….seriously, it should really end up with Kabir giving 3rd talak to Zara to complete the divorce, I know Zara will defend herself and emerge victorious but Kabir need to learn a lesson the hard way, otherwise he won’t see the folly of his hotheadedness anger and behavior. I really wish that writers go in this direction, they really had this script all well thought off…kudos to them. I would enjoy seeing kabir’s actions thereafter if Miraj has to be the potential “husband “…he’ll wish he was dead….because he does love Zara and losing her to Miraj much less another man, will make him beast and the nerve of him asking her to drop off her resignation makes my blood boil….

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