Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Manisha enters the party

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Prithvi enters the house but Sherlin is already waiting for him, they start to argue and he says that she must talk with him in a respectful manner otherwise he will not talk with her, they both start to argue over it at which she says that she is getting tensed over Karan he is going to destroy her life and she cannot bear it, he says that she must not worry and he will Take care of it. She asks him the plan but they both start to fight over who saved who more. She asks him but he says that he will not tall her, she insists and he agrees saying that he will destroy Karan prestige and he will make him a mouse from a lion, Sherlin gets shocked and asks in amazement about what kind of a bomb is it, he says that it is not a real bomb Rather a person who will destroy his self-respect so much that his family and friends will move away from him, She asks him and he shows her the picture of that Girl.

Karan is in the party an that girl reaches him, Sameer gets preoccupied with a girl who is talking film dialogues, she says that she love shim and cannot share him with anyone, she asks him to have a drink with her and he agrees, she goes and starts to have a fight with someone, Sameer sees Karan and wonders how he is able to do such a thing as he cannot do it, he then runs from there.

Shrishti is talking on the phone about how she feels regarding Sameer and finally says that she loves him, she is just practicing and then feels that why must she tell him that she loves him as she wants to hear it from his mouth, she gets angry but calms down and starts to practice again, she tries again and again but it si not right and she feels to say something else but decides to close the door, she accidentally calls him and says all that she wants to, he does not understand  and asks her but she does not know that he sa actually there and when he asks her she gets confused. He says that she must take some time and think of what she has to say regarding him, he start to wait but she is thinking of what she will say, he then asks her and she says that she is missing him and wants top talk with him, they start to talk when the girl comes back and she gets angry and cuts the call.

The girl is following Karan and is unable to catch him tries her best to make him fall in her trap, Karan is with his team talking about the new Physio wondering if she is better then the last one as otherwise it will be no good. Sameer is trying to call Shrishti but is unable to reach her, he wonders if it is because of the party and so decides to go outside to call and finally talk with her.

Preeta is meeting with the team members, he introduces them, she asks if she can go and gets some water, Karan is thinking of the times he spent with Preeta and even feels that’s he is there but is not able to spot her, Karna is stopped by a fan who some and says that she is Manisha and is a big fan of his and is the daughter if his selection committee chairman and pressurizes him to select him. he gets offended saying that he thought he was selected because of his merit, she says that she is just kidding but then she asks him to sign on her neck, then he also agrees and she makes him fall in the trap, Prithvi is with Sherlin and they both are watching Manisha who signals them that their plan is working and she will  make Karan pay, Prithvi says that when Karan sent Tapse after him he knew of his plan and so is still with his love that is Sherlin but now he has sent his girl after him and Karan will face failure and Manisha is a time bomb and will do anything, Sherlin says that this is a good news as now Preeta will lose two of his closest guys, her friends and Fiancé but Prithvi thinks that she will only lose Karan and he will not end their engagement and when she is alone he will give her his shoulder to lean on.

Karan goes to the bar and Manisha comes after him saying that she is blessed to meet him as she is his big fan, he also agrees when a businessman comes asking him to be a brand ambassador to his business but he says that he will only listen to his elder brother and they can talk with him regarding anything, Manisha asks the servant to come meet her, she tells him what he has to do and also pays him money saying that he must do everything otherwise she will hurt him.

Karan turns around and Manisha is with him, he is handed his scotch but is accidentally dropped on Manisha, Karan gets furious and Manisha asks him to come with her to help her wash clothes.

Precap: Karan is on the dance floor with Preeta and they are having fun when Prithvi comes between them.

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  1. Charmin Anderson

    This show is so stupid, it’s not funny. Same story line from the start until now, KumKum has jumped 7 years, so that should have affected the time of this show as Abhi and Pragya is still being mention but this show is still showing in the present pace. I am so over the preetan, i am so over the show having one brother head over heels in love with a girl and making a fool of him self, while the girl is in love with the other brother who she is not matched for under the the guise of friendship. I am bored with this story line, i am bored with the sister show, i am just bored overall with this show. Get rid of privithi, get rid of Sherlyn, get rid of the miserable aunt and let’s get on to the plot that was originally advertised.

  2. We all know what is going to happen in this show it will end up just like kumkum bhagya….. sherlin and privithi will win all the time, sherlin will loss the baby get married to rishad and privithi will marry preeta and they will live happily ever after. …just like tuna and her side kick

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