Bepannah 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya and Arshad’s first meeting

Bepannah 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya is smiling to himself. He remembers what all happened tonight. Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays in the background. Mad girl! He touches his pocket and realises something.

Anjana ties Sakshi’s hands. I don’t want to torture you. Why do you force me though? Sakshi asks her if she has even a bit of humanity left. I will surely get out of here one day. God is watching everything. You will get your due soon. Anjana tells her that God has probably turned his face away from her just like she can shut her mouth for once and all.

Aditya starts looking for the letter. He gets Noor’s call. He knows she wants to apologize. He says it isn’t worth forgiving. How can you do that? Noor says I wanted the dinner to go smoothly. What did you guys talk about? He disconnects the call. She wonders what really happened on the date. No one is telling me anything!

Anjana asks Doc to give injection to Sakshi. She shouldn’t wake up for 2 days straight. I don’t want her to create a fuss in the party! She twists Sakshi’s face angrily. I got my son after so long. I cannot let anyone come between us! Doc gets nervous seeing her reaction.

Zoya wakes up. I have a very bad headache. Noor tells her to eat an egg. It will make you feel better. Zoya asks her about the juice. What was in it? I don’t remember anything. Noor says Mithilesh ji and Shawn were restocking Bar in Huda House. They only gave it to me. Zoya panics realising she might have had alcohol. Noor nods. It might have happened by mistake. Wasim says there is no scope for mistake now.

Anjana tells Vinod she will handle security herself. Vinod reasons that they have already spoken to an agency and Zoya has added it in the budget too. She tells him to remove it.

Aditya wonders why Zoya hasn’t come till now. Did she find the letter? He calls out to Akansha and asks about Zoya. Akansha tells her she wont come today. Wasim Uncle called to tell that. Aditya nods.

Zoya says the event is due tomorrow. there is a lot to do. Wasim advises her to go tomorrow. You have to go with me today. Her mother also tells her not to worry. Entire staff is there. Why do you have to go there always? Abbu is asking you something after so many days. Don’t say no. Wasim asks Noor to look after everything. Keep Zoya’s name intact. Noor nods. Abbu stopped Appi and is sending me to Huda House. What are Abbu and Ammi up to? She goes. Wasim thanks Zoya for listening to him. She looks helplessly at her mother who nods at her.

Zoya asks her mother what’s going on but she too has no clue. Abbu has not asked you anything before. Get ready. She tells her husband about it. Tell her the truth. Zoya starts looking for her earring. She notices a paper lying on the floor and picks it. She is about to read it when her Ammi calls out to her. She keeps in the drawer and heads outside.

Aditya wonders why uncle called. Did he find that letter? Akansha tells him that she is going to the market in near Zoya’s home. You can give me a message to tell her if you want. Aditya offers to drop her. Aditya brings Akansha to the market. She is holding DJ equipment file. He offers to take it to Zoya’s house. She sweetly declines calling him their client but he keeps pulling at the file. Go and have Panipuri. They will close the shop soon. She goes. Aditya thinks to meet Zoya to find out why she dint come there.

Aditya meets a small girl. She invites him to meet her on August 13 (from serial Chakor). They both say good luck to each other. She runs off in another direction. Aditya is about to drive when a lady asks for his help. Soemthing has happened to my daughter. He notices a guy pointing a small knife at the girl. He runs towards him, holds his hand firmly and hits him hard. He tries to help the girl but the guy pushes him aside. He marks a cut on his neck and puts a straw there. Keep breathing. Ambulance also comes there. Ward boys take the girl on the stretcher. The guy tells them to take the girl to Dr. Dixit’s clinic. He calls Dr. Dixit and explains the situation. He is Arshad. The lady thanks him for the timely help. Aditya apologizes to Harshad. Harshad says sometimes what we see isn’t the truth and vice versa. I am ok. He drives away.

Noor is irked to see Anjana talking to Arjun. She is always talking to her sons. Someone’s phone starts ringing. It is from Hospital. She is about to receive the call when Anjana snatches it out of her hand. Do you and your sister don’t understand the meaning of privacy? One gets inside someone’s shower and the other one picks a phone like that. Noor says sorry to her and begins to explain but Anjana cuts her off. Tell these sisters to stay away from me and my family. I don’t like either of them intervening in any affairs of my family! Saying so, she walks away. Noor asks Arjun how he handles his mom. Arjun tells her to focus on Bhai and Zoya. I am worried about them. Shawn gives her something to taste.

Aditya rings the doorbell. Zoya’s mother opens the door. She tries to send him back saying that some important guests are here but he steps inside the house. It will only take a minute. He watches someone hugging Zoya and praising her. Wasim hugs Arshad. Arshad notices him and looks at him curiously. Wasim isn’t happy to see Aditya. Zoya too is taken aback to see him there.

Precap: Arshad greets Aditya. It is nice meeting you again. Zoya asks him about their first meeting. Arshad points at the mark on his face. He is the one who gave it to me. Wasim asks him how dare he hurt his would be SIL?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Neha1

    I may be wrong, but today I hate Waseem for Zoya-Arshad alliance…. Worried for Adi….what will happen when Adi ges to know….about Arshad-Zoya…!

  2. So finally Arshad has come to complicate Adiya love story !!!! 🙁

  3. Priyu

    Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja

  5. Ooshi

    Episode was nice
    Adi ???

  6. Ooshi

    Precap interesting

  7. Awesome episode…in the first meeting itself adi gave me him a sweet memory… I think arshad should leave now or else he will get such gifts by our adi…OMG wasim uncle said my would be SIL in front of adi…he will be heartbroken once again and we can’t see that
    Adi just go and break that guys face on behalf of us… And this anjana is damn annoying just end her drama
    She is just too much there is no need to mention that shower scene but she did can’t she and wasim uncle understand our Adiya
    Cuteness overloaded Adiya ??????
    Jenshad will get best pair award this year… Can’t wait up-to Monday?? don’t want to see our handsome heartbroken…thank God wasim uncle didn’t see the letter
    Waiting for Monday’s episode..

  8. Priyu

    I can’t see my Adi being cornered by Abbu and Zoya like this. How could you Abbu how dare you hurt my Adi dare to raise hand on him. You are so proud of your would be son in law right. You were always like this . So stubborn you think that only you are right. Don’t you. You didn’t allow your daughters likes and dislikes and their needs you don’t give freedom to them. You just want your daughter to get married to a person you like you wanted that from the very beginning but please at least don’t blame Adi is he a devil or are you blind because of your specs don’t you even see that he didn’t raise a word on you don’t you even see that Adi didn’t say a word against you didn’t you see how he obeyed you silently each and every time you blamed him . If you want your daughter to get married to a person you like, why don’t you marry that idiot by yourself instead of breaking Adi’s heart! You want to see your daughter happy right then why don’t you let her do what she likes why don’t you ask her likes and dislikes why don’t you give her freedom to take decisions anytime. It’s your problem you solve it by yourself but please don’t hurt Adi he is not responsible for your anger and disbelieves.
    I’m done with this.

    1. Neha1

      @Priyu, Even I can’t see “My Adi” heartbroken.? But I’m sure atlast AdiYa will unite… but I want to see How Zoya will realise her feelings for Aditya….

  9. Accordings to my opinion
    There will be heartback for Adi
    Zoya will be realized her feelings but she will get adi loves letter at final moment and they unite/seperate for dragging( adi leave without knowing zoya)

    2nd arshad will be negative, Adi will save zoya.but zoya will think adi negative after getting the letter . So a love hate drama.

    By the way i am with bepanah untill follow a good story.

    1. 1. Adi will no longer leave now bcos he has promised Zoya. So no matter what he will stand by her.
      2. Arshad is positive. He confirmed on Instagram.

    2. good to hear
      Arshad is only for 20 episodes
      I don’t like a dragging triangular love story: or a villain story

  10. I think arshad is positive. He gets to knw abt zoya’s feelings and help her in making her realize her love towards adi.

    1. But it was earlier reported that he will be after Zosh. But he is a doctor! I believe he earns well. He did a pro bono with the child he intubated.

    2. Lot of wrong spoilers floating around…Arshad as negative character was wrong spoiler…he himself has confirmed on Instagram that he is a positive character…n he will be in the show for a month approx 20 episodes..:)

  11. @pooja : in the precap, Wasim asks adi how dare he hurt his mehmaan(guests) ? He hasn’t said would be son in law. Point to be noted. Anyways adi will come to know that in the coming episode.

  12. @pooja : in the precap, Wasim asks adi how dare he hurt his mehmaan(guests) . He hasn’t said to adi that how dare he hurt his would be son in law. Point to be noted. Anyways adi will come to know that in the coming episode.

  13. Guys Arshad is a positive character. The person who acts as him said that Arshad is a nice, feministic guy and that’s why he accepted the role. So I think he’ll help the Adiya love track. I really hate Waseem right now. Him and Anjana are the main obstacles in front of Adiya. Waseem only knows how to be cautious about the wrong things. Hello how could you treat Aditya that way? The one who saved Zoya so many times

    1. Neha1

      You’re right Catbunn, I too hate Waseem…..the way he’s treating Adi, is like as if Adi was a criminal or what…! Infact, Adi had saved Zoya so many times…. but Waseem has become more protective/possessive towards Zoya since then he noticed Zoya-Adi’s bonding… And agreed. that Hooda’s will not accept Zoya as DIL so easily…. specially Psycho/possessive Mother-Anjana Hooda…Who hates Siddiqui’s sisters.!
      Well, Let’s see that how our AdiYa will be together as a love couple..!

  14. Neha1

    Jenshad….how they feel for completing 100 episodes of Bepanaah.

  15. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Arshad is really handsome! Even he is looking similar to Yash. I liked Jay in Nam Sabana movie.

  16. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Poor Aditya! Just hope Bepanah will not become typically boring love- triangle. Really bepanah lost it’s rythem,charm,freshness and uniqueness!

  17. I hate Wassim more than Anjana. At one point i can understand her, she was betrayed by her husband, rejected for a long time from her own son and her brain may have crashed. She needs medical care. Instead Wassim has not changed a millimeter from his attitude even after all has happened. He does not care if Adi is a decent person or not. The only thing that matters to him is that he is not chosen from him. He has not accepted Yash because it wasn’t his choise, he tried to get Noor fixed with some other guy, now through his condition is forcing Zoya to this alliance. He is the kind of father that think of his doughters to be his property.

    1. Ooshi

      There are two point of views about it
      Although every AdiYa lover will hate Wasim so as i but on the other hand religious difference can’t allow any father to permit his daughter to merry a Hindu while they are Muslims

  18. Neha1

    Behind the scenes of song “Tera hone laga hoon” performed by AdiYa..???

  19. Neha1

    Sehban Azim’s interview last night on completing 100 episodes of Bepanaah.

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