Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranbir refuses to marry Rhea

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The Episode starts with Doctor telling that Abhi is like live dead body and tells that he might harm himself one day that his life may end. Pragya asks if he will be fine and tells that Doctor is God in their village and asks him to find the treatment for him. Doctor says your thinking is positive, and asks her to give him care. He says may be he gets fine with your care. He asks him to keep him away from sudden happiness or shock, as his brain is not ready. He asks her to take him in confidence before doing anything. Tanu tells Rhea that she did what she wanted. Rhea hugs her. Tanu thinks Aaliya said right and tells that love is needed at the tough time. Rhea goes to change. Aaliya tells that Rhea will love her. Vikram and Pallavi come there. Raj tells that they called them to fix something. Aaliya asks Pallavi if she didn’t tell him. Pallavi says she didn’t tell him. Pragya comes inside. Mitali appreciates her for showing the courage and coming there again. Pragya says she didn’t want to come, but her mother sent her. She tells that she will not leave Mitali’s brother in law if he bites her again. Ranbir comes there and collides with Pragya. His CDs fall down. Pragya helps him pick it up. Ranbir thanks her and gives CDS to Aryan. Rhea comes downstairs.

Pragya gets emotional seeing her. Aaliya introduces Tanu as her best friend. Tanu tells that she gave a good proposal to Aaliya thinking Abhi will get fine seeing her happy. Vikram asks what? Aaliya says I have decided to get Rhea and Ranbir engaged now and marriage after 10 days. Ranbir is shocked. Rhea smiles. Aaliya says Bhai also wanted to do this, but this marriage is delayed due to his condition. She tells that they shall do his duty. Tai asks Mitali to send Gayatri to Abhi. They have the sweets. Pallavi says we shall get the kundalis match and Pandit ji told that their engagement shall happen within 3 days. Ranbir says no and tells her that his life is his and he will take all his life decisions himself. He says marriage is far away, I don’t want to do this engagement. He leaves followed by Pallavi and Vikram. Aaliya tells Rhea that Vikram and Pallavi will talk to him. Rhea shouts at her and asks what is his problem, it was Pallavi who wanted me to marry me. She goes. Pragya comes outside Abhi’s room and finds him sleeping on the floor. She thinks how to think about Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage. She thinks both are her daughters. Mitali comes there and asks what was she looking at. Pragya says I was seeing if he is sleeping or awake. Mitali asks her to give the medicine. Pragya says first I will check his injury and will apply him lep.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to listen to her. Ranbir tells that he didn’t want to listen to her and tells that he had agreed as he didn’t know the truth then. Pallavi asks what do he mean by that? Ranbir asks her to ask him. He tells that he had agreed as her condition was weak, but later he heard Doctor telling her that she is perfectly fine and has no heart problem. He tells that now he is not helpless to marry Rhea. He says first time she has lied to him. Pallavi says sorry Vikram, I just wanted them to marry. Vikram says a big lie? Pallavi says I want you to support me as even your friend Abhi wants them to marry. Aryan comes there. Pallavi asks him to tell Ranbir not to talk to her like that, as she is his mom.

The Servant tries to alert Pragya against Abhi and tells that Mitali tells that the man is an animal. Pragya gets angry and asks her not to say that. Mitali comes there. Pragya scolds her and asks her to respect her brother in law. She tells that she had gone, but her mother sent her back. She tells that she will fight with the circumstances. Ranbir tells his helplessness with Aryan and calls Prachi. Prachi picks the call and thinks why did he call me. Ranbir says sorry for following her and says I think you are not upset with me, tells that his family want him to get engaged to Rhea. He says he was very angry today, and thinking he would have married her that day in the temple. Rhea comes there and asks where is Ranbir? Vikram says he is in his room. Ranbir tells Prachi that we love each other and asks her to marry him. He tells that he will not have food. Rhea thinks why he don’t want to marry. Ranbir asks Prachi to say something atleast and says I should have married you that day in the temple, else this thing wouldn’t have happened today. Rhea hears him and gets shocked.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi if he likes when someone beats him. Abhi says don’t beat me, I feel pain. Pragya cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Samaila

    Lmfao like “I feel pain” when doctor says “he can’t feel anything” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ekta madam ki jai

  2. How tanu is back I thought she is dead? And ekta should hire new brains in her creative team. All of this keep on going in loop. After leap of 20 years leap I had many expectations and that was the reason why I started reading the episode again (didn’t watch because deep inside I knew Ekta kabhi nhi sudheregi)
    1. Kiara introduced as grey character (misunderstanding her parents after the accident) and after doing planning plotting gradually changing into positive.
    2. Riya and Prachi to join hands to reunite their parents and then keep fighting like cats.
    3. Aliya to get out of frame any new negative is introduced. Because alia’s reason for doing everything is so overdone now.
    4. Keeping Abhigya happy ever after and focusing of younger generation.

    Lekin duniya palat sakti par ekta mam apne 1000 saal purani story ko repeat karna nhi chod sakti 😂😂😏😫😫.

    1. Samaila

      Guys, what if plot twist, Kiara is Meera’s adoptive daughter

    2. Kiara is dead,Tanu was never dead

  3. K.Lakshmi lavanya

    Again dp track already you Weaste on 2 1/2 years. We are again watching this serial because of abhigya. Please stop this nonsense track with generation leap. We want abhigyas love story only

  4. Tanu Behaves As If Shes Married to Abhi. Vikram n Palavi Seem To Get Along Well With Aliya n Tanus Plan. I Thought Vikram Once Said To Abhi Pragya Is My Sister. Why Hasnt He Tried To Reach Her n Find Out If She n Prachi Need Any Help. Vikrams Knows Very Well How Much Abhi Loves Pragya n His Daughters.
    Non Of Them Are Bothered About Abhi. Sad To See Abhi Like This. His Love Of His Life Is The Only One Fighting To Cure Abhi n Bring Him Back.
    Wheres Purab Disha Sunny n Kiara They Will Help Abhigya To Be Together.Raj Mithali n Taiji Will Dance To Aliyas n Tanus Music As All They Need Is Money.
    Please Aliya n Tanu Hv To Be Out Of The Show Too Much Of Drama n Evil Plotting n Planning.

  5. Y do I get the feeling this is gonna end up like Abhi Meera wedding when Pragya stopped the wedding on the day and Prachi will do the same thing with Ranbir and Rhea. Srsly if Ranbir and Rhea end up together never watching this show and does Vikram have a voice or wat like y does he never say anything

  6. Samaila

    If Ranbir ends up with Mini Chudail, then imma kill Anil straight away

    1. It seems this show will go in the direction of the Pavitra Rishta.
      I’ve seen the previous commentators (before the lockdown), who no longer comment on the serial discuss it and I somehow feel they were right! Once Abhi gets back to normal and accepts Pragya as his wife again, Rhea will force Prachi who will further force Ranbir to marry Rhea.

    2. It’s not going to be like pavitra rishta remember the sindoor scene in the mandir where ranbir had planned to marry prachi but than backed off but he accidently dropped sindoor on her hairline it’s a hint given by the makers that ranbir and prachi are meant for each other so when rhea and ranbir marriage track will come ranbir will end up marrying prachi that’s for sure cause happens in all of ekta’s serials

    3. O god plz no anything but that…… Will Ranbir rly listen 2 Prachi 2 marry Rhea do u rly think this will go in the Pavitra Rishta direction…. If it does then it’s just gonna make everything worse cuz Rhea will just keep making Prachi miserable and rubbing it in her face and torture her even more god plz no anything but not Ranbir and Rhea plz!!!!

  7. I don’t think this will go in the Pavitra Rishta way cuz guys Ranbir isn’t a coward and look at him he’s literally fighting with everyone and he didn’t listen 2 Prachi before y would he listen 2 her now and besides in this show doesn’t it have some saying with those with bhagya end up together or something

    1. Yes ranbir will end up with prachi only I’m 100% sure cause of that sindoor which ranbir had accidentally dropped on prachi’s hairline

  8. Hope Ranbir will end up with Prachi.Pragya should start taking care after Abhi. The show is dull without Abhi and Pragya. It’s time for Aaliya to get out of Mehra’s house.Tanu should go back to her place.The house is for Abhishek ,Pragya and their children.

  9. Where was Tanu all those years? How come Tanu is close to Rhea? What happened to Meera, why is she no longer around? What happened to Purab is he so “hen pecked” that he cannot do anything to help Abhi, Pragya, Prachi and Rhea? Why are Aaliya and Tanu so keen to marry off Rhea? It’s high time that Ranbir stand up for himself

  10. abhi you can change your father but than also pragya you can change your mother.
    abhi that doctor he came to your house than doctor he will come up than doctor please you can check abhi brein and mind doctor you make it correct for abhi please be strong and don’t shake doctor he will give the injustice for you abhi.
    abhi you don’t worry you can take rest for same time releex.
    abhi one request for you don’t marry to rhea and ranbir.
    ranbir loves pranchi so much because of that so please abhi try to understand that better for next time.
    abhi that pragya came to your your room abhi you can hug to pragya you don’t leave you can do it.
    pranchi please you don’t make her upset for ranbir he will not do anything for you pranchi please try to understand that pranchi for god promise.
    pranchi please be cool down 😇 down and safe okay.

  11. By seeing this twist I left to watch serial.In serial they are showing only bad person will be happy. Good person always in prolem. That is happing in serial from 20 years. Aliya is winning all her evil plans. But no end.

  12. Amal

    Ekta should stop with her bs now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it’s cringeworthy 🤢

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