Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Jijabai receives water on Bhim’s name

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The episode starts with Bhim speaking to Dhansuklal that things will change only when they start treating people from their caste as equal. Dhansuklal says the day will never come. Bhim sends the other villagers home as well, with the hope that they are a single family. Guru ji takes Bhim with him.

Jijabai was panting midway. She sits near a cliff and asks for water. Ram ji could not find anything and offers to walk ahead, maybe they find a lake or stream. Jijabai could not walk any further. A woman was passing by with a mud pot. Ram ji requests her for water. Jijabai argues with the woman. The lady says they bring water from a long distance, cannot share with her. Jijabai murmurs that she wrongly heard everyone knows Ram ji and Bhim Rao, here nobody is ready to share a glass of water. The lady was moved at the mention of Bhim’s name. Ram ji asks what Bhim did for her. She tells Ram ji she had three sons, who were disinterested in studies. Bhim spoke to them. Now her sons go to school, sew shoes as well and remain happy. The lady wanted to meet Bhim and bless him. She shares water with Jijabai and gives them message for Bhim that she is like his mother. Ram ji speaks to Jijabai that sometimes one wonders leaving house is not the only way out. This lady did not meet Bhim even once, still considers herself his mother. Jijabai tells Ram ji to go back if he changed his mind and was angry at his appraisal of Bhim.

Bhim and Guru ji reach a spot. He instructs Bhim to collect some soil, while he himself goes to bring water. He tells Bhim he will spill water on the soil, while Bhim shall kneed the soil. Bhim mixes the soil and water as it softens. Guru ji now gives him the lesson, that every particle of soil was separate. As soon as the water is mixed, it was united. Bhim has the quality of water. It is his strength; he can gather people of his caste. He will be future leader if he nurtures his abilities. But as a leader one must gather the crowd in himself, not claiming to be bigger than them. Bhim says he was upset when some people left and from within his own caste, couldn’t agree to him. Guru ji says it is not necessary everyone agrees to him, but it is important that most people agree to his point of view.

Bhim was on his way back when Maharaj stops his way. He says Bhim has been grouping their caste, is he aware of consequences. Bhim says the consequences depend on intentions. Maharaj says grouping of castes create hatred. Bhim says they have been creating troubles for people of his caste for years, wasn’t hatred being nurtured then? He goes to get sweet from a passing by man and presents it to Maharaj. He requests him to sweeten his mouth. Maharaj denies. Bhim says alright, may be the bag or his hands or the leaf is filthy. But Maharaj can invite people from his caste, and we can have a meal together. This way only a single group will remain, the group of Sadalak. He says he wish Maharaj had also received lessons from a sensible teacher. Only then he could have understood that mixing different forms of soils with water creates a lump, in which water is the binding force. It is not necessary that grouping creates hatred, the group can be fruitful for society as well; but Maharaj cannot understand this.

At night, Bhim was studying. He thinks it is the most different day of his life. It seems world has gone lonely for him without parents. Guru ji taught him a huge lesson today. He vows to remember both these lessons. In a bonfire, Puranjan discusses with mates that he had a deep connection with Ram ji. They discuss about going to Ram ji’s house. They will request Bhim to sing some Doha, this will strengthen Bhim as the leader of the house.

Meera tells everyone to go inside and sleep. From tomorrow, they will live a new life. Bhim decides to sleep outside. Everyone convince that the sole responsibility of house is not on Bhim. Bhim says people know whom they have to trouble the most, and if he sleeps outside it will give them a silent lesson that he is not afraid of them. His will lower their resolve and will be a step for their victory. Puranjan and fellows come there agreeing to Bhim. They request him sing Kabeer’s Doha. Bhim says only Baba knew them, but everyone convinces him he can do it. Bhim closes his eyes to silently sought Ram ji’s blessings. They all sat in groups while Bhim sings Doha. As he finishes, he notices everyone was in tears, missing Ram ji.

PRECAP: Seth ji’s son comes to the factory and demands every worker to bend their heads. Bhim argues and tells him to speak respectfully for his father. The boy pushes Bhim.

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