Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni’s music video Tera Suit OUT NOW

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni have been making the headlines ever since they declared their love for one another in Bigg Boss 14. The two have been loved and adored by their fans for their mushy mushy new found love and now, even after their BB stint is over, they are in the news. Two days ago they declared that they will be starring together in a music video and now the two have shared the same. The music video is out and is trending everywhere.

Tera Suit is a sing by Tony Kakkar and if one looks at it closely, it reminds largely of Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill song Shona Shona. However, the song makes you want to hope that it will be a peppy number and there will be more to it but the lyrics or the music don’t go down very well and seem rather forced together.

Jasmin and Aly have tried to do a fair job with the song and they might be the only saving grace for it. When the poster came out, it seemed like something different that the trio will add to the existing list of music videos, but this seems to be no different than a handful others.

Check out the video here:

Did you like the song?

  1. Ughhh..Tony please take a break man!

  2. Not very impressive. The trio tried hard no doubt, Aly was his usual charming self but Jasmin was kind off overdoing herself ….it does not work everywhere.

  3. Snowflake

    Starting of the song was catchy but the video was really illogical…tony shld really stop using colourful sets in his videos!

  4. Sweet_Shadow

    This makes no sense
    tera suit hai tight, paanch foot hai height
    i can make a song like that too
    this song is bad, am i right, i need no big fight, turn on the damn light, it needs to be bright
    done, first class lyrics, took less than a minute to make.
    beat that Tony.
    now sing my lyric with the tune.
    What the hell Tony
    he wrote the lyrics too
    mad he is
    I remember when Tony sang Oh humsafar
    What is this shit tony.
    The tune is nice in the beginning, but he ruined it with the dum dum dikka dikka
    Jasmin and Aly were only thing making this a little bearable (for other’s not me)
    And what the hell is wrong with the set
    Pink jails, Like really?
    Black would be better if you wanted to paint it.
    what is the relation with suit and Police station.
    It looks like some playhouse instead of a set
    Go play barbies there.
    You can do better Tony, Jasmin and Aly were dragged unnecessarily

    1. Sweet_Shadow

      And what is the tony kakkar mention in the song
      it happened in Shona Shona too

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