Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla reaching Abhi’s home and meeting daadi. Daadi says she wants to celebrate holi. Sarla asks how can they when their children are in kidnapper’s den. Daadi says she will celebrate holi with Abhi and Pragya as she got a call from Abhi who told they have escaped from kidnapper’s clutch. Sarla gets happy. Daadi asks tauji and Akash to take care of the arrangements well.

Abhi and Pragya wake up hearing drum sounds and come out to check. People who are celebrating holi identify him as Abhi the rockstar. Dhaba owner apologizes him. Abhi tries to walk out, but people stop him and say they cannot lose chance of celebrating holi with a celebrity and sprinkle colours. Pragya says they should elope before corporator comes here. Abhi engates people in dance and runs with Pragya.

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Daadi is busy grounding bhang on stone. Sarla says it is Pragya’s house and she cannot do this. Daadi says it is bhang and even she should take it as it she will fly. Sarla says she can fly even without bhang. Taiju sees daadi grounding bhang and yells that she will spoil costly tiles. Mitali joins her and says she is villager and will not understand them. Daadi thinks she will teac them a lesson.

Abhi tries to get naughty with Bulbul and their romantic nok jhok continues. She runs and clashes with ugly minded Aaliya. Aaliya asks Daadi what is happening. Daadi says they are celebrating holi. She asks how can they without Abhi and Pragya. Daadi says Abhi and Pragya are on the way and they have escaped from kidnapper’s grip. Aaliya acts as getting happy. She then goes to her room with her puppet filthy minded Tanu who tells she was happy that Pragya is dead, but she is alive and corporator fooled them.

People stop abhi and Pragy from leaving dhaba. Goons come there. they both hide behind cart. He smears her face with color and says he wanted to see how a cartoon looks like. She also smears his face with color. They both then fall into water and fight. He gets up, smears his face with holi again and runs after smearing goon’s face. Goon tells his friends that he heard Abhi’s voice and asks them to search. Corporator and rest of goons are busy searching on the highway.

Purab tries to get naught with Bulbul again, but Daadi comes there and asks him to attend guests. Aaliya sees their romance and gets jealous. She starts her ugly filthy planning and thinks she will tarnish Bulbul on this holi and will get Purab back.

Daadi gives bhang glasses to Purbi and asks her to serve it to Mitali and taiji. Purbi tells them it is a milkshake with lots of dry fruits and will boost their memory. They like it and finish all the glasses.

Abhi runs again and hide behind dhaba’s grocery shop bench. Corporator reaches Abhi’s house and asks watchman about the celebrations. Watchman says Abhi has escaped from kidnapper’s grip and is coming back home. corporator asks his men to hide and catch Abhi and Pragya when they come here. He then sees Bulbul and thinks of playing holi with her.

Dhaba owner gives Abhi and Pragya bhang milk and laddu. Abhi likes bhang milk and asks for more. Corporator smears his face with holi, comes near bulbul and is about to smear her face when Purab holds his hand.

Precap: Aaliya jealously tells Tanu that Bulbul is looking happy after she heard about Pragya coming back, they should teach her a lesson. Tanu says situation is not in their favor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Rabul happy happy faces after so long….aah thank you cvs so much for this!!

  2. Yay rabul romance finally

  3. If anyone like vms…they can give it a try…VM on a kkb couple

    Link: http://youtu.be/FdkowqVxLjw

    1. Superb vm loved it

    2. Wow awesome.

    3. Beautiful vm

    4. It’s really good.keep it up!

    5. really it was awesome yar even I need pragya and abhi VM plzzzz

    6. Aah nice one.

    1. It’s already shown today.nothing new.

  4. My cuties are back<3
    Rabul forever

  5. Purab protect your bulbul.everybody is behind her.
    This alia,Tanu and Neil needs to be killed.

  6. Ok guys! Let’s get mentally prepared for another week of kidnapping track!!! Nothing will be sorted out by tomorrow so another week of Pragya in that black and blue anarkali

    1. Red and black..

      1. Yeah – Sorry- I meant black and red

  7. Oh man, too much of dragging…
    Looks like writer of this serial is also kindapped and director does not how to end it so dragging

  8. Plz make pragya look gorgeous.show romance between abhigya and end this kidnapping plot.the trp rate is going down plzzzzz come up with creativity in love of abhigya.

  9. Abhigya r the good comedy actors.other serials r vry serious.but these two make us laugh. Thankd for entrtaining love u abhigy.

  10. If Abhi had called the authorities Instead of Dadi then the Corporator would not be able to set foot in his house. Complete rubbish. Even after kidnapping drama we’ll see games between Pragya and Abhi not romance.

  11. Adding hopefully Purab would suspect Neil and end this nonsense

  12. Rabul scenes were adorable.loved them.plz give more Rabul scenes.it just makes the episode so good and worth watching.

  13. I liked today’s episode specially rabul scenes they were fab

  14. What is wrong with Aaliya and Tanu ? Do they do anything else more than planning evil deeds.They do not have a life,no going to work and Tanu has not modeled for a long time .Please get a lifeor just lock their behinds up for the crimes committed.I am tired of this kidnapping.Bring them home and let them have a long bath,change them up in some decent clothing and start something good with them.The games should be over now.

  15. Rabul scenes were too good.pls give us more rabul scenes.

  16. What is so speacial with rabul!!!
    rabul rabul rabu!!

    1. Rabul are very very special….nobody can match the pureness of their love indeed.these two are epitome of true love.and their chemistry is that awestruck that it can drive people crazy in just few seconds of screen space.

  17. After long time I loved kkb episode.cute Rabul scenes alert
    Hayeeee they are chhoooooo cute
    God save them from evil eyes

  18. Abhi mere yaar us tanu ko bhej chutti pe aur pragya se romance kar

  19. This episode was epic.credit surely goes to Rabul scenes.
    Plz plz plz plz why don’t u understand…we want more and more and more Rabul scenes

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